Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Documents Number 2010 - 2025


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2010. December, 1763. ADS. Survey. Archibald McClean, Surveyor. To the Trustees. “Draught and Division of the Part of the Proprietaries Mannor of Perkasie... Resurveyed and divided in April, June, and December 1763.” Shows names and property lines of tenants, with pictorial detail (houses, barns, etc.)

2011. November, 1791. Plan of lots in the Town of Norris in Montgomery County, with streets named and lots numbered.

2012. 1800. Architectural plan of the second floor of the Univ. building on Ninth Street, the so-called “President’s House.”

2013. April 22, 1805. Elevation, longitudinal view, and floor plans for a proposed (rejected) plan for Medical Hall. Watercolor. Stephen Bourne. (View facsimile)

2014. October 7, 1812. Plat. “Draught or Plan of the Division of the Lands held by Jacob Wambold and Jacob Trumbour in Tenancy under the Trustees.. ..” Surveyed by Cadwalader Foulke. Shows names and property lines of tenants, with pictorial detail.

2015. (1817). Proposed plan of Greenhouse, Engine House, etc. on Ninth Street just south of the Univ. Watercolored. William Strickland, Architect.

2016. n.d. (early nineteenth century). Plat. “Proposed division of University property on Ninth Street between High (Market) and Chestnut Streets.”

2017. n.d. (early nineteenth century). Plat. “Plan of the lots of the University on Ninth Street between Chestnut and Market Streets.” Portions watercolored.

2018. n.d. (early nineteenth century). Plat of land at Ninth and Market Streets showing location of Medical hall, carriage shed, privies.

2018a. n.d. (ca. 1812). “Plat of Back Lott belonging to the Trustees of the University.” Proposal of alleys, etc. to accommodate five houses.

2019. n.d. (early nineteenth century). Watercolored plan of major alteration and reconstruction of the medical annex on Ninth Street showing longitudinal view and floor plan. William Strickland, Architect.

2020. n.d. (early nineteenth century). “Extracts from Mr. Strickland’s proposed Erections of Builds. at the old academy in Fourth Street.”

2021. n.d. (early nineteenth century). Plan of lots sold on west side of Fourth Street south of Arch Street. Fragment of separate page listing lot dimensions attached.

2022. n.d. (early nineteenth century). Proposed plan of lots and buildings at corner of Fourth and Arch Streets. Shows apportionment of Academy building into Grammar School and Charity School.

2023. n.d. (early nineteenth century). “Plan of Estate in Fourth Street” including location of pump, shed, and privy. Portions watercolored.

2024. n.d. (early nineteenth century). “Plan of Fourth Street Estate” including location of court and alley.

2025. n.d. Appended is a “mem of plan of College” listing deficiencies of the so-called “President’s House” on Ninth Street. (early nineteenth century).