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School of Medicine
General Correspondence Records, 1879 - 1951

UPC 2.4

7 Cubic ft.

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This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


Box 1

Index to Letters, 1893


Rapid Letter Copying Book - Letters from William D. McGowan Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1880-1881

University of Pennsylvania Medical Department, Letter Press Book 1879-1896

Box 2

General Correspondence


Student hours, 1949-1950


Student hours correspondence, 1950-1951


"Medical General" includes budget changes, animals - food and animal bills (1947)


Correspondence with administrative officers, 1950-1951


Stassen; DuBarry; Henry; Office Manager; B & G; Comptroller


Departmental, 1948-1949, includes budgets, correspondence and appointment sheets: Anatomy - Medical History

Box 3  

Departmental, 1948-1949: Medical General - Therapeutic Research


Departmental, 1949-1950: Anatomy - Otolaryngology


Pathological - Therapeutic Research

Appointment sheets only

Box 4   Departmental, 1949-1950 Budget and miscellaneous: Anatomy - Surgery
    Departmental, 1950-195l, includes budget correspondence, appointment sheets:
      Anatomy - Cancer Control

Box 5


Dermatology - Public Health (Comm. on Virology, Virus Diagnostic Lab)

Box 6


Psychiatry - Surgery (including Functional Disorders Clinic)

Box 7

  History of the Department of Surgery, 1923?28 (mimeo)
    Rush Society, 1913 - ca. 1928 [See UPC 2.1]

Reports, Inspection of Animal House by A.H. Committee

"Materials from old safe" "Pathology lists"


Pathology cabinet George B. Wood (ledger)

Reports, Pathology Dept.

Museum Specimens, Medical Hall (ledger)

Catalog, Wistar & Horner Museum (ledger)

Wistar Museum (ledger)

Catalog G. B. Wood collection

Pathology lists (7 vol.)