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Office of the Provost
Duties of the Provost, Co-Education, and the University's Relations to the State Records, 1859 - 1897

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Box 1   Discussion of the duties of the Provost and the organization of the Faculty of Arts in 1859
  FF 1 Allen, George, Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages and Literature, 1859 June 3
  FF 2 Coppee, H., Professor of English Literature, 1859 May 22
  FF 3 Frazer, John F.
  FF 4 Jackson, Francis A., 1859 June 7
  FF 5 Kendall, E. Otis, 1859 May 28
  FF 6 Vethake, Henry, 1859 June 3
  FF 7 Co-Education in the Department of Arts of the University of Pennsylvania, a letter from Francis A. Jackson for circulation, 1882 Nov. 25
  FF 8 "Pennsylvania and its University," a letter from Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker, President Judge of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, No. 2, to Charles C. Harrison, Provost of the University of Pennsylvania, 1897 March 15







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