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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Department of South Asia Studies Records, c. 1952 - 1967


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This collection, relating to a Special Conference held under Dr. Richard Lambert per Mr. Dill "Conference on Ceylon" Aug. 9-11, 1967, has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


Box 1


Patterns of Crime in Ceylon - C.H. S. Jayewardane

National Art and the Arts in Ceylon : Some Observations - A. J. Gunawardana

Sinhalese Religious Organization in the Low Country - Arnold L. Green

Current Sinhalese Varieties: An Instance of Diglossia - James W. Gair

Sinhalese Religious Organization in Central Ceylon - Hans-Dieter Evers

Archaeology in Ceylon: Problems and Progress - Vimala Begley

The Revolutionary Potential of Education in Ceylon - Michael M. Ames

Development Economics and Ceylon - Donald. R. Snodgrass

Studies of Religion and Politics in Ceylon Donald E. Smith

Group Perception and Social Change in Ceylon - Marshall R. Singer

American Visions on Ceylon 1814 - 1914 - Palliyaguru Sarath

Geographical Aspects of Peasant Tradition and Plantation Industry in the Kandyan Hill Country - Angelika Sievers - P. Hochschule

Studies in Animal Behavior & Ecology in Ceylon Suzanne Ripley Ceylon Politics: Retrospect & Prospect, Wimal Mounankulam

The Palabo-Demography of the Veddas of Ceylon Dr. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy

66-77 Minutes of the South Asia Seminar (Oct. 23, 1952 - Dec. 18, 1952 to Jan. 8, 1953 - May 21, 1953, Two notebooks)