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Office of the President
Records, 1993 - 1994 (closed)

(Claire Fagin Administration, 1993 - 1994)

16.4 Cubic ft.
Prepared by Kaiyi Chen
2008 July

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

ACCESS RESTRICTIONS: The Office of the President Records, Claire Fagin Administration, are closed for twenty-five years from the year in which the presidential administration ended. The Fagin Administration records will be open to researchers in 2019.



The records of the Office of the President for the Claire Fagin Administration were transferred to the Archives in 2008.



The records documenting the administration of Martin Meyerson represent one series in the total record group for the Office of the President. This series is arranged alphabetically, except for the two boxes processed in 2005 and added at the end of the inventory.



Traditionally, while the Provost had been the nominal head of the University, the administrative responsibility had always belonged to the Board of Trustees and its various boards and committees.  In 1923, the Trustees created the position of President, with the Provost serving concurrently as President.  Three years later, however, the title was abolished, and it was not until 1930 that, in response to increasing administrative demands, the Trustees re-authorized the position.

The statutes of the University were revised completely in January of 1932, and defined the University President as "the educational and administrative head of the University with all powers comparable to those of a corporation, to whom all officers, instructors, and employees of the University were responsible."  The President, in turn, was responsible to and reported to the Trustees, and served simultaneously as the presiding officer of the Board of Trustees.  The first person elected to the newly-defined head position was Thomas S. Gates.

Claire Fagin served as Interim President of the University of Pennsylvania from July 1993  to June 1994.  During her term, the staff assisting the President included the following major members: John W. Gould, Vice President and Director of the Planning Office of the President; Linda S. Hyatt, Executive Director; and Stephen P. Steinberg, Assistant to the President.

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The records in this series document the presidential administration of Claire Fagin, who served as Interim President from 1993 to 1994, and reflect all major activities taking place on campus during this period.

The collection includes a big chronologically-arranged correspondence file of the Office of the President, dating from July 1993 to June 1994 and sub-divided into two sections, incoming correspondence and outgoing correspondence. 

Records filed by subject embrace such major aspects as Development and Alumni Relations (including a Donor’s file), Community Relations, Government relations, and relations with multiple national academic associations. 

A considerable part of the collection has been filed by the departments that generated the records.  Major entries in this group include Health Affairs, Recreation and Inter-Collegiate Athletics, Office of Research Administration, the office of the Provost, the School of Arts and Sciences (with material related to the closing of the School’s three departments), the Wharton School, and the University Trustees (including the Trustees Committee on Budget and Finance; Executive Committee; and the Investment Board).

A special group of material in the collection consists of speeches and writings of the President presented for various occasions.

The rest of the collection has been grouped as files from each of the several major staff members of the Office of President.   Represented in this category are John W. Gould (Vice President and Director of the Planning Office of the President), Linda S. Hyatt (Executive Director of the Office of the President), and Stephen P. Steinberg (Assistant to the President).

The John W. Gould file documents all major administrative or planning matters Gould handled or participated in as Vice President and member of the Senior Planning Group.  This file also consists of three sub-files, which are the Budget Planning file, the file related to the Commission on Strengthening the University Community; and the Senior Planning Group file.

The Linda Hyatt file covers a broad range.  It covers such entries as the Academic Planning and Budget Committee; some national academic associations; the Arthur Ross Gallery; the student newspaper Daily Pennsylvanian; benefit policy for domestic partners; various academic and social events on campus; community relations and development; and charity activities such as Penn’s Way.

The Stephen P. Steinberg file is focused on a few major issues such as the “Water Buffalo” case involving a student named  Jacobowitz , the Daily Pennsylvania paper removal case, faculty and student problems, and policy issues related to racial harassment and sexual harassment.

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