Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1820



Documents Number 1992 - 1993


1992. MINUTES OF THE UNIVERSITY TRUSTEES (see also Trustees, Minutes)

Vol. I. November 13, 1749-October 18, 1768. College, Academy and Charitable Schools
Vol. II December 20, 1768-November 22, 1779; March 9, 1789-November 5, 1791. College, Academy and Charitable Schools. Appended is a contemporary copy of the Constitutions signed individually by the first Board of Trustees, lists of books and instruments and Charity School admissions for 1765-1766.
Vol. III December 1, 1779-August 16, 1788. Univ. of the State of Pa. Appended is the oath record of that body.
Vol. IV August 25, 1788-September 24, 1791. Univ. of the State of Pa.
Vol. V November 8, 1791-June 20, 1811. Univ. of Pa.
Vol. VI June 21, 1811-May 24, 1822. Univ. of Pa.

1993. STOKLY (STOKELY), DAVID. October 24, 1819-November 17, 1820. AD, microfilm. Diary of his journey from Wellsburg, Va. (now West Va.) to Phila. to enter the Univ. Medical Department. Stokly attended only the session of 1819-1820. Location of original manuscript unknown.