Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General Collection
of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1820


Matriculation and Class Records

Combined Faculties and Faculty of Arts (Documents Number 1557 - 1569)

Faculty of Medicine



Ledgers, By date

1557. (ca. 1813). Large notebook. Chronological register of recipients of undergraduate, graduate and honorary degrees, 1757-1813. Includes chronological list of trustees and faculty, 1749-1828. There are numerous errors.

1557a. (ca. 1829). Large notebook. Chronological register of trustees, 1749-1828; Provosts, 1750-1828; Vice Provosts 1755-1828; Arts faculty 1749-1829; Medical faculty 1765-1828 and of recipients of Undergraduate Arts degrees, 1757-1828 and medical and honorary degrees 1757-1788.



Ledgers, By date

1558. January 7, 1750/1-July 26, 1757. Tuition book. “Book of Accounts Belonging to the Academy In Philadelphia.” Tuition book of Academy (only), arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by name of scholar. Includes name of person (student himself, parent or guardian) responsible for tuition at entrance or reentrance. (View facsimile)

1559. July 18, 1757-December 23, 1769. “College Tuition Book from 1758 (sic)-1769.” Actually tuition book of the Academy and College. Arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by name of scholar. Includes name of person (student himself, parent or guardian) responsible for tuition at entrance or reentrance.” (View facsimile)

1560. July 17, 1767-October 1, 1779; July 1, 1789-April 12, 1791. Tuition Money book. Record of tuition fees and charges for firewood and pens collected by the Academy and College of Phila. Lists of 1767-1779 do not differentiate between College and Academy students. Those of 1789-1791 list College and Academy students separately, and usually name parent or guardian. (View facsimile)

1561. June 21, 1780-August, 1782. Tuition Money and account book. Tuition Money and account book of the Univ. of the State of Pa. and its Lower Schools. Includes a catalogue of the English School, January 1, 1781; tuition and entrance fees paid, December 27, 1780-September 24, 1782 (list of students; Univ. students are those marked “P” (Philosophy School); pre-collegiate students marked “E”(English), “G” (German), “M” (Mathematical) and“L” (Latin); list of real estate subject to ground rents payable to the Univ., December 23, 1780-October 1, 1782; miscellaneous accounts, 1780-1782, scattered throughout.

1562. October 1, 1782-October 8, 1788. Tuition Money book. Tuition fees collected by the Univ. of the State of Pa. and its Lower Schools. Univ. and pre-collegiate students are marked by letter indicating their respective school only through 1784. Arranged chronologically. (View facsimile)

1563. May 5, 1787-February 27, 1792. Roll book. Daily attendance record of students in the Univ. of the State of Pa. arranged by department: Univ. (first, second, third class), Latin School, Mathematical School, English School. Surnames only are given. (View facsimile)

1564. July 2, 1792-February 15, 1802. Roll book. Daily attendancerecord of students in the Univ. of Pa. arranged by department: Philosophy School (collegiate division), Mathematical and English School, English School. Listing of Latin School begins 1794. Surnames only in most instances; scattered notes indicate Phila. street addresses or note “dead.”

Individual Manuscripts, By date

1565. 1754-1776. Matriculation Book. “Part of the College Register, beginning .May 1754,” including freshman classes entered 1754-1762, 1775; degrees granted 1757, 1759-1763, 1770-1776; medical students attending natural philosophy lectures, 1774-1776. Most include parent’s name and place of residence.

1566. 1781-1789. Memorandum. “List of Delinquent Students 1783-1788” (sic). Financial debts, dates of those who left school prior to October 1, 1788, lists of those who entered or returned since October 1, 1788.

1567. 1789-1821. Memorandum. List of graduates in the Arts in period indicated.

1568. 1793. Memorandum. List of graduates in the Arts in year indicated.

1569. January 1, 1810. Memorandum. List of members of College Class of 1812.