Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1140. 1756. Student regulations concerning their government and attendance at public prayers. (Photocopy)

1141. May 7, 1781. Memorandum. Notice of public examination of candidates for degrees.

1142. [1789]. Memorandum. “Government of the Schools.” Resolutions passed 1769-1789 regarding holidays, exercises, etc. Resolution designating repayment of loans to be in Spanish dollars; Trustees’ meetings to be moved to the college from Dr. [Benjamin] Franklin’s house “on Account of the present state of his health.”

1143. ca. 1789. Memorandum. Notes from the second volume of Trustees’ Minutes regarding government of the schools, duty of janitor, commencements, tuition, and other matters of policy.

1144. September 13, 1791-December 2, 1806. “An Act to Unite the University of the State of Pennsylvania and the College, Academy and Charitable School of Philadelphia in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

1145. [ca. 1791]. Memorandum. Admission of scholars, tuition, examinations, the Charity Schools, disposal of monies, laws from Dr. [William] Smith’s papers, fire-wood, laws of the Trustees, Medical degree requirements, fees, and custody of the seals.

1146. [ca. 1791]. Memorandum. Brief of Trustee policies regarding Medical School examinations, faculty meetings, application for degrees, management of the boarding house, duties of the janitor, and student awards.

1147. April 16, 1792-April 21, 1795, Univ. Response to William Smith who claims £100 yearly annuity; one year free rent, £900 final settlement granted. (Signed by William Smith, Robert Blackwell, Edward Burd, Charles Pettit, and Alexander James Dallas.)

1147a. April 18, 1811. Memorandum Letter from Dr. [Caspar] Wistar regarding examination of medical students.

1147b . n.d. [1811?]. Memorandum. Summary of Trustees’ Minutes concerning the building of the first Medical Hall in Ninth Street.

1148. November 25, 1813-April 3, 1827. Memorandum. Resolutions granting compensation to James Wiltbank, Master of the Grammar School.

1148a. [1817]. Rental of Medical Hall by Medical Faculty from Trustees; payment of student and other fees to that faculty.

1149. June 1, 1819. Memorandum. Extract regarding Joseph Barnes’ payment for Perkasie Manor. Signed by Edward Fox.

1150. June 1, 1819. William Rawle. Printed extract regarding professorships of mathematics and natural philosophy and chemistry. Handwritten note on inside dated July 6, 1819.

1150a. April 4-May 2, 1820. Memorandum. Proposal of Dr. William P. C. Barton that professorship of Botany be detached from Faculty of Natural Sciences and united to Medical Faculty. Cover is addressed to Charles Chauncey.

1151. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). December 12, 1791. ADS. Requirements for a quorum.

1152. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). March 29, 1792. ADS. Outline of the duties accompanying specific Univ. professorships.

1153. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). May 12, 1795. ADS. Appointing Dr. [William] White, Mr. [Edward] Tilghman, and Mr. [Alexander James] Dallas a committee to devise and report a Plan of Education.

1154. (Fox, Edward). February 7, 1797. ADS. Resolution ordering Returns of Classes to be submitted in every succeeding three months.

1155. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). May 5, 1801. ADS. Order for the printing of the report of the Committee on the Decline of the Seminary and for its distribution to the Trustees and professors in the arts.

1156. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). January 5, 1802. William Rawle. ADS. Draft of a resolution calling for Dr. John Ewing’s compulsory retirement; provisions for finding a replacement. Private copies to be sent to the Trustees and to Dr. Ewing.

1157. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). November 9, 1802. ADS. Referring matters of Professor Davidson’s house, Davidson’s tutor, and insurance on the building on Ninth Street to a committee of [Edward] Burd, [Samuel Mickle or Edward ?] Fox, and [Thomas] Fitzsimons.

1158. (Fox, Edward). November 1, 1803. William White. ADS. Resolution appointing a committee to prepare and propose alterations respecting quorums.

