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Health Law Project Records, 1971 - 1981

UPB 6.9

7 Cubic ft.

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Box 1


Health Law Project Library Bulletin, all issues and indexes

Consumer Health Update, ["included as the center pages of the Library Bulletin"][Ring-binder note: "The Library Bulletins previous to No. 314 were lists of acquisitions only"]

Revised HLP Teaching Materials ["The preliminary materials are not included. 1000 copies of each of these were printed and mailed to law schools, public health schools, legal services offices, etc."]

Health Care and Conditions in Pennsylvania's State Prisons, HLP, 1972 ["about 700 copies distributed"]

Medical School Accountability in the Public Hospital-The University of Pennsylvania Medical School and the Philadelphia General Hospital, HLP report by E. V. Sparer, c. 1974 Oct. ["about 300 copies distributed"]

Model Consumer Health Maintenance Organization Act and Commentary, HLP Study by A. G. Schneider, 6 Camden Law Journal 265-358 (Fall 1974)

Some Sources and Potential Consequences of Errors in Medical Data Recording, L. Hendrickson and J. Myers, in Methods of Information in Medicine 12:38-45 (Jan. 1973)

Health Maintenance organizations and the Poor: Problems and Prospects, A.G. Schneider and J.B. Stern, 70 Northwestern Law Review 90-138 (March-April 1975)

Advocate's Handbook for Pennsylvania's Medical Assistance Program, July 1973 [About 150 copies distributed]

Box 2


Draft - A Model Code of City, County, or State Regulation of Hospital-Based Services for the Provision of Unscheduled Ambulatory Care; Annotations; Appendixes; Random Notes to Critiquers, HLP paper by L. Lander, Dec. 1971

Model Consumer Blue Cross Statute, Commentary and Addendum - A. Schneider, March 1974

Dual Track Social Inequality in the Urban Teaching Hospital, HLP book by Leslie Hendrickson, Aug. 1973 [research materials in Box 5]

The Three Functions of the Emergency Room - A Plea for the Patient, HLP paper by L. Lander, 1971

Draft - The Indian Health Service: A Litigation Strategy for Correcting the Standardless Delivery ,of Health Care to Native Americans - HLP paper by B. Ensminger, July 1973

Compilation of Federal Domestic Assistance Programs in Health Care Areas for Use by Health Planners on Indian Reservations, HLP document by B.A. Haas, Aug. 1974

PSROs: The Law and the Health Consumer, A. Gosfield, Oct. 1974.

Professional Standards Review Organizations Explained and Analyzed, R.K. Barlow, Oct. 1974

Enforcement Problems in EPSDT, E.F. Shay, Aug. 1974,

Draft - Consumer Handbook on National Health Insurance, D.M. Freedman, Aug. 1974

Draft - Medical Services Handbook, also called "Cookbook," G.D. Gardiner

State Regulation of Hospital Emergency Services: A Survey, May 1971, L. Lander

Your Rights as a Patient, Summer 1971, rev. 1975

List of Publications of HLP

The Family Medical Centers of Philadelphia, HLP Report, Fall 1978

"Warning! The enclosed material may alter your perception..." promotional material, Fall 1980

Unsuccessful grant proposals

Box 3


Case materials:




HLP v. Sarah Allen Nursing Home (Access, Quality of Care)

Cook v. Ochsner (2 folders) (Hill-Burton)

Dellums, Ridgeway, HLP v. HEW (Freedom of Information)

PWRO v. Shapp (EPSDT)

Box 4



Doe v. Wohlgemuth (Abortion)

Euresti v. Stenner (Hill-Burton)

West file (Nursing Homes, Medicaid)

Memos for Emergency Room work (L. Lander)

File on Experimental Health Services Delivery Program (Phila. Health Management Corp.) (S. Law)

Box 5


Research materials for Dual Track in Teaching Hospital Study. (Pennsylvania Hospital)

Box 6


Hultzman v. Richardson (Medicare payment, Einstein Med. Center)

Sarah Allen Nursing Home Papers [see also Box 3]

Medicare Appeals Memo materials (R. Barlow)

Dellums v. HEW (memos, etc., also court papers) [see also Box 3]

Pa. Dept. of Health contract materials [L. Gottschlich has most recent materials]

Council on Legal Education for Public Responsibility, grant

Philadelphia Foundation grant materials [L. Gottschlich has most recent materials]

Box 7


Administrative Files




History of the Health Law Project




OEO/HEW Grant Materials





Grant Reports





Grant Correspondence





Consumer Health Law Issues, a conference, April 1974





Correspondence, Board of Directors





Staff Meetings









Correspondence to 1974 - Staff Members, Director and Assistant Director




Publicity to 1974




Publicity, Reprints, General Correspondence, 1974-1981


Photograph of Law School building immediately after its construction
Law School, 1899






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