Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Students of Arts

Documents Number 1463 - 1472



1463. [STUDENTS]. March 20, 1813. Trustees. Exculpatory declaration concerning a broken door in the Univ. building. Signed by twenty students.

1464. [STUDENTS]. March 20, 1813. Trustees. Exculpatory declaration concerning a broken door in the Univ. building. Signed by eighteen students.

1465. COMMITTEE CONSISTING OF CLASS NUMBER 1 (Blackwell, Robert, Chairman). May 2, 1797 (June 6, 1797). ADS. Report of their inspection of the College. The declining state of the institution, due to the lack of a fixed plan of education.

1466. COMMITTEE OF THE JUNIOR AND FRESHMAN CLASSES (Nassau, C[harles] W[illiam], Isaac Norris, R[obert] W. Morris, W[illiam] F[ullerton] Duncan and Henry Chancellor on behalf of (34 names)). July 4, 1820. Trustees. Petition. Requesting for the restoration of former holidays.

1467. COMMITTEE OF THE PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY (Ashmead, William, Samuel Mickle Fox, Theophilus Parvin). June 3, 1817. Trustees. Letter. Renewed application for aid in meeting expenses for their Annual Exhibition.

1468. FIRST CLASS. December 7, 1781, Phila. Letter. Follow-up on petition not to delay the Commencement.

1469. Dr. ROBERT HARE’S CLASS. June 17, 1818. ADS. Signed statement of 21 students refuting the claim of some that Dr. Hare is “disliked by and is unpopular with those who attend his lectures.”

1470. Dr. ROBERT HARE’S CLASS. n.d. [June 1818]. Petition. In support of Dr. Robert Hare (similar to foregoing). Two signatures in pencil.

1471. Dr. ROBERT HARE, SUPPORTERS OF, FROM HIS COURSE OF CHEMICAL LECTURES (Randolph, David M., Jr., Richard H. Mosley, Tasker C. Quinlan, Archibald Taylor, William Jones, and William A. Cocke). ADS. Testimonial for Robert Hare.

1472. JUNIOR CLASS. 1806. Provost and Vice-Provost. ADS, 18 signatures. Protest against the prolonging of their Commencement by eighteen members of the class.

1473. SENIOR CLASS. April 6, 1819. Trustees. ALS, 17 signatures. Request that classes be allowed to attend two professors in the morning, leaving afternoons free, by seventeen members of the class.

1474. SENIORS OF THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. March 4, 1811, Phila. Trustees. Petition. Having been denoted Freshmen, request the privileges of College hours.