1159. [Fox, Edward]. November 12, 1804. William Rawle. ADS. The appointment of [William] Rawle, [William] White, [Alexander James] Dallas, [Thomas] McKean, Edward Tilghman, [Samuel Mickle] Fox, and [George] Clymer as a Committee to choose a new Provost.

1160. (Fox, Edward). May 9, 1810. ADS. Appointment of a committee to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Dr. John McDowell.

1160a. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). April 18, 1810. AD. Dates for Medical examinations and Commencement.

1161. (Fox, Edward). September 3, 1811. William Tilghman. ADS. Names of members appointed to the Committee for the examination of the Classes.

1162. (Fox, Edward). May 8, 1813. PD and ADS. Committee report: Plan for continuation of Medical School administration after the death of Benjamin Rush.

1163. (Fox, Edward). May 8, 1813. PD. Reorganization of the Medical Department. Included are a report of the Committee and proposals from the Medical Faculty.

1164. (Fox. Edward). December 6, 1814. William Rawle, Benjamin Rawle Morgan and George Fox. ADS. Report from the Committee on the Perkasie Lands. Resolution to survey and repair property, renegotiate tenants’ leases.

1165. (Fox, Edward). November 7, 1815. William Rawle. ADS. Establishment of a committee to administer a state grant of $3,000 to provide for a Botanical Garden.

1166. (Fox, Edward). November 20, 1815. Memorandum. Report of Committee on Medical students’ matriculation fees: $4 to be considered rent rather than matriculation fee. Rent to be collected and furnished by faculty.

1167. [Fox, Edward]. November 20, 1815, January 2, 1816, April 3, 1817, April 21, 1817, May 6, 1817, October 9, 1817, November 4, 1817. Memorandum. Report on Medical students’ matriculation fees, arrangements for enlarging Medical Hall accepted by Medical Faculty.

1168. (Fox, Edward). August 6, 1816. ADS. Acknowledgment of release from conditions of the Perkasie Manor received from John Penn.

1169. (Fox, Edward). October 1, 1816. William Rawle. ADS. Resolution outlining financial arrangements for the Botanic Garden.

1170. (Fox, Edward). November 5, 1816. Caspar Wistar. ALS. Resolution prohibiting use of the Ninth Street building for non-Univ. functions.

1171. (Fox, Edward). April 1, 1817. ADS. Conditions leading to the acceptance of Barnes’ offer to purchase Perkasie Manor.

1172. (Fox, Edward). April 1, 1817. ADS. Resolution to contract for the purchase of 42 acres in Penn Township for the establishment of a Botanical Garden.

1173. (Fox, Edward). April 21, 1817. Dr. Nathaniel Chapman. ADS. Resolution to enlarge Medical Hall.

1174. (Fox, Edward). May 6, 1817. William Rawle. ADS. Terms of credit, Joseph Barnes’ purchase of Perkasie Manor.

1174a. (Fox, Edward, Secretary). November 4, 1817. William Dick. ADS. Resolution covering responsibilities of janitor.

1175. (Fox, Edward). December 11, 1817. ADS. Affixing the seal to instruments exonerating the tracts or parcels of land from the mortgage of Joseph Barnes on Perkasie Manor.

1176. (Fox, Edward). August 1, 1820. William Rawle. ADS. The expediency of erecting a greenhouse for the Botanical Department.

1177. (Fox, Edward). October 3, 1820. ADS. Details of the new plan of instruction, including course materials, scheduling and professors’ duties.

1178. (Glentworth, Plunket Fleeson, Secretary). May 17, 1791. Memorandum. Resolutions regarding rules and regulations of the schools.

1179. (Hopkinson, Francis). June 12, 1783. ADS. Faculty resignation, appointments.

1180. (Hopkinson, Joseph, Secretary). April 6, 1791. William Rogers. ADS. Resolutions regarding attendance and regulations necessary for the government of the schools.

