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School of Medicine
Office of Minority Affairs Records, 1995 - 1997

UPC 2.9 MI

1 Cubic ft.

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This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


Box 1

Pre-med information, four folders

Provost Task Force, 11 folders

Health Academies

Glen Gaulton proposal

Medical Education for High School course, 1995

Department of Academic Support Programs

Research Opportunities, 13 folders

University of Hawaii

AMSA (Paul R. Wright)

OMA, newsletters, 1995-1996

Residency programs opportunities

Information brochures for minority medical students

Educational pipeline, Penn academic affairs information


West Philadelphia Initiative Larry Friedman


National Center for Research Resources

Minority student directory

Medical student mailboxes

Social work connection

Nursing School

Tutoring Center

National Medical Association reception, 1997

Center for Community Partnerships

Rationale for Project 2000

National Medical Fellowship (NMF) conference, 1996

Kellogg Foundation applications

Morehouse College conference

Medical education for high school--Edison High School

Medical education for high school--Diabetes

High School Education Pipeline program

Minority Affairs brochures, old

Sex education

Miscellaneous (about ten items and folders)