Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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1910. The following Papers, stated to have been mislaid, having been returned...[1818]. Letters of reference to status and abilities as a physician of Thomas Cooper, from Benjamin Rush, James Armstrong, William C. Chambers, James Gustine, Hugh Henry Brackenridge, Jonathan H. Walker and James P. Freeman, with letter of Trustees of Dickinson College to Cooper.

1911. Gloucester Road Lottery. [Colonial period]. Lottery ticket, Rhode Island, signed by William Ross.

1912. Greene Academy Lottery in Smithfield. 1812. Lottery ticket, Rhode Island, signed by An. Winsor.

1913. Hopkinson, Francis, Jacob Duché letter dated Phila., February 1, 1757, The Gentleman’s Magazine, April 1757 [excerpt], pp. 177-180. Account of the “surprizing progress” of the Academy and College, including excerpts from William Smith’s Masque of Alfred, performed by the students.

1914. In Senate, April 10, 1815. Report by Mr. Cochran, New York State senate, on the bill entitled “an act to incorporate the trustees of the Medical Institution of the state of New-York.”

1914a. Kuhl, Frederick, Jacob Winey and Charles Jervis. March 20, 1773. Printed currency signed. Four shilling note of Pennsylvania printed by Hall & Sellers, Phila.

1915. “Leges sine moribus vanæ Library of the University of Pennsylvania.” Bookplates in uncut sheets. Probably in use circa 1820.

1916. Linn, John Blair, “Biography,” The Assembly’s Missionary Magazine; or Evangelical Intelligencer, I (September, 1805), no. IX, 409-414. The life of the Rev. John Ewing.

1917. A List of the Members and Officers of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; with their Places of Residence in the Borough of Lancaster. [1803]. Legislators and their boarding houses.

1918. Magaw, Samuel, An Address delivered at the University of Pennsylvania... on the fifth of June, 1782; when his appointment to the Vice-Provost’s Chair was announced. (Phila.: 1782). Not in Evans.

1918a. Meredith, Charles, John Field and Abraham Usher. October 1, 1773. Printed currency signed. Twenty shilling note of Pennsylvania printed by Hall & Sellers, Phila.

1918b. Miles, Samuel, Owen Jones and William Wister. October 1, 1773. Printed currency signed. Ten shilling note of Pennsylvania printed by Hall & Sellers, Phila.

1919. Mr. [George] Greene very respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of this City... Announcement of his lecture at the City Hall, Burlington, N.J., on the Eidourian or Transparent Orrery. 1800. Broadside. Not in Evans.

1920. Monro, George, Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Suffocatione Stridula. (Edinburgh, Balfour & Smellie, 1786). Edinburgh medical dissertation of author, a resident of Delaware and M.B., Univ. of State of Pa., 1784. Presentation inscription on flyleaf to John Archer (M.B. 1768, College).

1921. Moores, Daniel, Tractus Inauguralis de Febre Remittent Marilandica. (Edinburgh, Balfour & author, a resident of Maryland. Signature on flyleaf of John Archer (M.B. 1768, College).

1922. My Dear Sir, It was my intention, in common with the rest of the Professors ... [Printed by J. Hopkinson & Earle, 1818]. Letter from Nathaniel Chapman, Phila., August 1, 1818; to Joseph Hopkinson, concerning lack of qualifications of Robert Hare for the Medical Faculty and in support of Robert Maskell Patterson. Two copies, one with manuscript corrections. Shaw & Shoemaker 43577.

1922a. Neue Philadelphische Correspondent. Phila. Newspaper. Issue of September 2, 1801.

1923. Peale, Charles Willson, Introduction to a Course of Lectures on Natural History, Delivered in the University of Pennsylvania, Nov. 16, 1799. (Phila.: printed by Francis and Robert Bailey, no. 116 High Street, , 1800). Evans 38204.

1924. The Pennsylvania Gazette, Phila., issue of May 13, 1789. Contains notice by Rev. William Smith, Provost, of the reopening on April 15, 1789 of the Charitable School, Academy, Latin Grammar School and College.

1924a. Philadelphia, July 1st, 1817. Estate of University Dr. to William Haslett. Tax bill for four houses.

1925. Potts, Jonathan, Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de febribus intermittentibus, potentissimum [sic] tertianis. (Phila.: Typis Johannis Dunlap, 1771). Evans 12204. Austin 1561.

1926. Prospectus of a Plan for the Establishment of a Botanic Garden, near the City of Philadelphia, to be called The Pennsylvania Botanic Garden...Philadelphia N. S. Allison, Secretary.

1927. Record. Bucks County, ss. The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, vs. [blank]. Eviction notice to Perkasie Manor tenants, not completed. [1817].

1928. Relf’s Philadelphia Gazette and Daily Advertiser, Phila., issue of May 16, 1816. Contains advertisement for subscribers to tile Botanical Garden.

1929. Report of the Committee Appointed to provide for the payment of the President’s House, &c. (Phila., Zachariah Poulson junior, printer). [1801?]. List of real estate owned by Univ., letter of Trustees of December 29, 1800 to Benjamin Henry Latrobe, architect, notes on progress and expenses of conversion of building to academic use.

1930. Robertson, Felix, An Essay on Chorea Sancti Viti. (Phila.: printed for the author, by Joseph Rakestraw, no. 84, North Front-street, 1805). Shaw and Shoemaker 9267. Austin 1612.

1931. Ross’s Greek Grammar. Prospectus of work of James Ross, with heading for subscription list. Attached is writer’s ALS to Trustees, dated 44 North 4th Street, Phila. [November, 1816].

1931a. Rules and Statutes of the University of Pennsylvania, Enacted by the Board of Trustees. 1820. Regulations a for the administration and operation of the University. (3 copies).

1931b. Rules and Statutes of the University of Pennsylvania, Enacted the, Board of Trustees on Friday, the 21st of June, 1811. Phila. Regulations for the administration and operation of the University. (2 copies).