Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1820


Students of Medicine

Documents Number 1499 - 1514



1499. December, 1815, Phila. Trustees. DS. Signed petition of 100 Medical students for Dr. [James] Rush to fill the Chair of the Theory and Practice of Medicine vacated by Dr. [Benjamin Smith] Barton’s death.

1500. August 3, 1818, Phila. DS. Request that the professor selected for the Chemical Chair be himself possessed of a medical education. Signatures and home state of 45 students. [This is a reference to Robert Hare, whose M.D. is questionable].

1501. February 26, 1819, Phila. Thomas T. Hewson. ADS. Stating the “very important advantage” gained through attending Dr. Hewson’s anatomical lectures and lauding his “urbane and Gentlemanly Manners.” Signed by 24 men, largely students but including associates of the Pa. Hospital and Alms House.

1502. (Dill, Joseph Mason, Ryland Randolph, Nathaniel M. Miller). [1818]. Medical Faculty. Memorial charging Mr. [Ellis] Lewis, a classmate, with quarrelsome behavior. Bound with testimonies of the incidents under discussion.

1503. (Green, George, James P. Screven, Jeremiah S. English, Gustavus Jones, Abner Nash, John Paxton, James Samuel Gunnell, Isaac Hays, Richard Dutton, John Elliott). [1820]. John Redman Coxe. Memorandum. Notes requesting examination before the faculty. Numbered.

1504. Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine. December 16, 1819, Univ. Medical Faculty. ADS, 53 signatures. Request that screen separating students and faculty during examinations be dropped.

1505. Class of 1820. Writers: [Robert] Pryor Richardson, William B[aker] Scott, Leroy Branch, S[amuel] W[alter] Washington, George A[ugustus] Spiller, David C[hristie] Skerrett, Americius Vesp[ucius] Payne, John S[teel] Given, C[harles] F[rederick] Wilstach, Dudley Atkins, Thomas Shivers, R[obert] E[glesfield] Griffith, Benjamin J[ones] Pennock, Isaac Thomas, Joseph Browne, Samuel George Morton, Thomas J[efferson] Goode, William A. Davis, George Cuthbert, William F. Buchanan, Robert L. Armstrong, Charles F[rench] Matlack, John L[ight] Atlee, Robert W[alker] Withers, James May, William C[hapman] White, Luke White, J[onathan] D[avid] Price, Stewart Kennedy, G. Lane Corbin, R[obert] I. Clark. 1820, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ADS. Forty-four notes by members of the 1820 medical class, requesting examinations by the Medical faculty. Each note typically includes student’s Phila. address and thesis topic. Series numbered one to fifty-eight; some are missing.

1506. Committee of Medical Students (Bouldin, Robert E., Chairman). [September 9, 1818]. Medical Faculty. ADS. Objection to Mr. [Robert] Hare as candidate for a chair in the Medical School because of his lack of a medical degree.

1507. Committee of Medical Students (Clark, John Yardley, James Snodgrass Rich, Anthony W. Smith). [1818]. Trustees. ADS. Request that all students involved in a quarrel in the Medical School be examined.

1508. (Rogers, William). April 2, 1799. [Trustees]. ADS. Return of the schools; enrollment figures.

1509. (Rogers, William). June 7, 1803, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Recommendation of the Rev. John Blair Linn for the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

1510. (Rogers, William). June 5, 1804, Univ. ALS. Recommendation of the Rev. John Mitchell Mason for the degree of Doctor of Divinity; recommendation of the Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D. Union College, for admission in the Univ.

1511. (Rogers, William). June 4, 1805, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Recommendation of the Rev. James Gray for the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

1512. (Thomson, James G.). April 7, 1812. The Committee of Examinations and [Trustees]. ADS. Quarterly report of the Students and Scholars in the Univ.

1513. (Thomson, James G.). April 6, 1813, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Refusal of students Archibald Thomas Dick and Charles Manigault to sign exculpatory declarations concerning a broken door in the Univ. building.

1514. (Thomson, James G.). March 1, 1814. Trustees. ALS. Recommending that medals be prepared for students prior to April examinations.