Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Documents Number 1642 - 1675


Student Lecture Notes: Academy, College, University

1642. ALLEN, ANDREW, JOHN, and JAMES. 1756. ADS. Francis Alison on ethics, economics, the law of nature, and politics, notes taken by three brothers.

1643. CLARKSON, JOSEPH. 1783, Phila. ADS. “A Compendious System of Moral Philosophy by the Revd. Doctor [Samuel] Magaw Vice Provost Universitatis Philadelphiae 1783.” Largely in question and answer format.

1644. ELMER, JONATHAN. February 14-April 3, 1766, [Phila.]. Medical student notebook. John Morgan on Materia Medica; one brief passage on “Anthelmintics” by Dr. Adam Kuhn. Taken during the first year of the Medical School’s existence.

1644a. HOLCOME, HENRY. ca. 1820. Medical student notebook. “[Nathaniel] Chapmans Lectures on the Practice of Medicine,” volume 1. 449pp. Some annotations from 1825.

1644b. HOLCOME, HENRY. ca. 1820. Medical student notebook. Nathaniel Chapman’s Lectures on the Practice of Medicine, volume 2. 371pp.

1644c. HOLCOME, HENRY. ca. 1820. Medical student notebook. Nathaniel Chapman on physiology.

1645. JONES, SAMUEL. 1760, College of Phila. ADS. “Book of metaphysics entered upon April 15th Anno Dom. 1760 at the College of Philadelphia, under the Direction and Tuition of Rev. Mr. Francis Alison D.D.” Sections on the human soul and on ontology.

1646. JONES, SAMUEL. January 2, 1761. ADS. Chart of the divisions of moral philosophy into Law, Rights, Property and Contracts.

1646a. JONES, THOMAS M. [Spring] 1817. Medical student notebook. “Notes Taken from Professor N[athaniel] Chapman’s Lectures ....” Notes from Class Second- diseases of the digestive organs, Class Third-diseases of the respiratory or pulmonary organs, and Class Fourth- diseases of the absorbent system. Some annotations dated 1830 and 1856.

1647. KINNERSLEY, WILLIAM. 1759, [Phila.]. ADS. Lectures on moral philosophy, including ethics, the law of nature, contracts, prices of goods. In English and Latin.

1647a. NEVES, THOMAS K. 1809. “Notes on Dr. Benj. S. Barton.” Botany.

1648. POULTNEY, SAMUEL. 1786. ADS. “Notes on the Practice of Physic from A Course of Lectures delivered by Benjamin Rush, M.D.” Also records of individual cases.

1649. SMITH, ELIHU H[UBBARD] and ROBERT JOHNSON. 1791, Phila. ADS. “A Course of Lectures on The Theory and Practice of Medicine by Benjamin Rush M.D. ... Read in the College [of Philadelphia] from November 1, 1790 to February 1, 1791.” 9 Arranged by diseases, giving symptoms and cures. Indexed.

1650. YEATES, JASPER. May 1, 1759, College of Phila. ADS. “A Compend of Logic,” with chapters on perception, judgment and proposition, reasoning and syllogism, and disposition and method.

1651. YEATES, JASPER. May 1, 1759. ADS. “Some of the more difficult Derivations in the Second, Third, and Fourth Books, of Homer’s Iliads: Collected from the Clavis Homerica.” In Greek and Latin.

1652. YEATES, JASPER. 1759, College of Phila. ADS. “A Brief Compend of Metaphysics,” with chapters on the human soul, ontology, and God and His perfections.

1653. YEATES, JASPER. April 20, 1760, College of Phila. ADS. “A Compend of Ethics (Translated from the Latin).” Chapters on the Chief good, human actions and their morality, and virtues and passions.

1654. YEATES, JASPER. May 1, 1760, College of Phila. Student notebook. “Trigonometry, Plain Sailing, Surveying, With Heights and Distances. Collected from the most approved Writers on each Subject.” Includes (p. 5O) a plan of part of Petty’s Island in the Delaware River. (View facsimile)

1655. YEATES, JASPER. December 8, 1760, College of Phila. ADS. “A Compendious System of Algebra: Collected from the most approved Writers.” With problems solved.

1656. YEATES, JASPER. 1760, College of Phila. ADS. “An Introduction to the Mathematics containing Short Treatises (From the most approved Writers) ... to these is added, a Specimen of Italian Bookkeeping. Collected by the Reverend Doctor William Smith.”

1657. YEATES, JASPER. 1760. ADS. “Logic ... with A Variety of Rules to guard against Error, in the Affairs of Religion and Human Life, as well as the Sciences.” Indexed.

1658. YEATES, JASPER. 1760. ADS. “The Substance of a Course of Lectures on Rhetoric. Read in the College of Philadelphia By the Reverend Doctor William Smith.”

1659. YEATES, JOHN. 1790. ADS. (2 vols.) Lectures on logic, metaphysics, and moral philosophy. In English and Latin. Not a lecture notebook, but apparently recopied and refined from lecture notes. Flyleaf bears date of July 6, 1790.

1660. YEATES, JOHN, JR. 1753, Phila. ADS. “An Introduction to the Mathematics: Containing Compends of Arithmetic, Geometry and plain Trigonometry, The different Kinds of Sailing, with The common Method of keeping a Journal at Sea.” From the Academy lectures of Theophilus Grew. Contains practical problems in arithmetic, commerce, and sailing.

1661. YOUNG, JOHN RICHARDSON. ca. 1803. AD. Digestion.

1662. n.n. 1786. Student notebook. “Notes from Shippen’s Introductory Lectures.” Anatomy lectures by Dr. William Shippen.

1663. n.n.. before 1790. Lecture notes. “The Evidences of natural & revealed Religion.”

1664. n.n. [18th century]. Student notebook. William Smith on “Optical and Astronomical Lectures.” Includes notes on hydrostatics, gravity, pneumatics, lenses, astronomy.

1665. n.n. [18th century]. Memorandum. The doctrines of Chemistry, including language, operations, and history of bodies.

1666. n.n. [18th century?]. Page on interrelated geometric conics from mathematics notebook.

1667. n.n. [NOT PENNSYLVANIA]. 1785, Edinburgh, Scotland. Student notebook. Dr. Walker’s lectures on Natural History, including ornithology, fish, shells, the scale of beings, mineralogy, fossils. Lecture 8 on the Colour of Shells is dated “Edenburg July 20, 1785.” Spine indicates this is the second volume of at least two.

1667a. n.n. 5 November 1810. Medical student notebook. “The Lectures delivered in the University of Pennsylvania on Materia Medica by Benjamin Smith Barton Professor of Materia Medica, Natural History and Botany.” 287pp.

Curriculum and “apparatus”

1668. December 3, 1779. Memorandum. Inventory of the Philosophical Apparatus belonging to the University of Pennsylvania.

1669. [c. 1791]. Memorandum. Weekly plans of study for the Latin Schools and the Collegiate Classes.

1670. 1791 [?]. Memorandum. Curriculum for the Freshman and Junior Classes in College and in the Latin School. (View facsimile)

1671. June 1807. Memorandum. “A List of the Apparatus in the University of Pennsylvania.” (View facsimile)

1672. 1816. Memorandum. “List of the Philosophical Apparatus belonging to the University of Pennsylvania.”

1673. [September 1818]. Memorandum. Draft of a resolution thanking Mrs. Caspar Wistar for the donation of her husband’s anatomical museum.

1674. 1819-1820 through 1852-1853. AD. Schedule of lectures in anatomy taught by Philip Syng Physick and William Edmonds Horner.

1675. 1820. Texts read by each College class under the Plan of 1811 and under the “new plan.”