Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1202. TRUSTEES. July 2, 1781, Phila. Authorization granting honorary degrees to William Bradford, Jr. and William Barton. Not signed.

1203. TRUSTEES. September 20, 1782, Phila. George Way. DS. Indenture for a lot on Mulberry between Fourth and Fifth Streets to George Way for 10 years at 160 Mexican dollars per annum. Witnessed by J. A. Lewis and Christopher Baker.

1204. TRUSTEES. December 23, 1782. Mandamus. Conferral of honorary degrees upon Francis Joannes Chevalier de Chatelleux (sic, François Jean de Beauvoir, Chevalier de Chastellux), Francis Barbé de Marbois (sic, François Barbé-Marbois), Joannes Franciscus Coste (Jean François Coste), Maria Bernardus Borgella (Marie Bernard Borgella) and [Fiacre Maximilien] Robilliard, of France. Not signed.

1205. TRUSTEES. February 28, 1785. Henry Roosen. Indenture, lot number one in the town of Norris.

1206. TRUSTEES. March 17, 1786. Thomas Craig. DS. Indenture for Norriton (sic) Farm and Mill for £280 yearly. Witnessed by George Kemp and Clement Biddle.

1206a. [TRUSTEES]. n.d. 1789 (?). Memorandum. Resolutions in regard to structure of the College and its regulations.

1207. TRUSTEES. 1790-1793, 1796. Silas Engles. Carpentry work account.

1208. TRUSTEES. November 3, 1791. Notice of the election of Trustees for the Univ. of Pa. after the union of the College, Academy and Charitable School and the Univ. of the State of Pa.

1209. TRUSTEES. [ca. 1791]. Memorandum. “A Law ascertaining the Powers & Duty of the Faculty of the University of Pennsylvania.”

1210. TRUSTEES. December 13, 1792. Address. Draft of an address to the Pa. General Assembly on the state of the Univ.

1211. TRUSTEES. December 13, 1792. Memorandum. Draft of “Bye-Laws for regulating the Latin and Greek Schools &c.” with additional articles relating to the Philosophical Schools.

1212. TRUSTEES. July 8, 1794. Samuel Wallace [Wallas]. ADS. Receipt of payment for paving and renewing a necessary.

1213. TRUSTEES. September 10, 1794-January 12, 1795. John Ross. DS. Receipt of payment for painting and glazing done at the Provost’s [John Ewing’s] house.

1214. TRUSTEES. n.d. [ca. 1795]. Anthony Vanderslice. Account. Recapitulation of an account with Anthony Vanderslice for repairs on the Provost’s House.

1215. TRUSTEES. August 26, 1799. Joseph Simons. Memorandum. Receipt of payment for an iron lock (for John Andrews’ house).

1216. TRUSTEES. 1799. Memorandum. Resolutions defining the rights and duties of Provost, Vice Provost, Faculty.

1217. TRUSTEES. August 5, 1800. Edward Fox. Certificate. Appointment of Edward Fox as attorney for the Trustees.

1218. TRUSTEES. 1800 (?). John Penn. Letter. Sketch of letter renewing application for grant to sell Perkasie Manor.

1219. [TRUSTEES]. n.d. [late 1801-early 1802]. Draft of resolutions enforcing Dr. John Ewing’s retirement.

1220. TRUSTEES. 1802 (?) 1804 (?). Legislature. Letter. Univ. financial difficulties; obligation of the state to offer assistance.

1221. TRUSTEES. October 1, 1811. Memorandum. Resolution adopted appointing William White and William Meredith a committee to effect the appointment of Benjamin Allen as Master of the Grammar School.

1221a. TRUSTEES. 1812. Provost, Vice Provost and Faculty. Memorandum. Draft of mandamus requiring commencement and conferral of medical degrees upon seventy-three students who are named. Unsigned.

1222. TRUSTEES. January 5, 1813. The Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pa. Petition (2). Requesting the Legislature to accept the amount of the debt owed by the Univ. as decided by arbitrators. (Draft copies; paragraph deleted).

1222a. TRUSTEES. April 5, 1813. Memorandum. Precis of legal process, Commonwealth vs. Trustees.

1223. TRUSTEES. March 8, 1816. Memorandum. Trustees’ resolution to provide for two students as a condition of the release of Perkasie Manor by Thomas Penn.

1224. TRUSTEES. July 2, 1816. William White. Memorandum. Request that a resolution of thanks be communicated to the Reverend Thomas Hall of Leghorn for his gifts of the Acts of the Apostles in Greek, said to be written in the fourteenth century, and an Egyptian infant mummy.

1225. TRUSTEES. October 1, 1816. Letter. Request for attendance at a stated meeting of the Trustees, with agenda.

1226. TRUSTEES. March 17, 1817, Phila. William Dick. Receipt of payment for one quarter’s salary, candles, wood splitting, chimney sweeping, and sweeping brushes.

