Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
W (Documents Numbers 1007 - 1068a)

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1007. WALLACE, JOHN B. December 2, 1800, Burlington, N.J. Trustees. ALS. Character reference for Mr. [George] Green.

1008. WALSH, ROBERT, JR. February 6, 1819. Edward Fox, Secretary of Trustees. ALS. Accepting appointment to the Chair of General Literature.

1009. WARNER (?), JACOB. October 20, 1817. Frederic Beasley. ADS. Receipt of payment for locksmith work done on Beasley’s house; endorsed by Beasley.

1010. WARNOCK , JOSEPH. September 10-November 1, 1818. ADS. BILL for nails.

1011. WATSON, G[EORGE]. December 9, 1818, Richmond, Va. Trustees. ALS. Application for the professorship of Anatomy.

1011a. WAYNE, ANTHONY. n.d. Col. Butler. ANS.

1012. WELLBERD, A. October 18, 1818, “Salem.” Dr. Harrison Hall. ALS. His nine weeks’ journey to settle difficulties concerning his western landed interests; apology for not visiting Hall. Mentions friends Reverend Samuel Cass and Mr. Ben Fields.

1013. WELLS, EDWARD. January 19, 1793. Caspar Wistar. Receipted bill for setting a stove at the laboratory in Fifth Street.

1014. WELLS, RICHARD. June 29, 1789, Phila. Trustees. ADS. Copy of decree of the Supreme Court of Pa. State of ground rent due from the Univ. to Richard Wells from the estate of Jonathan and Susanna Adams.

1015. [WELLS, RICHARD]. (1789?). Edward Fox. Letter. Copy of letter regarding arrearages in ground rent on a lot in Race Street, forfeited from the estate of Jonathan Adams.

1015a. WEST, BENJAMIN. August 19, 1812. Mr. Sealy. ANS

1016. WESTER, HENRY and RUTH. March 7, 1800, Phila. James Cummings. DS. Indenture for a house and lot on Carpenter Street between Delaware, Third Street and Passyunk Road in Southwark for a yearly rent of forty Spanish milled silver dollars. Witnessed by John Ross, Jr. and Christopher Smith.

1017. WETHERILL & TRUMAN. October 1, 1792. Caspar Wistar and William Shippen. Receipted bill for wood used in the alteration of the laboratory by Silas Engles.

1018. WHITE, JOSIAH. June 30, 1817, Phila. Thomas Bradford, President of the Charity School Association. ALS. Resignation from the Society for the Establishment and support of Charity Schools in the City of Phila.

1018a. WHITE, WILLIAM, SAMUEL MAGAW and JOHN ANDREWS. July 14, 1787. Fragment of PDS.

1019. WHITE, RIGHT REVEREND WILLIAM. August 7, 1798. Edward Fox, for the Trustees. Letter. Enclosing papers of candidates for master of the Free School. Conversation of Dr. [Ashbel ?] Green in support of Jacob Auld, papers in favor of Andrew Montgomery left by John Ormond, testimonials in favor of Mr. Harvey by Caleb Lownes, James Traquair and John Miller.

1020. [WHITE, RIGHT REVEREND WILLIAM]. n.d. (ca. 1802). AD. Conditions of a quorum and the ratification of motions.

1021. [WHITE, RIGHT REVEREND WILLIAM]. November 5, 1811. Memorandum. Resolution to thank Mr. Hilyard for the gift of Griesbach’s Greek Testament edited by Wells and Hilyard of Cambridge, Mass.

1022. WHITE, RIGHT REVEREND WILLIAM, ROBERT BLACKWELL, and THOMAS McKEAN. March 6, 1812. Edward Fox. ADS. Requesting that a meeting of the Trustees be called.

1023. WHITE, RIGHT REVEREND WILLIAM, and WILLIAM MEREDITH. October 18, 1811, Univ. Trustees. ADS. Committee report: Appointment of Benjamin Allen as Master of the Grammar School.

1023a. WHITE, WILLIAM and JASPER YEATES. December 11, 1811, Phila. William Moore Smith. ALS. Claims of recipient’s penniless sister to property under will of their father presented by her Trustees who urge cooperation of Smith with land conveyances.

1024. WHITEHEAD, JAMES and MARY, his wife. April 24, 1753, Phila. David James Dove. DS. Indenture for lot south of Mulberry and west of Fourth Street for £60 currency. Witnessed by James Slade (?) and Jonathan Reily.

1025. WILCOCKS, ALEXANDER and GEORGE CLYMER. August 13, 1791, Phila. ADS. Committee report to the College recommending the union of the College and the University. Response to extract of minutes of January 14, 1791.

1025a. WILLETT, JOHN. March 3, 1788, London. PDS. Bill of loading of goods consigned to Andrew Clow of Phila. on ship Harmony, of which Willett was master.

1026. WILLIAMS, EDMOND. October 9, 1753. DS. Copy of the will or portion of the will of Edmond Williams bequeathing houses in Phila. to his cousins Ann and Thomas Williams.

1027. WILLIAMS, JAMES. March 20, 1817, Phila. William Meredith. ALS. Endorsing a copy of a letter from Thomas Compton offering to sell Mantua property for $15,000.

1028. WILLIAMS, ROBERT. February 3, 1818, Raleigh, N.C. The Reverend President and Faculty of the Univ. of Pa. ALS. Enclosing a catalogue of the Univ. of North Carolina and soliciting a copy of the catalogue of the Univ. of Pa.

