Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1426. ANNOUNCE THE ELECTION OF THE NEW PROVOST AND VICE-PROVOST (Tilghman, William, William White, Edward Burd, and William Meredith). December 13, 1810. ADS. Announcement of the election of John Andrews as Provost and Robert Patterson as Vice-Provost.

1427. CONFER WITH THE MEDICAL FACULTY (White, William). November 15, 1815. ADS. Arrangements for teaching the Institutes and Practice of Physick. Resolution altering the bye-laws to permit Medical students to attend either the Pennsylvania Hospital or the City Almshouse.

1428. CONSIDER ADDITIONAL PROFESSORSHIPS (White, William, William Lewis, William Rawle, Joseph Hopkinson). June 6, 1814. Trustees. Memorandum. Report: Recommendation to establish professorship in Oriental languages.

1429. CONSIDER WHETHER THE PROFESSORSHIPS OF ANATOMY AND SURGERY SHOULD BE SEPARATED (Mifflin, John F. and William Tilghman). May 16, 1805. ADS. Recommendation that a Professorship of Surgery should be separated from the Professorship of Anatomy and Midwifery, and that surgery lectures be required for the M.D. degree.

1430. CORRECT AND REVISE THE LAWS AND RULES OF THE INSTITUTION. October 1, 1790. Memorandum. A review of existing rules concerning discipline, holidays, tuition, commencement, seals, and faculty, with proposals for revising them.

1431. ENQUIRE UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES THE SEAT OF ANY MEMBER MAY BE VACATED (Lewis, William, William White, and William Rawle). ca. 1813. Memorandum. Residence and attendance requirements for Trustees under past charters and present regulations.

1432. EXAMINE THE STUDIES PURSUED IN THE SEVERAL SCHOOLS OF THE UNIVERSITY. February 1794. Memorandum. Proposed changes in instruction in the Collegiate Department, the Latin School, and the Mathematical School with supporting arguments.

1433. OBTAIN A MASTER OF THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Mifflin, John F[ishbourne], William Meredith, and James Gibson). August 26, 1811. ADS. Applicants for the post of Master of the Grammar School, with a list of nine applicants and their addresses.

1433a. PROVIDE FUNDS AND TO PAY FOR THE PRESIDENT’S HOUSE. n.d. (ca. 1800). Memorandum. Plan for financing purchase by selling bank stock and other real estate.

1433b. PROVIDE PAYMENT FOR [AND ALTER] THE PRESIDENT’S HOUSE. n.d. (ca. 1800). Memorandum. Recommendation of repairs and additions to new building and grounds. Suggested uses of new building and also Fourth Street building. Includes “additional report.”

1434. PURCHASE LOTS (Jackson, David and Edward Burd). December 4, 1795. ADS. Report on the purchase of a lot adjoining the College grounds on Fourth Street.

1435. REPORT ON THE STATE OF THE UNIVERSITY (Blackwell, Robert, William Tilghman, and Samuel M. Fox). June 5, 1804. ADS. School enrollment figures; the failure of the Faculty to report enrollment figures as required by the resolution of February 7, 1797.

1436. REVISE THE BYE-LAWS AND ORDINANCES. 1811. Trustees. Memorandum. Report that copies of existing bye-laws and ordinances have been prepared for Board members.

1437. VISIT THE ESTATE OF THE UNIVERSITY AT NORRINGTON [NORRISTOWN] (Bryan, George). September 15, 1780. Memorandum. Condition of the mill and damage caused in 1777 by “the Enemy,” repair of a dam on Stoney Creek, and the regulation of privileges for tenants Josiah Wood and D. Shannon.

1437a. WHOM WAS REFERRED THE APPLICATION OF MR. WILLIAM SANSOM. n.d. [1797]. Memorandum. Report on lease of ground.