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Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Financial and Superintendent's
Records, 1871 - 1908

UPC 12.6

4 Cubic ft.

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Box 1
(Hollinger Box)

Comptroller's or financial records:

1) Book of Record, C-4 (June 6, 1871-May 28, 1875)

2) Books of Record, C-5 (May 31, 1875-Jan. 3,1880

3) Books of Record, C-3 (May 1, 1862-Feb. 24,1894)

#2A (pkg-vol.) University of Pa. TA 6 (Ledger) Investment Book. University and
Hospital Trusts (Feb. 1, 1882 - Dec. 31, 1892)
#2B (pkg-vol.) University of Pa. TA 9 (Ledger) Investment Book. University and
Hospital Trusts and funds Aug. 31, 1891 - Sept. 1, 1908
[Vol. Missing] "Univ. Archives 45 MED Cash-Book University Hospital 1872-1882"
Cover title. Leatherbound ledger
#3 (pkg.) Minutes of Medical Staff of Hospital, February 20, 1874 - November 30,
#4 (pkg.)

"Monthly Report of the Superintendent of the Hospital of the U. of Pa."

Lists monthly expenditures for articles consumed, quantity, diet quantity, medicines, surgical instruments, wines and liquors, splints and bandages, average number of patients per day, number of employees, cost of patient per day and per month. (poorly bound)

Box 5
(Hollinger Box, with UPC 12.6 Box 1)
"University Archives 49 MED Ledger, Contributors to Hospital

Includes an index (A-Z) and lists on left-hand page date, contributor and amount of contribution. On right-hand page lists date, description of expense and amount of expense. (leather bound, good condition)

Subscribers to the University Hospital Fund, 1878?1880

Lists date, subscriber and amount. Also includes an appeal by Saunders Lewis, Treasurer, February 1878 "for funds for the current expenses of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania." (dark blue leather bound, good condition)

"Hospital Fund University of Pennsylvania"

Lists name of subscriber and amount ($5,000) "the cost of endowing a FREE BED." Includes "An Appeal in Behalf of a Hospital for the University of Pennsylvania," and a campus map showing suggested sites of buildings. Apparently, the Hospital was proposed for the N.E. corner of 36th and Spruce Streets and the Medical Department for the N.W. corner of 34th and Spruce Streets.