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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Supplemental
Materials, 1937 - 1958

UPB 7.43

1 Cubic ft.

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Box 1


Graduate School Supplemental material

International Education Exchange Activities, Chicago, Dec. 1949

Conference on the Preparation of College Teachers, Chicago, Dec. 1949

Subjects in which Ph.D. Offered at Various Institutions and Faculty Members Giving Instruction for Ph.D.

Qualifications for Membership in Graduate Teaching Personnel

Report of AAU on Significance and Proper Training for Ph.D.

Report of AAU on Master's degrees

Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities on Graduate Education in Pennsylvania

Departmental Ratings of Other Universities

Graduate Group Committees at Other Institutions

Ratings of Various Colleges

AAU Membership

Study of American Graduate Schools Conferring the Doctorate, 1937-1938, 1941-1942

Recueil des Accords Concernant L'Equivalence des Titres, Diplomes, et Certificats de Scolarite, July 1958