Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Lecture Tickets [M-Z],
Non-University Tickets (Documents Numbers 1620-1641a)

Matriculation Tickets, Lecture Tickets [A-L]


LECTURE TICKETS- Name of issuing faculty member, name of course, name of student, date issued. Note that this is a partial listing of lecture tickets in the Archives.

Lecture Tickets [A-L]

1620. MORGAN, JOHN. Materia. Medica and Practice of Physick: incomplete, 1765 (View facsimile).

1621. MORGAN, JOHN. Theory and Practice of Physick: incomplete, no date; Jonathan Easton, 1770 (View facsimile); Jonathan Easton, 1771 (View facsimile).

1622. MORGAN, JOHN. Chemistry and Theory and Practice of Physick: incomplete, 1767.

1622a. MOYES, DR. Lectures: incomplete, no date, Jonathan Easton, Junr., no date (View facsimile).

1623. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. Mathematics: Samuel N. Davis, 1816-17.

1624. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. Natural Philosophy: Isaac Hays, 1818-19.

1625. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. Surgery: Thomas Ewell, 1804; Jonathan Easton, Jr., 1808) 1809; George D. Baylor, 1810, 1811; John Ingram, 1812, 1813; John Runkel, 1815; Thomas W. Jones, 1816; Stirling Ford, 1817; Montgomery Chambers, 1818; Jacob Hittel, 1818; George Lineaweaver, 1818.

1626. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. Anatomy: Isaac Hays, 1817, 1818, 1819; Jacob Hittel, 1818, 1819, 1820; John Hackett Holt, 1820.

1627. RUSH, BENJAMIN. Chemistry: incomplete, 1769 (View facsimile); James Armstrong, 1769; Jonathan Easton, 1769 (View facsimile), 177_ (View facsimile); Thomas Parke, 1769 (copy).

1628. RUSH, BENJAMIN. Theory and Practice of Medicine: David Hosack, 1790 (View facsimile).

1629. RUSH, BENJAMIN. Institutes of Medicine and Clinical Cases: William Dallam, 1797 (View facsimile); Hugh McCorkle, 1799 (View facsimile); Jonathan Easton, Jr., 1809; John Ingram, 1812.

1630. RUSH, BENJAMIN. Institutes of and Practice of Medicine and upon Clinical Cases: George D. Baylor, 1810, 1811.

1631. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM, JR. Anatomy: incomplete, 1767; incomplete, 1768 (View facsimile); Jonathan Easton, Jr., 1768, 1769 (View facsimile); William Dallam, 1796 (View facsimile); Samuel Gartley, 1798 (View facsimile); Thomas Ewell, 1804.

1632. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM, JR. Anatomy, Surgery, and Midwifery: David Hosack, 1790 (View facsimile); Alexander McWilliams, 1800.

1633. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM, JR. Anatomy and Midwifery: Benjamin Kugler, 1807.

1634. THOMSON, JAMES G. Languages: Samuel N. Davis, 1816-17; William Frazier, 1820-21.

1634a. WATERHOUSE, Dr. Natural History: D. Easton, n.d. (View facsimile).

1635. WILLIAMSON, HUGH. Natural and Experimental Philosophy: James Armstrong, 1767.

1636. WISTAR, CASPAR, JR. Chemistry and Physiology: O. Bowen, 1789 (View facsimile).

1637. WISTAR, CASPAR, JR. Anatomy: William Dallam, 1796 (View facsimile); Samuel Gartley, 1798 (View facsimile); Thomas Ewell, 1804; George D. Baylor, 1811; Thomas V. Wiesenthal, 1811-12; John Ingram, 1812-13, 1813-14; Thomas W. Jones, 1816-17; Isaac Hays, 1816-17, 1817-18; Stirling Ford, 1817-18; GeorgeLineaweaver, 1817-18.

1637a. WISTAR, CASPAR, JR. Dissecting: Thomas Ewell, 1809-1810.

1638. WOODHOUSE, JAMES. Chemistry: John Ham, Jr., 1796 (View facsimile); Alexander McWilliams, 1800; Charles T. Wister, 1801; Thomas Ewell, 1803; Jonathan Easton, Jr., 1808; Thomas J. Randolph, 1808.



1639. Pennsylvania Hospital: tickets permitting use of Hospital, attending the Practice thereof, and use of the Library. John Archer, 1797; William Dallam, ca. 1797; Hugh McCorkle, 1799; Samuel Gartley, 1800; Thomas Ewell, 1803; Jonathan Easton, Jr., 1808, 1809; George D. Baylor, 1810; John Ingram, 1812-13, 1813; George Lineaweaver, 1817; John Runkel, 1817.

1639a. American Medical Society: membership ticket (engraved by James Smither, Philadelphia, 1770). Jonathan Easton, 1770.

1639b. T. Pole (of 102 Leadenhall Street, London): Midwifery: Jonathan Easton, 1793.

1640. Alms House: tickets permitting practice in the Medical and Surgical Wards. Stirling Ford, 1816, 1819; Isaac Hays, 1818; Jacob Hittel, 1818.

1641. J. & A. H. Humphreys, Printers, Book-Sellers, and Stationers (2nd and Walnut): advertising card lists authors and titles of contemporary medical books, ca. 1810.

1641a. William Fuller, announcement card of lessons in self defense, at Shakespeare Hotel, New York, 1829.