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University of Pennsylvania Press
Manuscripts Records

UPB 60.5

5 Cubic ft.

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


Box 1


Bisbee, Eleanor, The New Turks



Korson, George (Ed.), Pennsylvania Railroads and Legends



Gilchrist, Agnes A., William Strickland



Donovan, Joseph P., Pelagius and the Fifth Crusade



Lester, John A. (Ed.), A Century of Philadelphia Cricket

Box 2


Ealy, Lawrence O., The Republic of Panama



Wecter, Bronk, Changing Patterns in American Civilization



Zirkle, Conway (Ed.), Death of A Science in Russia



Wallace, Anthony, King of The Delawares



Woody, Thomas, Legal Education For Free Men



Green, Arnold W., Henry Charles Carey



Odgers, Merle, Alexaner Bache

Box 3


Speck, Frank G., Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House



Kennedy, Thomas, Effective Labor Arbitration



Gavigan, John J., The Capture of Damietta



Weinert, Gregg, An Analysis of Group Life Insurance



Wright, Elizabeth, Testament of Beauty



McCahan, David (Ed.), Life Insurance Trends at Mid-Century



Dickerson, O. M., American Revolution



Hanke, Lewis, The Spanish Struggle for Justice



Lamonte, John L., Gregory of Tours



Haskins, George L., The Growth of English Representative Government



Dickinson, Edwin D., Law And Peace



Harrington, Fred H., Citizen Soldier

Box 4


Lamonte, Jobn L., The Burgundian Code



Read, Conyors, Elizabeth of England



Smith, Thelma M., Uncollected Poems of James Russell Lowell



Earnest, Ernest, S. Weir Mitchell



Paul, James C., Rift in the Democracy



Noble, W. H., Philadelphia's Treasure Houses

Box 5


Viereck, Peter, Beyond Revolt



Brooks, Van Wyok, The Malady of and Ideal



Klooster, H. S. Van, The Beginnings of Laboratory Instruction in chemistry in the



Long, E. Hodson, O. Henry, The Man And His Work



Topping, Peter W., Feudal Institutions



Fulton, John F., The Great Medical Bibliographies



Commager, Henry S., Civil Liberties Under Attack



Hurff, George B., Social Aspects of Enterprise and the Large Corporation



Pollak, Otto, Criminality in Women



McGill, Dan M., An Analysis of Government Life Ins.



Koht, Halvdan, The American Spirit In Europe



McCahan, David (Ed.), Life Insurance: Trends And Problems