Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1820


Typescripts of Originals not in the Archives

Documents Number 1957 - 1962


1957. THE PORT FOLIO, III, 520. 1814, Phila. Excerpt from periodical. “Account of the University of Pennsylvania.” Promotion of the College, including summary of planned innovations.

1958. RANDOLPH, THOMAS JEFFERSON, November 11, 1808, [Peale’s] Museum, [Phila.]. Thomas Jefferson. Letter. His matriculation at the Univ.; expenses.

1959. RANDOLPH, THOMAS JEFFERSON. December 28, 1808, [Peale’s] Museum, [Phila.]. Thomas Jefferson. Letter. Insurrection at Amherst; expenses.

1960. RANDOLPH, THOMAS JEFFERSON. February 4, 1809, [Peale’s] Museum, [Phila.]. Thomas Jefferson. Letter. Progress of the studies; planned journey to Washington.

1961. RANDOLPH, THOMAS JEFFERSON. May 29, 1809, [Peale’s] Museum, [Phila.]. Thomas Jefferson. Letter. Supplies; want of correspondence.

1962. WOOLEY, EDMOND and JOHN COATS. February 1, 1749, Phila. James Logan, Thomas Lawrence, William Allen, John Inglis, Tench Francis, William Masters, Lloyd Zachary, Samuel McCall, Jr., Joseph Turner, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Leech, William Shippen, Robert Strettell, Philip Syng, Charles Willing, Phineas Bond, Richard Peters, Abraham Taylor, Thomas Bond, Thomas Hopkinson, William Plumsted, Joshua Maddox, Thomas White, William Coleman (Trustees of the College). Indenture for land west of Fourth Street adjoining that of Jonathan Price and [Christ] Church Burying Ground. (The deed for the original site of the Univ.).