Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Photocopies of Originals not in the Archives

(Documents Number 1963 - 1991)


1963. “BOARD OF FACULTY,” EXTRACT FROM MINUTES OF (Rogers, William). September 19, 1801. Memorandum. “Laws, relating to the Moral Conduct, and Orderly Behaviour, of the Students and Scholars of the University of Pennsylvania.” (Printed by John Ormrod [41] Chestnut Street). (Original at Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Society Miscellaneous Collection Box 10-B).

1964. [BUREAU OF THE CENSUS]. 1790. Page from 1790 manuscript Federal census for Phila. which includes entry for Provost William Smith, 86 Arch Street.

1965. COLLEGE OF PHILADELPHIA. General Heads and Plan of a course of Lectures, in Natural and Experimental Philosophy, Given in the College of Philadelphia, 1778. (Printed broadside). (Original at New York Public Library. Evans 15994).

1966. COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO PROVIDE FOR THE PAYMENT OF THE PRESIDENT’S HOUSE, ETC. 1801. Paper covers marked “Benjamin Rawle Morgan, Esq. No. 95, Second Street.” PD. Providing payment for President’s House (Ninth Street). Includes list of estates and property of the Univ., expenditures; valuation of Fourth Street property, alteration plans and estimate of Benjamin Latrobe. (Printed by Z. Poulson, Jr.) Same as document number 1929.

1967. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. September 27, 1766, London. Daniel Wister. ALS. Thanking Wister for helping protect his name, conditions in Germany following the late war, Mr. Allen’s misunderstanding of Franklin’s support of the repeal of the Stamp Act.

1968. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. July 5, 1775, Phila. William Strahan. ALS. Franklin declares his enmity with Strahan a long-time friend, based on Strahan’s Tory sympathies in Parliament.


1969. HOPKINSON, THOMAS, JR. (ca. 1765). Lecture notes on Logic taken at the College with interlinings allegedly by William Smith. (Original in possession of Richard W. Friedman, Baltimore, Maryland).

1969a. MEDICAL FACULTY (Rush, Benjamin, Caspar Wistar, B[enjamin] S[mith] Barton, Philip Syng Physick). December 29, 1810. Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Pennsylvania. Memorial. Requesting licensing of physicians by law.

1970. MORGAN, JOHN. September 26, 1781, [Phila.]. Memorandum. “Report of the State of the British Prisoners in the Pennsylvania Hospital” by John Morgan, attending physician.

1971. MUTUAL ASSURANCE COMPANY. December 7, 1810. Trustees. PDS. Insurance policy for Medical Hall, west side of Ninth between Chestnut and Market Streets.

1972. PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE. August 12, 1756. Issue containing Plan of the College submitted by William Smith, Francis Alison, Ebenezer Kinnersley, Theophilus Grew, and Paul Jackson.

1973. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Evans, David). April 26, 1797. Resurvey of the Academy, west side of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets.

1974. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Evans, John C.). January 2, 1818. Survey of “the old College,” west side of Fourth, south of and near Mulberry Street.

1975. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Evans, John C.). January 2, 1818. Survey of [Provost’s] house, southwest corner of Fourth and Mulberry Streets.

1976. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Evans, John C.). January 3, 1818. Survey of house belonging to Trustees, occupied by Board of Health, East side of Fifth Street, north of and near Walnut Street.

1977. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Wetherill, Samuel, Jr.). December 3, 1765. AD. Insurance survey for the “new building” of “Pennsylvania College” on the west side of Fourth between Market and Arch Streets. Later notation dated 1800 John Beveridge also signs.

1978. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Wetherill, Samuel, Jr.). May 1, 1770. Insurance survey, for new house and kitchen of Michael Gross, corner of Mulberry and Fourth Streets.

1979. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Wetherill, Samuel, Jr.). May 2, 1776. Insurance survey for house and kitchen of Dr. William Smith, belonging to the College, southwest corner of Mulberry and Fourth Streets.

1980. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP (Wetherill, Samuel, Jr.). May 2, 1776. Insurance survey for two houses and back buildings of James Cannon and James Davidson, belonging to the College, west side of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets.

1981. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP. October 5, 1813. Thomas Armat, Administrator; for the Estate of Thomas W. Armat Deceased. Policy for reinsurance of house and kitchen at Mulberry and Fourth Streets, commencing September 19, 1813.

1981a. PHILADELPHIA CONTRIBUTIONSHIP. November 11, 1822. Insurance survey for Ninth Street building, final page only.

1982. PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH. June 24, 1782, Birmingham [England]. Benjamin Franklin. ALS. Phlogiston experiments; disagreement with Lavoisier.

1983. ROGERS, WILLIAM. June 11, 1793, Phila. PD. Announcement in National Gazette, Phila., June 13, 1793 of Faculty resolution to abolish fines lateness and absence, substituting monthly reports to parents.

1984. SEARANCKE, JOHN. May 1, 1779, London. Codicil to will of John Searancke of Bishops Hatfield, Hertfordshire offering revenue from the sale of land in Pa. to the College of Phila.

1985. SHIPPEN, Edward, Jr. January 11, 1761, Phila. Edward Shippen. Amusing account of engagement of cousin Nancy Willing to “Tenny” (Tench) Francis. Location of original unknown.

1986. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM. (1777). Continental Congress. AD. Outline of plans for the organization of a Medical Department and “Flying Hospital” for the Revolutionary Armies. Joint work of Shippen and John Cochran. (Original at Library of Congress).

1987. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM, ADAM KUHN, NICHOLAS WAY, JONATHAN ELMER, JANES TILTON, JONATHAN POTTS, CASPAR WISTAR, JOHN MORGAN. Title pages to printed medical dissertations of Shippen (Edinburgh, 1761), Kuhn (Edinburgh, 1762), Way, Elmer, Tilton, and Potts (all Pa., 1771), Wistar (Edinburgh, 1786); Morgan’s Discourse Upon the Institution of Medical Schools in America (Phila., 1765) and his Vindication of His Public Character... (Boston, 1777).

1988. TRUSTEES OF THE PHILADELPHIA FREE SCHOOL. July, 1740, Phila. Proposed advertisement for subscriptions for building of a Charity school on Mulberry Street.

1989. (WASHINGTON, GEORGE). (May, 1784), (Phila.). Dr. [John Foulke.] Memorandum. Reply to invitation written in the third person. Washington regrets being unable to attend Dr. [John] Foulke’s lecture on pneumatics to be held at Academy Hall, May 17, 1784, “because the business which brought him to this City does not leave him at liberty, as the members of the Cincinnati are anxious to bring it to a close.” With printed lecture ticket. Note by William Parker Foulke states that Foulke exhibited the first balloon in America at this lecture.

1990. n.n. June 14, 1740. Memorandum. Bill for services rendered in building of the Charity School House.

1991. n.n. (ca. 1755?). Plots of the Fourth Street campus.