Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1406. RENT OF MEDICAL HALL. ca. 1819. Memorandum. Past and present arrangements for the renting of Medical Hall to the Medical Faculty, alterations to the room of the Professor of Chemistry.

1407. REPAIR AND REMOVAL OF THE PHILOSOPHICAL APPARATUS. April 6, 1803. Memorandum. Condition of the orrery, clock, large telescope, large air pump, electrical machine. Endorsed “Rec’d from Mr. J[onathan] B[ayard] Smith 6 Apr. 1803.”

1408. REPAYMENT OF THE DEBTS OF THE UNIVERSITY (Burd, Edward). March 2, 1819. ADS. List of debts outstanding and proposals for retiring them.

1409. RESOLUTIONS CONCERNING NON-ATTENDANCE AND A TRUSTEES’ QUORUM (Chew, Benjamin, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, and William Rawle). October 8, 1810. ADS. Resolution recommending the institution of fines for Trustees’ non-attendance at Board meetings and defining a quorum.

1410. RULES. [1791]. Memorandum. “Rules to be observed by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania in Transacting the Business of the Institution.”

1411. RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE SCHOOLS (Mifflin, John F., Edward Burd, and Joseph Borden McKean). January 2, 1810. ADS. Violation of the rules of March 4, 1800 regarding hours of instruction and the branches of science taught; recommendation to notify the Faculty of all rules and regulations; future holidays.

1412. RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE SCHOOLS. [1809-1810]. AD. Draft copy of foregoing.

1413. SALARIES. December 13, 1792. Memorandum. Report to ascertain Faculty salaries.

1414. SALE OF NORRISTOWN LOTS. March 4, 1800. Memorandum. Report: List of lots sold in Norristown, February 4, 1800, including purchasers and amounts paid. Most of these lots had been sold previously but forfeited.

1415. SALE OF NORRISTOWN LOTS (Rawle, William and Benjamin Rawle Morgan). [1800]. ADS. Receipt for $16.25, first payment toward the purchase of a lot in Norristown.

1416. SANSOM APPLICATION FOR IMPROVING LEASE. [1797]. [Trustees]. Memorandum. Recommendation that lot be leased, committee be appointed to draw contract.

1417. Dr. SMITH’S CLAIM. February 13, 1795. Trustees. Memorandum. The foundation of Dr. William Smith’s claims. Includes excerpts of past Board minutes, prior action.

1418. STATE OF THE MEDICAL SCHOOL (Rawle, William, Peter Stephen DuPonceau, and Nicholas Biddle). April 6, 1819. DS. The state of the Medical School since the deaths of Posh, Shippen, Barton, etc. Recommending that the Professor of Materia Medica be styled “Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy.”

1419. STATE OF THE SEMINARY AND ITS DECLINE (White, William, George Clymer, William Rawle, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, and Robert Hare). 1801. Memorandum. Letters from James Davidson and John Ewing on the decline of the Schools and the Plan of Education of 1800; enrollment figures for each school; the decline of the Latin and Philosophical Schools.

1420. STATE AND VALUE OF THE NORRISTOWN LOTS AND ON THE APPLICATION FROM THE COMMITTEE OF THE INHABITANTS OF NORRISTOWN. January 7, 1800. Trustees. Memorandum. Report: Unable to ascertain original terms of sale; advertisement inserted in Claypoole’s paper asking for written statements of claim. Recommendations for sale of property.

1421. SUIT BROUGHT BY THE COMMONWEALTH AGAINST THE UNIVERSITY (Burd, Edward, Moses Levy, and William Rawle). April 6, 1813. Memorandum. Report of the settlement with the Commonwealth, including a copy of the agreement.

1421a. SUSPENSION OF FIVE OF THE JUNIOR CLASS (Shippen, Edward, Robert Blackwell, William Rawle, Samuel Mickle Fox and John Bleakley). n.d. (ca. 1802). Memorandum. Joseph Moore and John McAllister confess to have caused explosion of gun powder; suspension of others to be lifted.

1422. UNION OF THE COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY. 1791. Trustees. Memorandum. (Attached paper missing.) Consider it not expedient to declare Act of 30 September 1791 the sole Univ. charter. Power of the Univ. to take and hold property alleged to be uncertain; recommend reference to [Richard Coxe] McMurtrie, [George Tucker] Bispham, and [Richard Colegate] Dale.

1423. USE OF UNIVERSITY ROOMS (Hare, Robert]). [ca. 1791]. Memorandum. Refers to the College deed allowing use of the Hall to Protestant ministers signing a declaration of faith.

1424. WISTAR MUSEUM (Burd, Edward, Zaccheus Collins, and James Gibson). June 6, 1820, Phila. ADS. Additions to the collection; contributions of Drs. [Philip Syng] Physick and [William E.] Homer; proposals for annual funding.

1425. WITHDRAWAL OF STUDENTS IN THE JUNIOR CLASS (Bleakley, John and Joseph Borden McKean). December 5, 1797. ADS. Report recommending the censure of John Andrews for dismissing his classes early.