Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1377. Dr. [JOHN] McDOWELL’S MISSING KEY (Tilghman, William, Alexander James Dallas, William White, William Meredith). July 6, 1813. Trustees. ADS. Report on Junior Class prank involving the theft and return of Dr. [John] McDowell’s classroom key.

1378. MEDICAL SCHOOL. [1815?]. Memorandum. Resolutions instituting Master of Pharmacy degree, requiring a list of qualified apothecaries, and establishing contents of the diploma.

1379. MISCONDUCT OF HAMMOND AND CHARLES SHOEMAKER, PUPILS OF THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. February 26, 1817. Trustees. Memorandum. Misconduct of pupils. Inappropriate disciplinary measures taken by Mr. Joseph Engles, who used his fists. Hammond Shoemaker dismissed; Charles Shoemaker suspended for one week.

1379a. COMMITTEE ON THE NORRISTOWN LOTS. March 4, 1800. Report of lots sold with names of purchasers, and plans for future sales

1380. NORRISTOWN LOTS. June 7, 1814. Memorandum. Report: Resolution authorizing committee to sell Norristown lots.

1381. NORRISTOWN LOTS AND THE CLAIM OF JAMES STEPHENSON (Smith, Jonathan Bayard and William Rawle). June 14, 1797. DS. Report on lot allocation, the river landing, purchase claim of James Stephenson.

1382. PERKASIE ESTATE (Rawle, William, James Gibson, George Fox, and Thomas Cadwalader). May 12, 1817. Edward Fox. ALS. Order to invest funds from the sale of the Perkasie Estate in United States stock.

1383. PERKASIE MANOR (Tilghman, William, and Benjamin Rawle Morgan). July 2, 1805, Phila. Trustees. Memorandum. Report: Visited farms, recommended releasing of property with new specifications for improvement included.

1384. PERKASIE MANOR. October 11, 1813. Trustees. Memorandum. Report on title, prior committee action regarding sale of property, account of tenant rents.

1385. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, and George Fox). November 29, 1814. Trustees. ALS. “Project for improving the Estate on Perkasie Manor.” Plan to survey and release farms to reliable tenants approved by Committee.

1386. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, George Fox, James Gibson, Benjamin Rawle Morgan). July 29, 1816, Phila. Transmission to John Penn the Board resolution and release form for the Perkasie property. Receipt of release, properly executed.

1387. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, George Fox and James Gibson). October 1, 1816. Trustees. Memorandum. Former report. Request immediate attention to the question of whether to sell Perkasie property or make farm repairs.

1388. PERKASIE MANOR. March 27, 1817. Mr. C[harles] W[illing] Hare and Mr. [Joseph] Barnes. Letter. Recommendation to sell Perkasie Manor for at least $60,000. With draft of letter to Henry Rosenberger noting the impropriety of his claims.

1389. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, Thomas Cadwalader, George Fox, and James Gibson). April 1, 1817. ADS. Conditions for the acceptance of Joseph Barnes’ offer to purchase Perkasie Manor.

1390. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, George Fox, Thomas Cadwalader, James Gibson, Benjamin Rawle Morgan). April 3, 1817. Memorandum. Resolutions regarding disposal of outstanding rents, discontinuation of planned survey of Perkasie Manor.

1391. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, George Fox, James Gibson, and Thomas Cadwalader) .ADS. Report on the sale of the Perkasie Manor to Joseph Barnes with a recommendation to enlarge credit for one year.

1392. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, Thomas Cadwalader, George Fox, and James Gibson). ADS. Resolution granting $2500 to Joseph Barnes in compensation for a deficiency of 124 acres according to the previous title.

1393. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, George Fox, James Gibson, and Thomas Cadwalader). December 2, 1817. ADS. Securities accepted concerning the sale of Perkasie Manor farms by Joseph Barnes.

1394. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, Thomas Cadwalader, James Gibson, and George Fox). December 11, 1817. ADS. Resolutions authorizing the secretary’s use of the seal for land sales at Perkasie and granting mortgage payments to Joseph Barnes.

1395. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William and James Gibson). December 18, 1817. Edward Fox. ALS. Bonds from Joseph Barnes due as a part of his mortgage payment on Perkasie Manor.

1396. PERKASIE MANOR. [1817]. Memorandum. Further report: securities to be used as collateral in the sale of the Perkasie Manor to Joseph Barnes.

1397. PERKASIE MANOR. [1817]. Trustees. Memorandum. Report [unfinished draft]: grounds for refusal to allow compensation for improvements made by tenants.

1398. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, Thomas Cadwalader, James Gibson, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, George Fox). April 6, 1818, Phila. ADS. Report: full account of the circumstances of Henry Rosenberger’s claim. Draft and finished copy.

1399. PERKASIE MANOR (Rawle, William, George Fox, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, James Gibson). March 21, 1819. ALS. Report: mortgage on Perkasie Manor reassigned from Joseph Barnes to John Conrad and Conrad Carpenter.

1400. PETITION OF ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN. June 19, 1797. Memorandum. Payment of ground rent due from Elizabeth, widow of Frederick Christian.

1401. PLAN OF EDUCATION (White, William, William Rawle, William Meredith). August 27, 1810, Phila. PD. Report: Plan of education of the College, the Academy, and the Charity Schools.

1401a. PRESIDENT’S HOUSE (Burd, Edward and Samuel Mickle Fox). April 6, 1802. Memorandum. Trustees. Sale of some of Fourth Street land, rental of rooms in old building; removal of all schools except Charity School to new building on March 29; arrangments for medical and chemistry students.

1402. PROPOSITION OF REVEREND JAMES ABERCROMBIE. November 3, 1812. ADS. Recommendation to employ the Reverend [James] Abercrombie to instruct in Practical Elocution. Partial financial subsidy by students necessary.

1403. PROPRIETY OF CHANGING THE FUNDED STOCK. April 1, 1800. Memorandum. Stock dividends and the surplus of interest left after the payment of annual expenses are to be reinvested. Also a draft of a resolution calling for the two highest classes in the Latin School to continue to study alternately with the Latin and Mathematics professors.

1404. PROVOST’S LETTER. April 7, 1795. Memorandum. Recommendations concerning the Plan of Education in response to a letter from John Ewing.

1405. PROVOST’S LETTER. May 4, 1819. Memorandum. Mr. Magenis’ lectures on oratory, bell for the college building, medals for outstanding students, class recitations daily. Signed by William Rawle, M. Levy, Nicholas Biddle.