Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1331. LETTER FROM THE FACULTY OF ARTS (Binney, Horace and Joseph Borden McKean). August 6, 1816. ADS. Adoption of regulations proposed by the Faculty, particularly in regard to tuition.

1332. LETTER FROM THE MEDICAL FACULTY (McKean, Joseph Borden and John F. Mifflin). December 13, 1810. ADS. Desired alterations to the Anatomical Hall considered too costly; a suggestion to replace the copper dome with a skylight to improve lighting conditions.

1333. LETTER FROM MEDICAL FACULTY (McKean, Joseph Borden, George Fox, and James Gibson). November 5, 1816. ADS. Recommending alterations to the Medical Lecture Room.

1334. LETTER FROM RICHARD MILES (Smith, Jonathan Bayard and John Bleakley). November 3, 1795. ADS. Richard Miles’ claim to land in Norristown bought from the Univ. Price agreed upon.

1334a. LETTER FROM THE PROVOST (Meredith, William and James Gibson). June 18, 1811, Phila. ADS. Recommendation to adopt Senior, Junior, and Freshman Class designations as proposed by the Provost.

1335. LETTER FROM THE PROVOST AND VICE PROVOST. June 4, 1799. Memorandum. Rights and duties of Provost, Vice Provost, and Faculty.

1336. LETTER OF Dr. JOHN ANDREWS (Tilghman, William, William White, and Robert Blackwell). April 7, 1812. ADS. An endorsement of Faculty disciplinary action according to the rules established by the Board of Trustees.

1337. LETTER OF JOHN ANDREWS (Miles, Samuel). July 16, 1792. ADS. Report on the payment of bills for the building of Dr. Andrews’ kitchen.

1338. LETTER OF Dr. [FREDERIC] BEASLEY (Chew, Benjamin). January 6, 1817, Phila. ADS. Report: College examination and Commencement dates; inconveniences caused by the use of the Hall by the Medical Class.

1339. LETTER OF Dr. WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON BARTON (Rawle, William, Edward Burd, and Benjamin Chew). August 14, 1818. ADS. Support for Dr. Barton’s plan for a botanical establishment in the Univ. yard; details of greenhouse placement and dimensions; denial of an annual allowance for maintenance of the greenhouse and garden.

1339a. COMMITTEE ON THE LETTER OF MR. BOUCHARD (Chew, Benjamin, William Meredith, Benjamin R. Morgan). March 6, 1810. Approves Mr. Bouchard’s plan to board and supervise students.

1340. LETTER OF STEPHEN BOURNE. March 3, 1814. Memorandum. Stephen Bourne’s claim to land at Fifth and Walnut Streets adjoining the Anatomical Hall. Resolution declining to take any further order at present.

1341. LETTER OF JOHN REDMAN COXE (Mifflin, John F[ishbourne], Edward Burd, Joseph Borden McKean). July 31, 1809. ADS. Arrangements for Dr. Coxe’s chemistry lectures.

1342. LETTER OF JAMES DAVIDSON (Smith, Jonathan Bayard and John Bleakley). December 7, 1795. ADS. An additional tutor considered unnecessary for the Latin School; recommendation that roll be called in the individual schools and that irregular conduct be reported to the Trustees.

1342a. LETTER OF JAMES DAVIDSON (White, William, George Clymer, Robert Hare, William Rawle and Benjamin R. Morgan). Recommendations, 1801.

1343. LETTER OF JAMES DAVIDSON (Smith, Jonathan Bayard, Edward Burd, and John Bleakley). November 6, 1801. ADS. Report on James Davidson’s teaching responsibilities and salary. Recommendation that his salary be supplemented in order for a tutor to be hired.

1344. LETTER OF JAMES DAVIDSON (FitzSimons, Thomas Edward Burd, and Samuel M. Fox). November 12, 1802. Memorandum. Recommendations concerning an allowance for housing requested by James Davidson and compensation allowed William Rogers for losses sustained due to the decline in summer enrollment; recommendation to accommodate George Smith, the janitor, in the school building.

