Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1274. BOTANICAL COMMITTEE (Initials of R[awle], W[illiam], E[dward] B[urd], B[enjamin] C[hew], H[orace] B[inney] and J[ames] G[ibson]). September 5, 1820. Memorandum. The expediency of erecting a greenhouse for the Botanical Department.

1275. BOTANICAL COMMITTEE (Rawle, William, Edward Burd, and Benjamin Chew). September 5, 1820. ADS. Report: Recommends postponing the construction of a greenhouse at Ninth Street until Penn Township property has been sold.

1276. COLLEGE COMMITTEE ON UNION WITH THE UNIVERSITY. (Wilcocks, Alexander, Thomas Fitzsimons, George Clymer). July 19, 1791, Phila. William Bradford, Jared Ingersoll, Dr. James Hutchinson. ALS. Arrangement of meeting between College and Univ. committees.

1276a. COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO CONSIDER THE EXPEDIENCY OF ENGRAFTING A PROFESSORSHIP OF BOTANY UNTO THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT (Levy, Moses, Edward Burd, William Rawle and Benjamin Chew). May 2, 1820. Trustees. DS. Report: Find Dr. Barton’s proposition inexpedient but commend his industry and talents.

1276o-a. COMMITTEE APPOINTED FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENQUIRING INTO THE STATE OF THE MEDICAL SCHOOL. n.d. Memorandum. Resolutions recommending the licensing of apothecaries and the granting of the Master of Pharmacy degree.

1277. COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO INSPECT THE CONDITION OF THE LIBRARY AND PHILOSOPHICAL APPARATUS, June 2, 1807. Trustees. Memorandum. Report: Catalogue of books to be assembled; list of apparatus repairs submitted. Need for new maps and globes.

1278. COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO MAKE A TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT FOR THE SUPPLY OF A TEACHER OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY AND MATHEMATICS IN THE UNIVERSITY. September 7, 1813. Trustees (William White, Horace Binney, William Meredith). ADS. Report: Arrangement made for Robert Patterson to assume duties.

1278a. COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO PROVIDE PAYMENT FOR THE PRESIDENT’S HOUSE (FitzSimons, Thomas and Edward Burd). October 6, 1801. Trustees. DS. Report: Physical condition of building; recommendations for its use for teaching purposes and faculty accommodation; development of part of tract; moving problems.

1278b. COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO REPORT WHAT SALARY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO THE PROFESSORS AND TEACHERS. December 13, 1792. Trustees. AD. Report on Faculty salaries and financial reorganization.

1278c. COMMITTEE FOR DISPOSING OF LOT IN FIFTH STREET. February 11, 1820. Trustees. AD. Report difficulties in disposing of house and lot occupied by Board of Health, offered to Dispensary and Athenaeum.

1279. COMMITTEE FOR THE SALE OF LOTS (Jackson, David and Edward Burd). February 2, 1796. ADS. Report on the sale of lots on Arch and at Fifth and Walnut Streets.

1280. FINANCE (Gibson, James and George Fox). November 4, 1817. ADS. Suggestions to increase insurance coverage and to make a series of repairs to Univ. properties.

1281. FINANCE. January 5, 1819. Memorandum. Draft copy of part of next.

1282. FINANCE and ACCOUNTS (Burd, Edward and James Gibson). January 5, 1819. DS. Report: Univ. financial statement, 1818.

1283. THE TRUSTEES (Ingersoll, Jared, James Hutchinson). August 8, 1791. ADS. Willingness of the College to appoint a joint committee and to surrender its charter to the state legislature for the sake of union with the Univ. of the State of Pennsylvania. Preservation of the Charity School the only stipulation for merger.

1284. THE TRUSTEES (Rawle, William and Benjamin Rawle Morgan). February 24, 1800, Norristown. ADS. Receipt of $20 from John Coates as a first payment on a Norristown lot No. 54.

1285. THE TRUSTEES (Levy, Moses and William Rawle). May 21, 1813, Chestnut Street (Phila.). Jared Ingersoll, Attorney at Law. ALS. Notification that the balance of the debt to the Commonwealth can be paid.

1286. THE TRUSTEES (Gibson, James and George Fox). March 5, 1817, Phila. Edward Fox. DS. Pay order for expenses for “the exobition on the 27th February.” Endorsed by Robert M. Patterson.

1287. THE TRUSTEES TO WAIT ON THE COMMITTEE OF THE LEGISLATURE OF PENNSYLVANIA. (Fox, Edward). [ca. 1808]. Committee of the Pa. Legislature. AD. Draft of an explanation of Univ. financial statements submitted to the Legislature.

1288. THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA APPOINTED TO CONSULT WITH THE FACULTY ABOUT THE BEST MODE OF REDUCING EXPENSES OF THE INSTITUTION (Ewing, Reverend John, Samuel Magaw, James Davidson, Robert Patterson, and Henry Helmuth). [ca. 1786]. DS. Complaint against planned salary cuts; alternative budgetary suggestions.