1181. (Matlack, Timothy). February 26, 1780. Reverend John Ewing. ALS. Request that Ewing and David Rittenhouse, recently appointed Provost and Vice Provost, respectively, confer to choose teaching responsibilities.

1182. (Matlack, Timothy). March 8, 1780. ADS. The nominations of John Ewing and David Rittenhouse as professors of Moral Philosophy and Natural and Experimental Philosophy.

1183. (Matlack, Timothy). March 26, 1780. ADS. Fees and tuition money. List of candidates for degrees on reverse.

1184. (Matlack, Timothy, Provost, Vice Provost, James Davidson, James Cannon, Rev. J[ohn] C[hristopher] Kunze, Rev. Robert Davidson). ADS. Ranking of professors.

1185. (Reed, Joseph). February 18 and March 4, 1806, Univ. James Davidson. ADS. Resignation of James Davidson accepted, annuity provided.

1186. (Reed, Joseph). February 2, 1813, Univ. John Andrews. ADS. Acceptance of resignation of Dr. Andrews due to health. Resolution to continue his salary, allow use of house during his life.

1187. (Reed, Joseph). March 3, 1818, Univ. ADS. Request for lists of professors, graduates, officers of the old College, Univ., and Medical School in Latin.

1188. (Sproat, James). September 20, 1783. ADS. Books presented to the Univ.

1189. (Sproat, James). February 28, 1784. ADS. Examinations and Commencement; leave of absence granted to Provost [John Ewing] to make astronomical observations and establish the Pennsylvania-Virginia boundary line.

1190. (Sproat, James). August 4, 1784. ADS. Reverend Henry Helmuth appointed Professor of German Philology; John Francis Byule De Fakewait hired as French instructor.

1191. (Sproat, James). October 23, 1784. ADS. Permission for Mr. Adgate’s singing school to meet in Univ. rooms; grant of [Robert] Davidson’s house to [Robert] Patterson; Benjamin Workman; collection of tuition by Mr. [Robert] Patterson.

1192. (Sproat, James, Secretary). December 13, 1784. ADS. Former tutor John Wigton’s account; school holidays; award for excellence in Latin; use of Dr. [John] Ewing’s electrical apparatus by Mr. [Robert] Patterson.

1193. (Sproat, James). April 27, 1785. ADS. Candidates for degrees; commencement arrangements; correction of the Version Book.

1194. (Sproat, James, Secretary). September 6, 1786. ADS. Approval of Henry F. Dukhart’s request to teach an evening school in German School room; listing of books in the library.

1195. (Sproat, James, Secretary). September 5, 1787. ADS. Confirmation of Mr. [William W.] Fintham’s appointment as tutor, release of Mr. Sweney; students’ entrance money; purchase of astronomical sector, clock and transit from Mr. Penn; meeting of Philorhetorical Society permitted in Univ. rooms.

1196. (Sterett, Samuel). September 20, 1780. ADS. Committee appointed to consider a representation from Dr. William Smith.

1197. (Sterett, Samuel). April 19, 1781. Reverend John Ewing. ADS. Collection of tuition.

1198. (Sterett, Samuel). December 5, 1781. Reverend John Ewing. ADS. Use of Hall and gallery for Baptist worship; appointment of writing masters; address to General Washington; repair of Philosophical apparatus; scheduling of Commencement.

1199. (Sterett, Samuel, Secretary). January 22, 1782. ADS. Examinations of candidates and Commencement; leave of absence requested by Provost John Ewing for making astronomical observations and running the Pennsylvania-Virginia boundary line.

1200. (Sterett, Samuel, Secretary). April 13, 1782. John Ewing, Provost. ADS. Hiring a janitor; misconduct and disputed degree of Francis Murray; salary of writing masters Johnson and Allen; the next Board meeting.

1201. (Sterett, Samuel). n.d. ADS. Memorial of Henry Stuber, student in German School, was read. Allowed to continue in the school notwithstanding non-payment of tuition. (Filed with “1789-1821 list of College Graduates”).