1345. LETTER OF WILLIAM POTTS DEWEES AND NATHANIEL CHAPMAN (Blackwell, Robert and John F. Mifflin). November 12, 1804. ADS. The request (unspecified) of Dr. Dewees and Dr. Chapman cannot be granted.

1346. LETTER OF DAVID EWING (Irvine, James and John Bleakley). November 5, 1799. ADS. Recommending a salary increase for the janitor of the Univ.

1347. LETTER OF JOHN EWING. ca. 1794. Letter. Opinion urging the removal of the schools from Philosophical Hall to the College and the dismissal of Mr. Smith as the janitor’s assistant.

1348. LETTER OF JOHN McKINLEY (Blackwell, Robert, Joseph Borden McKean, and Benjamin Chew). February 3, 1817, Phila. ADS. Resolution to increase the salary of John McKinley, the Teacher of the Charity School.

1349. LETTER OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY. December 1, 1807. Memorandum. The Committee considers it unwise to require candidates to attend two full courses of lectures as a requirement for the M.D.

1350. LETTER OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY (Burd, Edward, Joseph Borden McKean, and William Meredith). November 20, 1815. ADS. The distinction between building rental and matriculation fees; charges for alterations to the Medical Hall.

1351. LETTER OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY (Gibson, James, Thomas Cadwalader, and George Fox). November 4, 1817. Memorandum. Resolution to pay an additional $2,000 for Medical Hall improvements; rent increase for the Hall charged to the Medical Faculty.

1352. LETTER OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY and Dr. [PHILIP SYNG] PHYSICK. [October, 1807]. Memorandum. Agreeing to the appointment of an adjunct professor of Surgery at the request of Professor Philip Syng Physick; rejecting other suggestions of the Medical Faculty,

1353. LETTER OF THE NIAGARA FIRE COMPANY (Gibson, James, George Fox, and Thomas Cadwalader). November 1, 1817. ADS. Report: Resolution submitted granting the company’s request for use of the lot in Ninth Street [for an engine house].

1354. LETTER OF Dr. [ROBERT] PATTERSON (Morris, Anthony, William Meredith, and Benjamin Chew). April 28, 1810. Memorandum. Resolution granting the use of philosophical apparatus by Robert Patterson.

1355. LETTER OF R[OBERT] M[ASKELL] PATTERSON (Fox, Edward). August 6, 1816. AD. Resolutions allowing Robert Patterson’s use of the philosophical apparatus and the College Hall, and his employment of a tutor for a course of evening lectures.

1356. LETTER OF GRANVILLE S. PATTISON. October 8, 1819, Phila. Memorandum. Recommending that a special exception be made for Dr. Pattison to lecture and display his museum. Signed by William White, W. Meredith.

1357. LETTER OF PROVOST [FREDERIC BEASLEY]. April 4, 1820. Memorandum. Resolution authorizing the assignment of admission tickets at the beginning of each tem.

1358. LETTER OF THE PROVOST [JOHN EWING] (Ball, Joseph and David Jackson). August 4, 1795. ADS. Repairs to John Ewing’s house.

1359. LETTER OF SAMUEL ROBINSON (Morgan, Benjamin Rawle and Benjamin Chew). May 8, 1813. ADS. Resolution granting a temporary salary increase to Samuel Robinson, Master of the Charity School.

1360. LETTER OF SAMUEL ROBINSON (Blackwell, Robert and Benjamin Chew). June 30, 1814, Phila. ALS. Samuel Robinson’s request that William Harrington, a young scholar in the Charity School, be admitted gratis to the classical course. Resolution that the Trustees cannot comply.

1361. LETTER OF Dr. WILLIAM ROGERS (Mifflin, John F., Edward Burd, and Joseph Borden McKean). January 2, 1810. ADS. The impracticality of complying with William Rogers’ request for funds.

1362. LETTER OF JAMES ROSS (Meredith, William and Horace Binney). November 5, 1816. ADS. Adoption of Ross’ Greek grammar in place of the one currently used.