1227. TRUSTEES. March 21, 1817, Phila. Bill. Receipt of payment for wood, carting, sawing, carrying and pilling.

1228. TRUSTEES. April 15, 1817. Richard Hicks. ADS. Receipt of payment for taking down the stage in Washington Hall and fixing the curtains. Endorsed by Robert M. Patterson.

1229. TRUSTEES. July 1, 1817, Phila. Thomas Mitchell. Receipt of payment for drawing a deed and mortgage between the Trustees and [Joseph D.] Brown (for the Botanical Garden -purchase).

1230. TRUSTEES. October 9, 1817. Joseph Barnes. Memorandum. Note referring to release of Perkasie property.

1231. TRUSTEES. 1817 (?) . John Penn. Letter. Account of the state of the Univ., including list of professorships.

1232. TRUSTEES (Alexander, Alexander). January 17, 1766, Phila. James Tilghman. ADS. Tuition receipt for James and William Tilghman.

1233. TRUSTEES (Alison, Francis). October 17, 1772, Phila. James Ralf [Ralph]. ADS. Tuition receipt.

1234. TRUSTEES (Bryan, Geo[rge], Fra[ncis] Hopkinson, J[onathan] B[ayard] Smith, John Dickinson, James Ewing, Tho[mas] McKean, W[illiam] White, Th[omas] Bond, J[ames] Sproat, Sr., James Hutchinson, [Justus] Henry [Christian] Helmuth.) July 1, 1783, Phila. DS. Mandamus granting degrees including honorary doctorate of laws to General George Washington.

1235. TRUSTEES (Bryan, George). October 7, 1812. ADS. Trustees in account with the Commonwealth. Principal and interest due on the purchase of the President’s House.

1236. TRUSTEES (Campbell, Samuel). April 17, 1760, April 17, 1761, October 7, 1761, May 10, 1762. Samuel Jones. ADS. Tuition receipts.

1237. TRUSTEES (Clarkson, Gerardus, James Hutchinson, David Rittenhouse, William Bradford, Jr., William White, James Sproat, George Bryan, Thomas Ustick, William Moore, Jonathan Bayard Smith, Francis Hopkinson). May 6, 1785. DS. Mandamus granting degrees.

1238. TRUSTEES (Emlen, Samuel). April 23, 1817. Edward Fox. ADS. Agreement to let Fifth Street property to the Board of Health.

1239. TRUSTEES (Emlen, Samuel). April 28, 1817. Board of Health, City and Port of Phila. ADS. Indenture for house and lot on South Fifth between Chestnut and Walnut Streets.

1239a. TRUSTEES (Emlen, Samuel). n.d. (ca. 1779). Memorandum. Account of bonds and ground rents from 1771 to 1779 of Perkasie Manor tenants.

1240. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). November 5, 1788 through November 1791. Notebook. Account of Univ. currency; debits and credits listed on a monthly basis. Book number one.

1241. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). August 22, 1791, Montgomery County. Jonathan Shoemaker. DS. Indenture for property in Abington Township, Pennsylvania purchased for $1000.

1241a. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). n.d. (ca. 1801). Memorandum. “Statement of price of the President’s House.” Schedule of costs and projected payments.

1241b. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). April 6, 1802, Phila. Thomas Allibone, Caleb North, and Thomas Haskins. DS. Indenture for property on west side of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets for $9,000. (Methodist Episcopal Union Society property).

1242. TRUSTEES (Fox., Edward). February 2, 1805. Bartholomew Graves. DS. Indenture for the eastern half of a house standing in College Yard on Fourth Street for four years at $300 per year. Witnessed by Thomas Hoskin and John Reynolds.

1243. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). September 23, 1807, Norristown. George McClenachan. ADS. Release of ground rent from Montgomery County property leased by Edward Milnor to George McClenachan for $3272. Witnessed by Frederick Beates.

1244. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). March 14, 1810, Norristown. Philip Dotts. ADS. Release of ground rent stipulation on Dotts property for $514.

1245. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). May 9, 1810, Phila. Memorandum. Notice of vacancy of Office of Provost.

1245a. TRUSTEES [Fox, Edward]. May 9, 1810, Phila. Memorandum. Draft of advertisement for applicants for post of Provost vacated by Dr. McDowell.

1246. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). March 20, 1811, Norristown. William Grant. ADS. Release of ground rent stipulation on William Grant property for $160. Witnessed by Arthur Howell.

1247. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). June 25, 1812. Attorney General of the Commonwealth. AD. Credits in account with the Commonwealth of Pa.

1248. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). [ca. 1812]. AD. Credits claimed by the Univ. against the original grant of $4000 enacted by the state legislature on November 27, 1779.

1249. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). [ca. 1812]. AD. Credits claimed by the Univ. against the original grant of $4,000 enacted by the state legislature on November 27, 1779.

1250. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). [ca. 1812]. AD. Univ. finances subsequent to the abrogation of charter in 1779.

1251. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). n.d. [ca. 1813]. AD. Credits claimed by Trustees in account with the Commonwealth.

