Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Personal Paper Collections containing Documents before 1820


Note: The Archives does hold additional collections containing documents dating to 1820 or earlier.

Robert Dechert Collection (UPT 50 D293)

1106. PARKER, ELIZABETH. January 31, 1805, Lexington, [Kentucky]. General Andrew Porter. ALS. To her father, discussing their scattered family and her own impecunious condition. Mentions “Mr. [James] Moor[e] our presedent has left the simenary [Transylvania Seminary] his place is vacant.”

1107. PORTER, ANDREW. September 15, 1806, July 1, 1808 (codicil). ADS. Copy of will and codicil of Andrew Porter.

1108. PORTER, [MRS.] MARY. June 23, 1798, Lexington, [Kentucky]. Colonel Andrew Porter. ALS. To her “Papy” (father-in-law?), apologizing for not having written sooner. Her health and her family’s health, news of relatives, her thanks for having “the Best of husbands.”

1109. PORTER, WILLIAM. November 21, 1805, Baltimore, [Maryland]. General Andrew Porter. ALS. To his father, informing him of the death of Andrew’s son (and his brother) Andrew, and the death of his own infant daughter.

1110. TODD, WILLIAM. September 23, 1806, Lexington, Kentucky. General Andrew Porter. ALS. Enclosing a copy of the court records and proceedings in the case of Alexander Kerr, agent, v. Robert and Andrew Porter, as requested by his cousin E. Parker. Since the case was insufficiently prosecuted to show Robert Porter insolvent, this should exonerate Andrew Porter.

Francis Brisbane Dick Collection (UPT 50 D547)

1111. DICK, FRANCIS BRISBANE. 1820-1823, 1837-1843, Phila. First Presbyterian Church Account Book. Accounts of work at old First Presbyterian Church and all payments for work building the new church on Washington Square, including payments to architect John Haviland, stone mason John Struthers, cabinetmaker/ builders Henry Connelly and Ephraim Haines, 1820-1823. Also private accounts of Dick as sexton and locksmith, including attendance on funerals, 1837-1843. Later used as scrapbook.

Dwight Collection (UPT 50 D992)

See number 1777a.

Thomas Sovereign Gates

1112a. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. January 4, 1746, Phila. William Strahan. ALS. Order for books, with mention of specific titles, and arrangements for payment of bill. Letter encased in glass and leather case, presented to Thomas Sovereign Gates in 1940 “in grateful recognition of the first ten years of his devoted service as President of the University of Pennsylvania.”

Elisha Kent Kane Collection (UPT 50 K916)

1112. KANE, ELISHA KENT. 1802-1833, Phila. Receipt book of Abraham Kintzing (1802-1805), Eliza Kintzing (1806-1807), and Elisha Kent Kane (1808-1833).

William Martin Collection (UPT 50 M376)

1113. MARTIN, WILLIAM (1765-1798; M.B. 1786, Physician in Chester, Pa. and Georgetown, D.C.). 1757-1796. Volume of miscellaneous manuscripts (evidently bound by his grandson, John Hill Martin of Phila., ca. 1865) containing court and legal notes copied from cases of 1757; copies of patriotic addresses by William Martin of 1794 and n.d.; medical case notes and observations, 1789-1792; literary extracts, poems, and fragments, 1791-1795; American longevity, 1790-1792; copies of his letters, 1792-1794, letter to him of 1790, and rules of Chester (Pa.) School, 1796.

Alfred Fitler Moore Collection (UPT 50 M78)

1114. 1801-1820. Eight deeds for land in Northern Liberties and Penn Township, Phila. County, to or from John Gravel, Frederick Barnholt, John Hare Powel, Eleanor McCall, Samuel Mifflin, William Wilson, John Hill, Thomas Oliphant, Godfrey Frederickson, Michael Weaver, and Bartholemew Doyle.