Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1289. ACADEMY BELL (Levy, Moses and Samuel M[ickle] Fox). May 21, 1807, Phila. ALS. History of the bell in Fourth Street; approval of its delivery to the Union Fire Company.

1290. ACCOUNT OF HENRY HILL (White, William and Samuel Miles). July 16, 1792. ADS. An examination of the account of Henry Hill, Treasurer of the late College, reveals a balance of £19/7/9 in favor of Hill.

1291. ACTION BROUGHT BY THE COMMONWEALTH AGAINST THE UNIVERSITY. May 4, 1813. Memorandum. Resolution to settle the amount of the debt due the Commonwealth as specified in the verdict in the case.

1292. ADDING TO THE PRESENT COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL (White, William and Joseph Borden McKean). October 1, 1816. ADS. Report: recommendation to hire another teacher, expand course offerings, raise tuition, and allot new teacher $2 per pupil.

1293. ALTERATIONS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF THE ARTS. December 1, 1818. Trustees (White, William, William Tilghman, William Rawle, Peter Stephen DuPonceau, James Gibson, John Sergeant, Horace Binney). Memorandum. Report: increasing interest in general literature; resolution to establish a Professorship of General Literature.

1294. ALTERATIONS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF THE ARTS (White, William, William Tilghman, William Rawle, Peter Stephen DuPonceau, and James Gibson). December 1, 1818. ADS. Recommendation for the establishment of a Professorship of General Literature; recommendation to deny the request of Francis Porteus Corbin and William Rush excusing the senior class from attending afternoon recitation during the winter.

1295. ALTERATIONS IN THE MEDICAL SCHOOL (Meredith, William, Benjamin Chew, Joseph Hopkinson, and Horace Binney). October 11, 1813. ADS. Attendance for two courses of lectures to be required from candidates for Medical degrees.

1296. ALTERATIONS TO THE UNIVERSITY HALL. n.d., ca. 1794. Memorandum. Specifications of alterations planned for the College Hall and John Ewing’s house.

1297. APPLICATION OF REVEREND JAMES ABERCROMBIE (Levy, Moses, James Gibson, and John Sergeant). December 7, 1813, January 4, 1814. ADS. Recommending the Trustees become parties to the release given to Abercrombie by his other creditors.

1298. APPLICATION OF THE EXECUTORS OF JOHN DUNLAP (Morgan, Benjamin Rawle and James Gibson). June 4, 1814. ADS. Recommendation of a resolution to extinguish ground rent on land in Blockley Township originally forfeited to the Commonwealth by Joel Evans.

1299. APPLICATION OF SEVERAL MEDICAL PROFESSORS (Chew, Benjamin and William Rawle). October 8, 1810. ADS. Bye-law submitted requiring candidates for Medical degrees to attend the Univ. for three years, including two courses of each set of lectures. Qualifications for students of other universities. Minimum age set at 21 years.

1300. APPLICATION TO ENLARGE THE MEDICAL HALL (Burd, Edward, James Gibson, George Fox, and Thomas Cadwalader). April 21, 1817. ADS. Resolution to appropriate $8,000 for the enlargement of the Medical Hall according to the specifications of William Strickland.

1301. APPROPRIATION OF ROOMS (Rawle, William, Benjamin Chew, and William Meredith). November 6, 1810. [Thomas] McKean, [William] Rawle, [Benjamin] Chew, [William] Meredith, [Robert] Blackwell, and [John Fishbourne] Mifflin. ADS. Suggesting the conversion of the former Provost’s rooms to a Library and a Board room.

1302. BETTER ACCOMMODATION FOR THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL (McKean, Joseph Borden). April 4, 1815. ALS. Report: Provisionally appropriated Professors Barton and Nathaniel Chapman’s room for the Grammar School. The hiring of Francis Benjamin Varin to teach German and French appears advantageous.

1303. BILL OF JOHN STOCK (Fox, Edward). March 30, 1812. AD. The charges for painting and glazing submitted by John Stock appear to be correct.

1304. BOARD OF HEALTH PROPERTY. February 1, 1820. Memorandum. Interim report on sale of property occupied by the Board of Health. The Phila. Dispensary and the Athenaeum were possible purchasers.

1305. BOTANIC GARDEN. April 2, 1816. Cabinet of Sciences. Letter. Draft of letter outlining rules for the administration of the Botanical Garden.

1306. BOTANICAL GARDEN (Rawle, William, Benjamin Chew, James Gibson, Horace Binney, Edward Burd). April 2, 1816. ADS. Correspondence with the Cabinet of Sciences.

1307. BOTANICAL GARDEN (Fox, Edward). [1816]. Memorandum. Draft of proposals to the Cabinet of Sciences regarding the Botanical Garden.

1308. BOTANICAL GARDEN (Fox, Edward). [1816]. Cabinet of Sciences. Memorandum. Proposals to the Cabinet of Sciences regarding the designation, government, lectures contribution, and title for the Botanical Garden.

