Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Documents Number 1994 - 2009


1994. BIRCH, WILLIAM and THOMAS BIRCH. 1800. Stipple engraving, hand colored. “The House intended for the President of the United States, in Ninth Street, Philadelphia.” Published by R. Campbell and Company, 30 Chestnut Street, Phila.; plate 13 in The City of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania North America; as it appeared in the Year 1800, published by W. Birch. 12-7/8"h x 14-15/16"w.

1995. EDWIN, DAVID. (period 1813-1830). Stipple engraving. Portrait of the Reverend John Andrews (1746-1813), Provost, after Thomas Sully. Full bust in robes, face front. Oval, 6-1/2"h x 4-1/4"w.

1996. FIELDS, S. (ca. 1810). Miniature in watercolor on paper. Portrait of Robert Patterson (1743-1824), Professor of Mathematics and Vice Provost. Profile head facing left. Reverse signed “ROBERT PATTERSON S. Fields Fecit.” 4-3/8" h x 3-1/2"w.

1997. GOODMAN, CHARLES and ROBERT PIGGOT. (period 1817-1822). Stipple engraving. Portrait of Caspar Wistar (1761-1818), M.B. 1782, Professor of Chemistry and Anatomy, after Bass Otis “from the original picture in the possession of Mrs. Wistar.” Nearly half length, seated left, nearly full face. 9"h x 7w.

1998. GOODMAN, CHARLES and ROBERT PIGGOT. 1819. Stipple engraving (2). Portrait of John Syng Dorsey (1783-1818), M.D. 1802, Professor of Anatomy, after Thomas Sully. Nearly half length figure, facing left, holding book. Inscribed “As a Memorial of a Beloved Professor this portrait ... was caused to be engraved by his private pupils.” Engraved for the Medical Recorder. Published by J. Webster, 1819. 8-1/2"h x 5"w.

1999. LENEY, WILLIAM SATCHWELL. (period 1813-1820). Stipple engraving. Portrait of Rufus King (1755-1827), LL.D. 1815, after Joseph Wood. Half length, facing right. Printed by B. Rogers, published by Joseph Delaplaine. 4-1/4"w x 6"h.

2000. MAVERICK, PETER RUSHTON. (period 1794-1802). 65 Liberty Street, [New York, N.Y.]. Line engraving. Bust portrait of Benjamin Franklin in fur cap. Oval with ribbon and flowers above. 5-1/8"h x 3-7/16"w.

2001. NEAGLE, JOHN. (period 1817-1822). Stipple engraving. Portrait of Caspar Wistar (1761-1818), M.B. 1782, Professor of Chemistry and Anatomy, after Bass Otis. Half length, seated left, full face, letter in left hand, right hand resting on table with books behind. “Published by Saml. C. Atkinson.” 8-5/8"h x 5-1/4"w (cut).

2002. NEAGLE, JOHN. Another version of same with name of publisher omitted. 11-7/8"h x 8-1/4"w.

2003. PEALE, CHARLES WILLSON (Museum of). Ca. 1808. Paper surround silhouette of George Frederick Hagner, A.B. 1808. Embossed “Museum.” 4-3/4"h x 4"w.

2004. PEALE, CHARLES WILLSON. 1811. Paper silhouettes (20). Nineteen paper surround silhouettes of members of the college class of 1811, and one of a member of the class of 1812, cut at the Museum of Charles Willson Peale (sixteen are embossed “Museum”). Owned by Benjamin Gratz, to whom two are inscribed; his own is labeled a copy. Three are now mutilated. This may be the first attempt at “senior pictures” in the United States. Included are silhouettes of Joseph Barr, Robert B. Belville, Thomas P. Bennett, Richard Biddle, Clement Adam Buckley, Thomas King Carroll (2), Richard deButts, George Duffield, Samuel Duffield, Joseph Patterson Engles, Charles Pemberton Fox, Benjamin Gratz, Samuel Blanchard How, Lynford Lardner, Rider Henry Ratcliffe, Isaac Clarkson Snowden, James Tilghman, Richard Clement Wood, all class of 1811 and Edward H. C. Wilson, class of 1812. Each is 5"h x 4"w.

2005. SAINT AUBIN, AUGUSTIN de. 1777, Paris. Line engraving. Bust portrait of Benjamin Franklin, after a drawing by Charles Nicholas Cochin the younger. Figure facing right, with fur cap and glasses. Inscribed “Né à Boston, dan le neuvelle Angleterre le 17 Janvier 1706.” 7-1/2"h x 5-1/2"w.

2006. SAINT MEMIN, CHARLES BALTHAZAR JULIEN FEVRET de. (period 1798-1804), Phila. Physionotrace engraving. Portrait of Robert Patterson (1743-1824), Professor of Mathematics and Vice Provost. Inscribed “Drawn & engrl. by St. Memin Philadela.” Circular profile. Identification of subject in pencil. Paper size 6"h x 4-3/4"w.

2007. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM, artist, and SAMUEL SEYMOUR, engraver. (ca. 1812. “South Front of the Pennsylvania Hospital.” Copper-engraved certificate head, cut from certificate of attendance at lectures at the Hospital. 9-7/8"h x 16-7/8"w, overall 11" x 18."

2008. (Unknown). (ca. 1810). Copperplate engraving, hand colored. Medical cartoon, “A case of infectious fever (from ’81 South Street, 4 doors from Callowhill Street,’ Philadelphia) before the New York Board of Health.” 9-7/16" h x 12-1/8"w.

2009. (Unknown). (ca. 1815). Portrait in oil on canvas. Jean Baptiste Clement Rousseau (1760-1839), M.D. 1800. Half length of dark-haired, sallow sitter in black coat with gilt buttons and white stock grasping in left hand edge of writing table on which rest books, ormolu. inkwell and paper upon which rests right hand holding quill pen. On paper is inscribed “Soyez avare du danger et apprenez a l’epargne la douleur Faithful to this precept Thirty ... By the....” 32-1/2"h x 26"w.