1363. LETTER OF Dr. BENJAMIN RUSH (FitzSimons, Thomas, Edward Burd, and John F. Mifflin). May 7, 1805. ADS. Additional demands on the janitor due to the untidiness of students; recommendation that classes be cautioned against the indulgence of habits injurious to the building.

1364. LETTER OF Dr. BENJAMIN RUSH (Mifflin, John F. and William Tilghman). May 16, 1805. ADS. Recommending the appointment of Dr. Benjamin Rush as Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Physick and of Clinical Medicine following the resignation of Dr. Adam Kuhn as Professor of the Practice of Physick.

1365. LETTER OF Dr. BENJAMIN RUSH (Meredith, William, Benjamin Chew, Horace Binney, Joseph Hopkinson, and Anthony Morris). May 6, 1813, Phila. Memorandum. Proposed alterations in the Medical School following the death of Dr. Rush.

1366. LETTERS FROM THE VICE PROVOST AND FACULTY. (April 1813). Memorandum. The delivery of a letter from the Senior Class to the Trustees concerning the scheduling of Commencement.

1367. LETTER OF LAMBERT WILMER (Fox, Edward). August 3, 1801, Phila. Memorandum. Report: Permission granted for public worship, though the applicants do not meet the religious requirements of the deed. Usual regulations to be applicable regarding candles and fire.

1368. LETTER OF REV[EREND] WILTRANK (Gibson, James and Peter Stephen DuPonceau). February 2, 1819. Trustees. ADS. Resolution allowing Mr. Wiltbank $300 per annum as Master of the Grammar School.

1369. LETTER OF JAMES WILTBANK (Meredith, William and Benjamin Chew). March 7, 1820. Trustees. ADS. Report: resolution to pay James Wiltbank $300 to compensate for low tuition.

1370. LETTER OF JAMES WILTBANK (Morgan, Benjamin Rawle, William Meredith, and Thomas Cadwalader). n.d. ADS. Draft of a report and resolution allowing at least $2 per pupil per quarter in payment to an English teacher and refusing to furnish globes and maps for the Grammar School.

1371. LETTER OF MRS. [CASPAR] WISTAR (Sergeant, John, James Gibson, and Horace Binney). September 8, 1818. ADS. Care and disposition of the anatomical museum left by Dr. Wistar: naming it the “Wistar Museum,” supervision of the Professor of Anatomy, erection of a building to house it.

1372. LETTERS FROM THE VICE PROVOST AND FACULTY. (April 1813). Memorandum. Appointment of Dr. John McDowell as acting Provost. Resolution to dismiss Archibald Thomas Dick and to remove the suspension inflicted upon Charles Manigault.

1373. LETTERS OF THE FACULTY AND WILLIAM ROGERS. December 1, 1805. Memorandum. Recommendation that faculty salaries be divided from the whole of tuition money. “Plan for the Improvement of the Present Plann [sic] of Education” to be considered by the Trustees. Allowance set for William Rogers.

1374. LETTERS OF [JOHN] McDOWELL AND CARVER (Mifflin, John F., Edward Burd, and Joseph Borden McKean). January 2, 1810. ADS. The appointment of Mr. Carver as a writing and arithmetic teacher in the Grammar School with recommendations for tuition charges.

1375. LETTERS OF Dr. [JAMES] MEASE AND Mr. GEANTY (White, William, William Rawle, and Samuel Mickle Fox). December 7, 1802. ADS. Dr. James Mease’s plan for his lectureship. Instruction during the vacancy of the Provostship: the transfer of Dr. [Robert] Patterson to the Philosophical Classes and the hiring of a tutor; the condition of the philosophical apparatus and its repair by Geanty.

1376. LETTERS OF WILLIAM ROGERS (Chew, Benjamin, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, and William Meredith). May 5, 1812. ALS. Rent on William Rogers’ house in Chestnut Street considered due the University; free tuition for his son’s matter to be determined by the Board.