Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
Y - Z, no name (Documents Numbers 1068b - 1105a)

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1068b. YEATES, JASPER. September 17, 1786, Lancaster, Pa. Samuel Postlethwaite. Proposes to recipient and Thomas Duncan arrangements for sale of mill and lands of Mr. Callender.

1069. n.n. [ca. 1734]. Memorandum. “A Dream or Vision of a Person at Swansy [Swansea, Mass.] in New England the 21st of the 11mo 1734.”

1070. n.n. September 22 and 28, 1759, Phila. Address. “Epistola Catus Anniversarii.” An address in Latin on political and religious subjects.

1071. n.n. November 27, 1779-September 30, 1791. Memorandum. Extracts from Acts of Assembly.

1072. n.n. April 1, 1780. Memorandum. “Adjustment of Cash with R[obert] Davidson.”

1073. n.n. 1787-February 27, 1800. Account of payments for Norristown lots.

1074. n.n. n.d. (1795?). Account. A measurement of painting and glazing done by John Ross at John Ewing’s house at Mulberry and Fourth Streets.

1075. n.n. n.d. (1795-1800?). Seth Chapman. Memorandum. Account of money received for sale of lots at Norristown.

1076. n.n. [ca. 1798]. Calligraphic exercises (4 pieces) “Imminent” “Imminent” “Brimmerhill” and “Humility.”

1077. n.n. February 24, 1800. DS. “Sales of Lots on Norristown belonging to the University of Pennsylvania held at Norristown Monday the 24th of February 1800 on the following Conditions ... .” List of prices with signatures of purchasers.

1078. n.n. [ca. 1800]. “Account of 63 lots of Ground sold at Norristown.” Names of purchasers, prices, and amounts due.

1079. n.n. n.d. [ca. 1800]. “Sales of Norristown Lots.” Names of purchasers, prices, and amounts due.

1080. n.n. n.d. (ca. 1800?). Unsigned indenture. Conditions of release of Perkasie property according to John Penn.

1080a. n.n. n.d. [1801]. Memorandum. Abstract of brief of title of Market Street lot acquired by University, 1682-1801.

1080b. n.n. n.d. (ca. 1810?). Memorandum. “List of Desperate Debts.” Alphabetical list of debtors with amounts owed, in sterling. May not relate to Univ.

1081. n.n. December 20, 1813, Bucks County. William Tilghman. Letter. Ruin of property, destruction of timber, burning of coal, squatters on Academy property.

1082. n.n. November 7, 1815. Memorandum. Motion to form a committee to supervise the establishment of a Botanical Garden.

1083. n.n. February 8, 1816. [John Penn]. Letter. Extract of letter [to John Penn]: unprofitable rents from Perkasie Land. Interest in selling property, provision for continuing sponsorship of two boys as specified in original agreement.

1084. n.n. n.d. (1816), Phila. ADS. Bill for equipment signed by Caspar Wistar and Robert Brockleburst.

1085. n.n. n.d. (1816?), Bucks County, Pa. Memorandum (2). Exceptions, case of Trustees vs. Souder, and opinion of the court affirming judgment against tenant Abraham Souder for damage to property in Perkasie holdings.

1086. n.n. July 14, 1817, Phila. Univ. Memorandum. Bill for wood, cartage, and sawing.

1087. n.n. September 3, 1817. Memorandum. Past rental agreements, Perkasie farms.

1088. n.n. 1817, Phila. Trustees. Receipt of payment for wood and cartage.

1089. n.n. n.d. (ca. 1817). Notebook of expenses of the Botanic Garden.

1090. n.n. n.d. (1817?). Memorandum. References to points of law intended to disprove the necessity of Penn’s consent regarding the Perkasie deed.

1091. n.n. n.d. [ca. 1817-1818]. Memorandum. Draft of IX-108 and additional agreement regarding Joseph Barnes and Perkasie Manor.

1092. n.n. n.d. [ca. 1817-1818]. Memorandum. Policy for the certification of securities related to the sale of Perkasie Manor farms by Joseph Barnes.

1093. n.n. n.d. [ca. 1817-1818]. Release of Joseph Barnes and Abraham Winhold from mortgage and bonds.

1093a. n.n. January 15, 1818, Univ. Memorandum. Various students’ accounts of the quarrel and reconciliation between students James Dixon and Ellis Lewis, given at the University investigation of the affair.

1094. n.n. March, 1818. ADS. Minutes of conversations with H[enry] Rosenberger, apparently regarding land in Perkasie Manor.

1095. n.n. November 21, 1818. Memorandum. Notes on a conversation with Nathaniel Chapman regarding remedies for a declining enrollment.

1096. n.n. [1818]. Memorandum (2). Abstract of bills for carpenters, work. Also abstract of payments.

1096a. n.n. [1818], Phila. Memorandum. Call for an investigation of [Ellis Lewis?] disruptive behavior, causing his possible dismissal from the University.

1097. n.n. n.d. (1818?). Surveyor’s draft of land in Perkasie Manor.

1098. n.n. September 9, 1819. Memorandum. Joseph Barnes’ securities for purchase of Perkasie Manor.

1099. n.n. September 17, 1819. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Bill for sweeping chimneys, cleaning stove pipes and entrances, and wheeling and piling wood.

1100. n.n. December 28, 1819. Rough draft of tracts of land in Rockhill Township (Perkasie property) conveyed by Joseph Barnes and wife to James S. Spencer.

1101. n.n. n.d. [April 6, 1819]. Trustees. Memorandum. Resolution that Botanical Committee consider the disposing of property in Penn Township for the purpose of a Botanical Garden.

1102. n.n. n.d. [1819]. Memorandum. Estate sold to C. W. Loudenslager. Back endorsed “Botanic Garden.”

1103. n.n. December 27, 1820. John Redman Coxe. Memorandum. Request to be allowed to renew lecture tickets.

1103a. n.n. n.d. (ca. 1820?). Drafts of essays or sermons on George Washington, slavery, mathematics, ridicule, law and learning, in English and Latin. Attached is a scrap of paper marked “Thos Jefferson March 15th 1820 (?) ... to the late Dr. ...”

1103b. n.n. n.d. [1820?]. Memorandum. Courses and reading in Freshman, Junior and Senior classes in 1811 and 1820.

1103c. n.n., n.d. [ca. 1825]. Memorandum. “Dr. [Samuel Brown] Wylie’s Hints on Grammar School,” “Classical Books Studies Dr. Wylie,” “Faculty ... Views relative to ... the Grammar School.”

1104. n.n. n.d. Trustees. Memorandum. Suggestion that a memorial be left with the janitor to facilitate collecting the signatures of absent students.

1105. n.n. n.d. Notebook. “Perkasie Manor.” Manuscript record of grant from Thomas Penn, Board resolutions to sell property, account of tenants, Penn letters, and other pertinent documents.

1105a. n.n. n.d. Memorandum. “Further alterations in the Statutes.” Recitations and exhibitions.