1252. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward, George Fox and James Gibson). February 10, 1816. John Hall. ADS. Receipt for repairing the fence in Ninth Street and the gate at the Old Academy in Fourth Street.

1253. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). June 7, 1817. Joseph D. Brown. ADS. Indenture for property between the Wissahicon Road and the River Schuylkill in the Northern Liberties.

1254. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). October 9, 1817. Joseph Barnes. ADS. Mortgage agreement for Perkasie Manor property.

1255. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). December 25, 1817. Nathaniel Chapman. ADS. Account of advances made by the Trustees to the Medical Faculty towards alterations made in the Medical Hall by William Strickland.

1256. TRUSTEES (Fox, Edward). April 30, 1818. Henry Rosenberger. Receipt of $358.25 to cover the cost of repairs on his Perkasie Manor farm.

1257. TRUSTEES (Gibson, James). October 23, 1817, Phila. William Dick. ADS. Bill for expenses incurred in covering the stage in the Prayer Hall. Endorsed by James Gibson to Edward Fox with green baize.

1258. TRUSTEES (James, Thomas Chalkley and David Jackson). June 1, 1807. Board of Health. ADS. Agreement to let house and lot on Fifth between Chestnut and Walnut Streets to the Board of Health.

1259. TRUSTEES (McKean, Thomas, Edward Shippen, William White, Edward Tilghman, William Rawle, Edward Burd, John Bleakley, Joseph Borden McKean, Robert Hare, Robert Blackwell, Jonathan Bayard Smith, Samuel Mickle Fox, Thomas Fitzsimons, William Lewis, Alexander James Dallas, and Joseph Ball). November 6, 1801, Phila. [John Penn]. DS. Application for permission to sell Perkasie Manor.

1260. TRUSTEES (McKean, Thomas and Robert Blackwell). April 25, 1811. Provost, Vice Provost, and Faculty. ADS. Authorization for Medical Commencement, with names of candidates.

1261. TRUSTEES (Meredith, William, William White, Benjamin Chew, Joseph Borden McKean, William Tilghman, William Rawle, John Sergeant, Zaccheus Collins, Peter Stephen duPonceau, George Fox). July 7, 1818. ADS. Mandamus granting degrees.

1262. TRUSTEES (Miles, Samuel, Chairman). January 5, 1792, Phila. Commonwealth of Pa. General Assembly. DS. Plan of education for the Univ., including classes taught in German; estimate of revenue. Read January 7 and 10, 1792.

1263. TRUSTEES (Patterson, Robert). January 1, 1785. Thomas Earl. PDS. Tuition receipt.

1264. TRUSTEES (Patterson, Robert). 1792-1800. Alexander Wilcocks. PDS (12). Tuition receipts for son Samuel, Class of 1803.

1265. TRUSTEES (Patterson, Robert). April 1, 1793, Phila. Mr. Forepaugh, PDS. Receipt of payment of tuition for his son William Forepaugh.

1266. TRUSTEES (Peters, Richard, President). December 15, 1761. [William Smith]. Trustees’ brief to Rev. William Smith to solicit funds for the College, Academy, and Charitable Schools in England.

1267. TRUSTEES (Reed, Joseph, William Moore, Thomas McKean, Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, Francis Hopkinson, William Bradford, William Shippen, George Bryan, William White, James Sproat, Ferdinand Farmer, Henry Helmuth, Thomas Bond, James Hutchinson, Timothy Matlack, and Gerardus Clarkson). July 2, 1781. DS. Mandamus granting degrees, Univ. of the State of Pa.

1268. TRUSTEES (Tilghman, William, William White, Robert Blackwell, William Meredith, George Fox, Alexander James Dallas, Horace Binney, John Sergeant, Thomas McKean, Joseph Borden McKean, Moses Levy, and James Gibson). July 6, 1813. DS. Mandamus granting degrees.

1269. TRUSTEES (Biddle, William Sheppard, William McIlhenny, Cunningham S. Ramsay, and Chamless Wharton). July 30, 1797. Provost, Vice Provost, and Faculty. DS. Mandamus granting degrees.

1270. TRUSTEES (White, William, Chairman). January 12, 1802, Univ. The Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pa. ADS. Request for permission to sell part or all of the Academy property in Fourth Street and for relief from full payment of the debt incurred in purchasing and making alterations to the President’s House in Ninth Street.

1271. TRUSTEES (White, William, Chairman). November 12, 1804. The Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pa. DS. Covering letter and petition requesting remission of the last installment of the debt on the President’s House which would instead be applied to the cost of erecting a Medical building.

1272. TRUSTEES (White, William, Chairman). November 12, 1804, Univ. Senate and House of Representatives of Pa. PD. Plea for remission of principal on the debt owed to the state on the “President’s House.” Printers proof, with corrections and alterations from manuscript copy.

1273. TRUSTEES (White William, Chairman). November 12, 1804, Univ. Senate and House of Representatives of Pa. PD. Petition regarding disposition of the debt owed to the state on the “President’s House.” Final copy.