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Wharton School. Special Programs
International Study of Values in Politics Records, 1929 - 1953


10 Cubic ft.

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This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


Box 1





National Science Foundation - National Opinion Research Center



Foundations: Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, to the end of 1967



Poland, up to 1968 Jan.



University of Pennsylvania Faculty and Planning Group, 1963-1964



Conferences and meetings, RT/I - V



E and East-West Center and U. S. Office of Education, up to 1967 Jan.



General Correspondence, up to 1967 Jan. 1, A - D

Box 2


General Correspondence, up to 1967 Jan. 1, F - W



Yugoslavia, up to 1968 Jan.



Yugoslavia, up to 1967 Jan.



ISSC correspondence, 1967 Jan.



University of Pennsylvania, faculty (general), up to 1968



Cultural Affairs - East Europe - Poland and Yugoslavia, 1965-1968



Exchange Scholars Program



Cables and telegrams



Correspondence, re 1961-1962 trip



Out dated general correspondence, 1961



Correspondence, 1962



Bills, receipts, 1961-196



Requisitions to Purchasing Department and Requests for payment to Comptrollers Office ending 1966



Out dated general correspondence

Box 4


Indian Institute of Technology - University of Poona, 1966 Jan.



CU Grant correspondence, to 1965 Jan.



General correspondence, 1963, A - K



Ford budget and finances



Bills: Bookstore - telephone - mail service



Center for the Study of Developing Societies, to 1966 Jan.



General correspondence, 1963, L - Z



General correspondence, 1964, A - K



AID/csd-719 correspondence, up to 1967 Jan.

Box 5


AID/csd-719 budgetary negotiations



Lecture Note Fund, 1967 Jan.



Cultural Affairs, India, 1965-1968



General Correspondence, L - Z, 1964



P. E. Jacob correspondence



Project Report to Ford

Boxes 6 and 7


Files of Professor Jacob and Professor Teune




Box 8


A - K

Box 9


L - U

Box 10


V - Z


Portrait photograph of Joseph Wharton
Joseph Wharton (1826-1909), Wharton School founder






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