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Graduate School of Education
Records, 1914 - 1992


193 Cubic ft.
Prepared by Kaiyi Chen

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Transferred to the University Archives in 1962, 1964, 1968, 1970, 1979, 1987, and 1995.



The records of the Graduate School of Education have been organized in the following series:




One mission, stated by Benjamin Franklin, for the founding of the Academy of Philadelphia was to prepare "Schoolmasters in the Country, to teach children Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and the Grammar." Guided by this tradition, the University always considered the preparation of teachers one of its important functions. In 1894, the University appointed Dr. Martin Grove Brumbaugh as the first professor of Pedagogy in the Department of Philosophy and introduced formal courses to update elementary and secondary school teachers. With a generous increase in subsidy from the State Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1913, the program for "in-service" teachers developed into a full-fledged school the next year. The University appointed Frank Pierrepont Graves as the first dean of the School.

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The School instituted a program in vocational teacher training in 1918, which expanded into two programs in 1921--the program for the Preparation of Teachers of Vocational Training and the program of Home Economics. Three more major programs were added in the 1920s--the program for the Preparation of Teachers and Supervisors of Arts in 1922, the program for the Preparation of Teachers and Supervisors of Health and Physical Education in 1925, and the program for the Preparation of Teachers and Supervisors of Commercial Subjects in 1926.

The School developed in new directions in the 1930s. To advance the knowledge through research in education, the School launched a Graduate Division and began conferring Master of Science in Education degrees in 1931. The next year, it created a program for the Preparation of Elementary School Teachers and took Illman Training School for Primary and Kindergarten Teachers as its affiliation. The School also diversified and expanded its scope of interest throughout the decade. Following the pattern of many other teaching schools at the time, the School established in 1935 the Department of Nursing Education for the training of teachers and administrators in nursing education and public health. (The Department became a separate school, the School of Nursing of the University of Pennsylvania, in 1944.) In addition to the nursing education program, the School created the program for the training of Teachers of Special Classes and Corrective Speech in 1936 and the program for the education of School Dental Hygienists in 1938.

In 1944, the School of Education conferred its first doctoral degree in education. With more development in the 1950s, the School was restructured and renamed as the Graduate School of Education in 1961, transferring its undergraduate programs to the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts for Women. The Graduate School of Education has since endeavored to advance knowledge in educational theories and methodology. In addition to the preparation of the traditional educational personnel including teachers, reading specialists, educational administrators, school psychologists, and counselors, the School has trained research scholars specialized in tackling critical educational problems for institutions of higher learning, research centers, and school districts . In the recent decades, the faculty members of the School have also made great contributions to the solving of basic educational issues facing all schools in the United States.

The following is a list of the persons who have served as dean or acting dean of the School since 1914.


Frank Pierrepont Graves   1914-1921
John Harrison Minnick   1921-1948
Emit Duncan Grizzell   1948-1956
William Edwin Arnold   1956-1963
Morris Simon Viteles   1963-1967
William Benfamin Castetter   1967 (Acting Dean)
Neal Gross   1968-1974
Dell H. Hymes   1975-1987
Marvin Lazerson   1987-1992
Nancy Homberger (Acting Dean)   1993-1994
Susan H. Fuhrman   1995-now



The records of the Graduate School of Education consist mainly of the following series: Faculty Minutes, 1914-1988; Committee Records, 1915-1988; Office of the Dean, Correspondence, 1932-1992; Student Files, 1944-1961; Student Records, 1914-1987; Miscellaneous Student Academic Records and Faculty Teaching Records, 1917-1958; Phi Delta Kappa Records (a professional fraternity for men in education), 1916-1959; and Records of Educational Programs, 1904-1967.

For details, see the Scope and Content notes attached to the inventory of each individual series.

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