Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General Collection
of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1820


Matriculation and Class Records

Faculty of Medicine (Documents Number 1570 - 1589)

Combined Faculties and Faculty of Arts



Ledgers, By date

1570. 1791-1829. Ledger. “Register of the Medical Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania.” Chronological list of graduates giving name, state, title of dissertation and geographical summaries. Title page has clipping of 1798 Commencement.

1571. 1806-January 4, 1816. Ledger. Medical Matriculation Book. Gives name, residence (state; occasionally city or county), geographical summaries. Actual signatures of students matriculating.

1572. 1814. Ledger. “Register of Medical Graduates 1768-1814.” Chronological lists of graduates giving name and, in some cases, state and title of dissertation.

1573. 1814-1829. Ledger. “List of Graduates in Medicine from the year of our Lord 1816 until 1825” (sic 1829). Gives name, state and title of dissertation, each entry written by student himself. Includes accounts of John B. Dick, Janitor, 1814-1816.

1574. 1814-1850. Notebook. “List of Medical Graduates in the University of Pennsylvania from the year 1814 to 1850 inclusive.” Record book of Deans John Redman Coxe and William Edmunds Horner. Gives “Rules and Regulations for Conferring Medical Degrees,” medical examination results (March 1814-1823 and scattered), extracts from meetings of University Trustees regarding medical appointments (1816-1819) and from meetings of the Medical Faculty (1816-ca. 1823), chronological lists of degree recipients (name, state, title of dissertation and account of fees), including special cases and deferred degrees (1814-1850), geographical recapitulations (1802-1825), Deans’ financial accounts with Medical Faculty (1818-1850), memoranda of student payments for diplomas and other miscellaneous fees, newspaper clippings (1814-1850) and printed commencement notices and programs (1825-1850).

1575. (ca. 1815). Ledger. “General Register Med. Classes University Penns. From 1762 [?] To 1815 Inclusive,” otherwise “General Register of Medical Students 1762-1815.” Made up about 1815, this volume represents a then contemporary copy of original “Class Lists” of Dr. Adam Kuhn for 1768-1770 in full, 1784-1797 partial, and of Dr. Benjamin Rush for 1779, 1780, 1785-6, 1786-7, 1788-9 and then running continuously to the matriculates of the year 1815-16. The Kuhn lists give student’s name only; commencing in 1788-9 the Rush lists give name and home state; commencing in 1806-7 summaries of the states or countries represented come at the end of each year’s list.

1576. 1816-1834. Ledger. “Matriculation Book commenced 1816 ended 1834.” Gives number of each student in general list, name of student, state, course in which enrolled, number of each student in the first course. Commencing in 1829 the name of home city or county added. Lists of permits issued.

1577. 1816-1852. Ledger. Index to Medical Matriculates, 1816-1852. Stationer’s label of William H. Maurice, Phila. Arranged by surname initial letter, and thereunder by class. Gives name of student, state, county (from 1839), post office (from 1845), preceptor (from 1846), number of session, number of student in the matriculation book. Summary of attendance by states 1806-1851 and loose sheet for 1847-1848.

1578. 1819-1822. Notebook. Medical “Candidates for Graduation,” 1819-1822 (Classes of 1820, 1821 and 1822) and “List of Apothecaries desiring a degree of Master in Pharmacy,” 1821. First list gives name of student, Phila. address and landlady, title of dissertation, date and before whom defended. Second list gives name of student, Philadelphia address and date for degree conferral.


Individual Manuscripts, By date

1579. (ca. July, 1804). Memorandum. List of Medical graduates of June 6, 1804 with home states and thesis topics; newspaper clipping about College of Physicians elections July 3, 1804.

1580. 1804. Memorandum. List of Medical graduates in year indicated, with class ranking.

1581. April, 1806. Memorandum. List of Medical graduates in year indicated.

1582. 1806-1820. Memorandum. List of Medical dissertations presented in years 1806-1820.

1583. (ca. 1810). Memorandum. List of forty-five names, many of which were members of the Medical class of 1810. Endorsed on reverse “Graduates,” but not all received degrees.

1584. April, 1811. Memorandum. Two lists of Medical graduates in year indicated.

1585. 1812. Memorandum. List of Medical graduates in year indicated with class ranking.

1586. 1814. Memorandum. List of Medical graduates in year indicated.

1587. April 2, 1816, Univ. Memorandum. List of candidates for Medical degrees and draft of resolution to search for a replacement for Benjamin Smith Barton (probably 1816 also).

1588. 1817. Memorandum. List of Medical graduates in year indicated.

1589. 1818. Memorandum. List of Medical graduates and their home states in year indicated.