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Graduate School of Education
Faculty Minutes, 1914 - 1988

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Prepared by Kaiyi Chen

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The Graduate School of Education has two faculties, the Faculty of the Graduate School of Education and the Faculty of the "Graduate Group of Education." The former is committed to the Ed.D. and MS programs while the latter, which may include members from other schools of the University, takes charge of the Ph.D. program. The Faculty of the Graduate School of Education is currently the standing faculty of the School. It meets several times each semester as scheduled by the Dean. The meetings are sometimes referred to as the Faculty Meeting, or the Meeting of the Faculty.

The Faculty of the Graduate Group of Education has been meeting more regularly in recent years. Its meetings were also referred to as the meetings of "the Department of Education" or "the Group in Education" in earlier years (from 1915 to 1969).



The minutes of the faculties of the Graduate School of Education document the activities of the faculty meetings of the School from 1914 to 1988. The meeting minutes include the Dean's report and announcements, reports by various committees of the School, presentations by faculty members on specific academic or administrative topics, and discussion among the faculty on any current major issues of the School. In addition to minutes proper, the records also contain correspondence and agenda material related to faculty meetings.