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Wharton Graduate School
M.B.A. Alumni Correspondence Records, 1957 - 1972

UPB 5G.684

9 Cubic ft.

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available, along with a list of subject matter.


Box 1


General correspondence, by chapters, 1957-1960

Box 2


Wharton Graduate Alumni Affairs Files


Office files, 1960-1970

Box 3


Alumni Organization Files

Box 4


Alumni Organization Files

Box 5


Alumni Annual Giving, 1969-1971

Box 6


American Association for the Advancement of Science Management, correspondence through 1971 Dec.

Box 7


Wharton Graduate Alumni Affairs Files, 1970-1971


Miscellaneous, 1970-1971

Box 8


harton Graduate Newsletter material


Miscellaneous files - AAG


Howard Crawley Memorial books

Box 9


Annual Report booklets, 1971-1972


Wharton Graduate AAG files


Miscellaneous working files, 1971-1972, copies

List of Subjects

A note attached to the accession sheets dated Jan. 12, 1973 includes a list as follows:
"These boxes contain correspondence pertaining to the following subjects:

"WG Report, 1969-1970
Wharton Quarterly
Wharton Refresher #2
Pennsylvania Gazette
Placement service
Press Releases
Thomas Spencer Reilly Memorial Scholarship Fund
Reorganization (general)
Speakers file
Staff meetings (Wharton Graduate)
Staff meetings development
Student activities
WAR Board (Development)
Inside Wharton Graduate
Wharton Corporation
Wharton Graduates
Alumni Club Loans
The Locust Walk Group
Manual for WG Alumni Clubs
Mask & Wig
MBA salaries and positions
Working Newsletter
Organized classes
Wharton Journal
Wharton MBA Association
Congratulatory letters
Continuing education
Dining service
Director of Student Affairs
Wharton Alumni Directory
Faculty Club
Fels Institute
General correspondence
General intramural memos
General Alumni Society Board
Addressing and records
Advisory Committee
Alumni Association Award Dinners
Alumni Day
Alumni list requests
Alumni Relations
American Alumni Council
Attache Case
Background Info (faculty)
Budget - past
Board of Business Education
Business Practice Service
Class of 1960 AAG"


Portrait photograph of Joseph Wharton
Joseph Wharton (1826-1909), Wharton School founder



List of subjects




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