Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Financial Records

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1533. 1762-1764. Lists of parochial subscriptions to the support of the Colleges of Philadelphia and New York, raised in England by the Reverend William Smith, Provost. Arranged by county and thereunder by parish; includes 38 counties, London and Wales.

1534. November 27, 1779. Memorandum. "Schedule of the Estates set over by the Supreme Executive Council to the University of the State of Pennsylvania, agreeably to the Act of Assembly of the 27 November 1779, establishing that Institution." Confiscated estates of Loyalists acquired by the University.

1535. November 11, 1780, Phila. "List of Houses, Lots, & Ground Rents purchased and reserved for the Use of the University of the State of Pennsylvania, out of the forfeited Estates lately sold in the City and County of Philadelphia." Gives date of sale, former owner's name, description of property, cost, present tenant and yearly value.

1536. (ca. 1785). Account of University-owned real estate with details of tenants, rents and ground rents.

1536a. (ca. 1779). Memorandum. Account of bonds and ground rents of Perkasie Manor tenants, 1771-1779.

1537. February 2, 1788. Memorandum. Brief of title of a lot on Walnut Street forfeited by William Ross, shoemaker, sold to Jacob Lentz.

1538. March, 1788. Memorandum. Account of real and personal estate of the University.

1539. (ca. 1790). Memorandum. Statement of ground rent due to Richard Wells from the University, March 25, 1785 to March 25, 1790.

1540. December 25, 1792. Memorandum. Financial statement. Estimate of the annual income of the University, annual expenses and grants.

1541. March, 1800. "Writ of appraisment." An account of the value of estates purchased by the Trustees from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

1542. July 15 and November 22, 1800. Memorandum. Notes on financial account for "President's house" between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the University.

1543. 1800. Memorandum. "An Estimate of the probable produce of the different Revenues for the year 1800."

1543a. 1800(?). Memorandum. "A Bill to authorize the settlement of the Accounts between this Commonwealth and the Trustees."

1544. (ca. 1801). Memorandum. Title abstract of lot owned by University, 1697-1801. Mentions Joseph Taylor, Andrew Bird, Randal Jenney, Thomas Coates, George Mifflin, Pentecost Teague, Francis Knowles, Jacob Colluck, Frederick Shinth, John Biddle, Benjamin Shoemaker, Benjamin Jackson.

1545. 1801 (?). Memorandum. Brief of title of the Ninth Street property, 1682-1801.

1546. October 1, 1802. Memorandum. Account of the University with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

1547. 1804 (?). Memorandum. Account of ground rent payable in wheat on property of George Goblin, Berks County, July 25, 1782.

1547a. April 1, 1808. Memorandum. Detailed account of debt owed by University to Commonwealth, 1800-1808.

1547b. December, 1810. Memorandum. Detailed account of debt owed by University to Commonwealth, 1807-1810.

1548. January 1, 1811. AD. Abstract of the State of Funds at the Univ.

1548a. 1812(?). Memorandum. Claims of University in account with the Commonwealth.

1548b. January 1, 1813. AD. Abstract of the State of Funds at the University.

1549. April 6, 1813. Memorandum. Brief concerning monies due the Commonwealth by the University, 1782-1813.

1549a. May 15, 1813(?). Memorandum. Account of the University with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

1550. March, 1816. Memorandum. Account of settlement of the Trustees with the estate of Philip Timmons.

1551. April 6, 1813. Memorandum. Agreement in the case of the Commonwealth vs. the University of Pennsylvania. Signed by Jared Ingersoll, Edward Burd, Moses Levy, and William Rawle.

1552. 1817. Memorandum. Bill for poor tax on property occupied by Dr. Frederic Beasley, G., Thompson, James Wiltbank and R[obert] Patterson.

1553. 1816 (?). Memorandum. Accounts of the University with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

1554. March 31, [1819], Tavern. James C[ornell] Biddle. Surveyor's drafts of land of Leonard and Samuel Eckhart, surveyed by Caleb Foulke.

1555. n.d. Memorandum. List of tenants of the University, dates when rent falls due.

1556. n.d. Memorandum. "References to the Minutes of the University in relation to the building of the Old Medical Hall."

1556a. n.d. Memorandum. Account of assets in real estate and certificate