1309. BOTANICAL GARDEN (Rawle, William and Benjamin Chew). March 4, 1817. Memorandum. Resolution to purchase a messuage and 16 acres of land in Penn Township for the purpose of establishing a botanic garden.

1310. BOTANICAL GARDEN. April 1, 1817. Memorandum. Resolution to contract for the purchase of 42 acres in Penn Township for the establishment of a Botanic Garden.

1311. BOTANICAL GARDEN (Rawle, William, Benjamin Chew, James Gibson, and Horace Binney). May 5, 1817. ADS. Details of purchase and the future funding of the Botanic Garden.

1312. BOTANICAL GARDEN. May, 1817. Memorandum. Draft copy of foregoing.

1313. BOTANICAL GARDEN (Rawle, William, and Horace Binney). June 19, 1817. William Paul Crillon Barton. Letter. Allowing Barton the use of the house on the Botanic Garden.

1314. BOTANICAL GARDEN. April 6, 1819. Memorandum. Botanical Garden south of the College building. Signed by W[illiam] Rawle and Edw[ard] Burd.

1315. BUILDING THE MEDICAL HALL. February 3, 1807. Memorandum. “Abstract Orders drawn and paid on account of the Medical Hall,” including payments to J. B. Latroupe [sic, Latrobe], Architect, H. Sailer, stonecutter and others.

1316. Mr. CARVER’S LETTER (Mifflin, John F., Edward Burd, Joseph Borden McKean). March 6, 1810. Trustees. ALS. Salary provision for writing-master of the Grammar School.

1317. CASE OF THE LATE WILLIAM OLIPHANT. (White, William, and David N. Conyngham). March 6, 1793. ADS. The salary due the estate of William Oliphant for the period between March 1789 and his death a year later.

1318. CHARITY SCHOOL (Burd, Edward and Joseph Borden McKean). August 1, 1801. William Colliday, Leonard Jacoby, Richard Whitehead, and John Gardiner, executors of Christopher Ludwick. The establishment of a Charity School in agreement with the conditions expressed in the will of Christopher Ludwick.

1318a. COMMITTEE ON THE CLAIM OF THE STATE. December 11, 1812. Memorandum. Recommends arbitration.

1319. COMPLAINT OF PARENTS OF THE YOUNG GENTLEMEN. February 4, 1800. Memorandum. Complaint by “parents of the young gentlemen” concerning the ill health and impaired competence of the Provost and the consequent overcrowding of Robert Patterson’s classes. Recommendation that Patterson offer afternoon instruction in the Provost’s rooms.

1320. DEBT DUE THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. December 1, 1812. Memorandum. Resolution to submit a memorial to the Legislature suggesting an out-of-court settlement of financial claims made by the State against the Univ. Recommendation to accept the sum found due by arbitrators.

1321. CLAIMS OF Dr. [CASPAR] WISTAR (Jackson, David and John Bleakley). September 1, 1795. DS. Concurrences with Caspar Wistar’s account of money spent on improvements to the Anatomical Theatre.1322. DUTIES OF THE TREASURER AND SECRETARY. November 26, 1791. Memorandum. Draft of a list of the respective duties of the Treasurer and Secretary.

1323. ESTABLISHING A PROFESSORSHIP OF RURAL ECONOMY. March 1, 1808. Memorandum. Recommendation to establish a professorship of “Rural Economy.” With a general outline of topics to be covered.

1324. FACULTY LETTER ON CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE SCHOOLS. December 3,1805. Memorandum. The equalization of salaries, power over instruction and master, daily assembly, holidays, tuition, and the employment of tutors. Referred to [William] White, [George] Clymer, [Robert] Blackwell, Edward Tilghman, and [Moses] Levy on March 4, 1806.

1325. FACULTY OF ARTS (White, William, Horace Binney, James Gibson, and Peter Stephen Du Ponceau). November 3, 1818. ADS. Separation of the Grammar School from the Collegiate Department, and its affiliation with another grammar school.

1326. FACULTY’S PROPOSITION ON REORGANIZATION. [January 5, 1808]. Memorandum. Draft of resolutions regarding the reorganization of the Univ. Attached is a fragment of the printed resolutions.

1327. FACULTY’S PROPOSITION ON REORGANIZATION (White, William, Thomas McKean, George Clymer, and Alexander James Dallas). [January 5, 1808]. Memorandum. Handwritten outline of resolutions regarding the reorganization of the Univ.

1328. GROUND RENT DUE RICHARD WELLS. October 31, 1789. Memorandum. Univ. not liable to pay ground rents due Richard Wells.

1329. HOLIDAYS (Cadwalader, Thomas and Horace Binney). June 6, 1820, Phila. ADS. The reduction of holidays in the Grammar School and College Department to those existing wider the Plan of 1816.

1330. JANITOR’S APARTMENTS. December 6, 1803. Memorandum. Draft of a report recommending locking the door from the janitor’s apartments to the yard used by the Provost and professors’ families. (On the complaint of John McCoy).