Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Documents Number 1475 - 1498



1475. MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY, Volume 1. March 6, 1800-May 20, 1811 [1765-1814]. Contemporary minutes, 1800-1811. An account of the history of the Medical School, degrees conferred 1766-1799 and faculty hired, was inserted in the front of the volume by Dean Horner in 1822. Records of examinations and commencements continue from 1811 to 1814. Rules respecting the conferring of degrees (1792) is appended. Many letters are interleaved.

1476. MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY, Volume 2. May 29, 1811-October 3, 1827 [1767-1827]. Contemporary minutes, 1811-1827, in the hand of John Redman Coxe. A summary of rules for conferring degrees taken from “the original minutes” of 1767 and brought up to 1811 begins the book.

1477. MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY, Volumes 1-4. Alphabetical index.


Extracts from Minutes

1478. EXTRACT FROM THE MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY. July 6 and July 8, 1809. Memorandum. Faculty opinion that the Professor of Chemistry must be a physician.

1479. EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY (Chapman, Nathaniel). April 4, 1815. ADS. List of Medical graduates and their topics by state.

1480. EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY (Coxe, John Redman). May 3, 1813. ADS. Changes proposed in the structure of the Medical Department following the death of Benjamin Rush.

1481. EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY (James, Thomas Chalkley). December 1, 1815. Edward Fox. ADS. Acceding to propositions of the Trustees concerning the rent of the Medical Hall.

1482. EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY [Woodhouse, James]. October 6, 1807. Trustees. ALS. The appointment of Dr. John Syng Dorsey as Adjunct Professor of Surgery, assisting Dr. Philip Syng Physick.


1483. 1767. Memorandum. Note on professors’ salaries.

1484. December 2, 1806. [Trustees]. Memorandum. Resolutions establishing a thesis requirement for the M.D. degree, diplomas to be printed in English, and requiring two terms attendance for graduation.

1485. November 12, 1808. Memorandum. Resolution requiring that professors shall decline the chair of the Medical Society of Phila. and other medical societies.

1486. November 8, 1809. [Trustees]. Memorandum. Proposed “Rules and Regulations for the conferring of Medical Degrees....”

1487. [1818]. Memorandum. Notations of expenditures, payments to [William] Strickland and [William Edmonds] Horner.

1487a. (Coxe, John Redman). March, 1820, Phila. Provost [Frederic] Beasley. Memorandum. List of candidates for medical degrees and tentative commencement date.

1488. (Dorsey, John Syng, Dean). April 4, 1814, Univ. Trustees. INS. Request conferral of Doctor of Medicine degree upon sixty-one students who are named in another hand.

1489. (Physick, Philip Syng). March 27, 1809. Trustees. ALS. Requesting a meeting with a committee of the Trustees to discuss subjects interesting to the School of Medicine.

1490. (Physick, Philip Syng). June 1, 1813, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Suggesting the combined chairs of Materia Medica and the Practice of Physick and the combined chairs of Midwifery and Physiology; comments on the Theory and Institutes of Medicine.

1491. (Rush, Benjamin, Caspar Wistar, Benjamin Smith Barton, Philip Syng Physick, and John Redman Coxe). December 4, 1810. Trustees. ALS. The need to enlarge the Medical apartments.

1492. (Rush, Benjamin, Caspar Wistar, Jr., Benjamin Smith Barton, Philip Syng Physick, John Dorsey, John Redman Coxe). December 29, 1810. Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Pa. ADS. Memorial soliciting a law requiring the licensing of physicians. (Original at College of Physicians of Phila.).

1493. (Shippen, William, Jr.). July 13, 1790, College of Phila. Trustees. ADS. Proposed separate medical commencement date. Read at Trustees’ meeting, July 14, 1790.

1494. (Shippen, William). April 18, 1792. ALS. Examinations for Medical degree candidates.

1495. (Shippen, William, Adam Kuhn, Benjamin Rush, Samuel Powel Griffitts, and Caspar Wistar, Jr.). June 2, 1794. Trustees. LS. Students’ objections to diploma fees.

1496. (Shippen, William, Benjamin Rush, James Woodhouse, Benjamin Smith Barton, and Caspar Wistar, Jr.). January 7, 1806, Phila. ALS. Requesting an earlier Medical Commencement date.

1497. (Shippen, William, Benjamin Rush, Caspar Wistar, Jr., James Woodhouse, Benjamin Smith Barton, and Philip Syng Physick). November 22, 1806, Phila. Trustees. ADS. Enclosing resolutions regarding medical theses.

1498. (Woodhouse, James, Benjamin Smith Barton, William Shippen, Jr., Benjamin Rush, and Caspar Wistar, Jr.). September 23, 1800. Trustees. ALS. Request for accommodations in the new building in Ninth Street.