Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1932. Second Academy Lottery. 1755, Class the Third. Lottery ticket.

1933. Sir, As it is now Known that Dr. Dorsey will be a candidate for the anatomical chair in the University of Pennsylvania... March 5, 1818. [Phila.,1818]. Addressed to William Rawle. Offer of self as candidate for chair of Chemistry by Thomas Cooper, M.D., with his signature.

1934. Sir, You are requested to attend a stated meeting of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania... October 1, 1816. [Phila., 1816]. Outline of eight resolutions on agenda covering sessions, holidays, examinations, commencements, faculty fees, sale of Perkasie lands, establishment of Faculty of Natural Science, improvement of Grammar School.

1935. Sir, You are requested to attend a stated meeting of the Trustees of the University... June 3, 1817. [Phila., 1817]. Announcement signed by Edward Fox, Secretary, addressed to William Rawle.

1935a. Sir, You are requested to attend an adjourned meeting ... June 17, 1817. [Phila., 1817]. Announcement signed by Edward Fox, Secretary, addressed to William Rawle.

1936. Smith, William, An Humble Representation, by William Smith, D.D. Provost of the College, Academy, and Charitable School, of Philadelphia; in Behalf of the said Seminary, and by Appointment of the Trustees thereof. (London, 1762). Sabin 84622.

1937. Smith, William, Discourses on Several Public Occasions During the War in America... (London: printed for A. Millar ... R. Griffiths... and G. Keith, 1759). Sabin 84601.

1938. Smith, William, Eulogium on Benjamin Franklin, L.L.D. (Printed by Benjamin Franklin Bache, Phila., 1792). Delivered March 1, 1791 before the American Philosophical Society. Evans 24799.

1939. Smith, William, To the Friends of Religion, and Patrons of Liberty and Useful Knowledge; The Humble Representation and Address of William Smith, D.D., Provost of The College and Academy of Philadelphia in Behalf of that Seminary, [Charleston, 1772]. Not in Evans.

1940. Smith, William and James Jay, An Humble Representation By William Smith, D.D. and James Jay, M.D. In Behalf of the lately erected Colleges of Philadelphia and New York. (London, 1762). Sabin 84523.

1941. Smithfield and Cumberland Bridge Lottery. 1786. Lottery ticket, Rhode Island, signed by David Sayles.

1942. Statement of the Funds of the University of Pennsylvania, January 1, 1810. Investments, income, year 1809. With certification of Trustees Committee of examiners (Jonathan Bayard Smith, John Hill Brinton, James Gibson). Phila., Bartholomew Graves, printer [1810]. Part missing.

1943. Statement of the Funds of The University of Pennsylvania, January 1st, 1814. Investments, income, expenses year 1813. With certification of Trustees’ Committee of Finances and Accounts (Edward Burd, James Gibson, George Fox).

1944. Stevenson, William. July, 1817, Phila. Univ. Estate. PD. Bill for taxes on Univ. property in High Street and North Ward.

1945. Testimonials, submitted to the consideration of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. [Phila., 1818], 24 pp. In behalf of Robert Hare, candidate for the professorship in Chemistry, from John Syng Dorsey, Benjamin Silliman, Thomas Parke, Robert Patterson, Joseph Cloud, William Potts Dewees, Nathaniel Chapman, Thomas P. Jones, Henry Brevoort, Samuel Latham Mitchell, Ferdinand S. Campbell, Robert Nelson, John Augustine Smith, Thomas G. Peachy and students. Shaw and Shoemaker 44266.

1946. Tilton, James, Dissertatio medica, inauguralis [de hydrope] quam ... eruditorum examini subjectam sustinuit. (Phila.: William Bradford, 1771). Evans 12242. Austin 1908.

1947. Tilton, James, Economical Observations on Military Hospitals and the Prevention and Cure of Diseases Incident to an Army. (Wilmington, Del.: printed by J. Wilson, 1813). Shaw & Shoemaker 29953. Austin 1909.

1948. To All Christian ... Appointment by Trustees under the power of a Royal Brief of August 19, 1762 of John Byrd, John Hall, and John Stevenson as Collectors to ask and receive monies for William Smith and James Jay as agents for the Governors and Trustees for the Colleges of Philadelphia and New York. [Westminster], April 30, 1763. Left half of broadside only; right half, with signature of Trustees, is missing.

1949. To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Petition of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. (Univ., November 12, 1804). Appeal for remission of principal on debt owed to the state for the President’s House, reciting its purchase, alterations, the advantages of a medical and arts education; William White, Chairman. Printer’s proof, with manuscript corrections and alterations, and the final copy.

1950. To the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. Gentlemen, There being a vacancy in the chemical chair of this University... August 4, 1818. [Phila., 1818]. Application of Thomas Cooper, 282 Chestnut Street, Phila. for professorship of Chemistry, addressed to William Rawle. Shaw & Shoemaker 43733.

1951. To the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, January 25, 1816. C. S. Rafinesque has the honour to offer his services ... [Phila., 1816]. Application for the chairs of Natural History and Botany, giving extensive vita and bibliography of Constantine Samuel Rafinesque. Manuscript character reference from Samuel L. Mitchell, New York, January 23, 1816 attached. Not in Shaw & Shoemaker.

1952. To Thomas Cooper, Esq. Carlisle, 29th September, 1815. Dear Sir, The trustees of Dickinson College... Character reference furnished Thomas Cooper upon his resignation from professorship at Dickinson College.

1953. Trustees of the Univ. of Pa., for the Manor of Perkasie. Fifteen identical printed forms, indenture of lease, partially completed in manuscript, some signed by lessees and witnessed, but all unexecuted. Several bear fine paper impressions of Orrery seal; various dates in 1807 and 1809 and undated. [1807]. Filed with one blank form

1954. University of Pennsylvania. July 17th, 1820. Sir, The semiannual examination of the college classes... Printed letter in name of Robert Maskell Patterson, Secretary, Sent to Joseph Ball.

1955. Watson, Daniel, A sermon Preached on Occasion of the Brief for the American Colleges. (Newcastle: printed by J. White and T. Soint..., 1763). Sabin 102128.

1956. York, Heidelberg, & Lebanon Lottery. Class the First. 1769. Lottery ticket, signed by Henry Wm. Stiegel.