1029. WILLIAMS, SAMUEL H. October 7, 1817. Thomas J. Bradford. ALS. Resignation from the Charity School Society.

1029a. WILLIAMSON, HUGH. February 13, 1791, Phila. James McEvers. ALS. Has not had letters from his various children at Bloomingdale and wants news of them. Together with cut signature from another document, “Hu Williamson Corresponding Secy.”

1030. WILLING, THOMAS, THOMAS MIFFLIN, JOHN CADWALADER, ROBERT MORRIS, JOHN REDMAN, SAMUEL POWEL, JAMES WILSON, GEORGE CLYMER, ALEXANDER WILCOCKS and WILLIAM WHITE. 1780 (?). The Council of Censors. ADS. “The Memorial of the Subscribers” of the College, Academy and Charitable School of Phila. A complaint about the disfranchisement of original trustees, policy for reappointment under the new charter.

1031. WILLING, THOMAS M[AYNE]. September 25, 1807, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Resigning as a Trustee.

1032. WILLSON, J. N. March 2, 1818. William Rawle. ALS. Testimonial for, Charles Caldwell for the Chair of Materia Medica; hopes that Rawle’s son will receive the honors of his class.

1033. WILSON, ALEXANDER. June 2-June 18, 1817. William Rawle. DS. Receipted bill for carpentry work at the Botanic Garden.

1034. WILSON, ALEXANDER. July 9, 1817. William Rawle. Receipt of payment for carpentry work on Botanic Garden, May 28-June 12, 1817. With pay order from William Rawle to Edward Fox, July 9, 1817.

1035. WILSON, JAMES. [179-]. Memorandum. Schedule for weekly rotation of Provost, Vice-Provost, and Professor of Languages endorsed “Dr. Wilsons plan.”

1035a. WILSON, JANES. 1795. PDS. Signature on lower half of mutilated legal document. William Parker and Ellis Minshall, witnesses.

1036. [WILSON, JAMES PATRIOT]. May 2, 1815. Memorandum. Resolution to repair room used by Professors Benjamin Barton and Nathaniel Chapman for the use of the Grammar School. Resolution to allow Francis Varin to teach French and German.

1037. [WILSON, JAMES PATRIOT]. February 4, 1817. AD. Resolution endorsing students’ use of Greek grammars written in Latin, preferably the grammar published by James Ross. Not signed.

1038. WILTBANK, JAMES. June 17, 1817, Univ. Grammar School. Trustees. ALS. Defense of his competence; considers his reputation to have been proven by over three years’ past performance.

1039. WILTBANK, JAMES. October 7, 1817. Trustees. ALS. Need to replace Mr. Slack in the English department; suggests charging equal tuition in the English and Latin departments to regulate attendance.

1040. WILTBANK, JAMES. May 5, 1818, Grammar School. Trustees. ALS. Informing them of his selection of Benjamin B. Hopkins as a teacher of the English language in the Grammar School.

1041. WILTBANK, JAMES. January 5, 1819, Grammar School. Trustees. ALS. Requests raise in tuition, release from ground rent.

1042. WILTBANK, JAMES. June 1, 1819, Univ. Grammar School. Trustees. Proposing to offer the room in the Grammar School formerly occupied by the English teacher to Mr. McGenis to teach reading and elocution.

1043. WILTBANK, JAMES. February 1, 1820, Univ. Grammar School. Trustees. ALS. Requests being “placed upon a footing with his predecessor, in regard to a house.”

1044. WILTBANK, JAMES and JOSEPH ENGLES. March 7, 1815. Univ. Trustees. ALS. Hiring William Engles as an usher and Francis Varin to teach German and French in the Grammar School.

1045. WILTBANK, JAMES and JOSEPH ENGLES. May 13, 1816, Univ. Faculty and Committee of Examination of the Students. ALS. Report of top-ranking pupils in the classes.

1046. [WILTBANK, JAMES] and [JOSEPH] ENGLES. September 19, 1816, Univ. Grammar School. Trustees. Letter. Proposing that additional subjects be taught in the Grammar School, and an additional tutor be hired. Approved by Frederic Beasley, James P. Wilson, Joseph Borden McKean, and William White.

1046a. WINDER, WILLIAM HENRY. May 3, 1818, Baltimore, Md. President of the U.S. ALS. Has received unsolicited appointment from Supreme Director of United Provinces of South America as agent of that government in U.S.; seeks President James Monroe’s views on propriety of acceptance.

1047. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). August 5, 1795. [John] Bleakley. ALS. Circumstances preceding Wistar’s request for reimbursement for the cost of alterations to the new Anatomical Theatre.

1048. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). [August 5, 1795]. AD. An itemized account of funds spent on improvements to the Anatomical Theatre.

1049. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). 1801. Edward Fox. ADS. A list of ten candidates eligible to receive Medical diplomas at the next commencement; the date of commencement.

1050. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). April 10, 1801. Trustees. ALS. As Dean of the Medical Faculty, requests postponement of Commencement so that students may complete experiments for their theses.

1051. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). April 1, 1806. President of the Board of Trustees. Letter. As Dean of the Medical Faculty, sets date for the examination of Medical candidates.

1052. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). January 3, 1809. Edward Fox. AD. Matriculation receipts received of Dr. [John Syng] Dorsey; three duplicates issued to Edward Donoho, John Walke, and John H[uston] Gordon.

1053. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). January 3, 1809. Trustees. ALS. Professorships of Midwifery and Anatomy should be separated.

1054. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). May 1, 1811. William Tilghman. ALS. Request that [Elias W. Napier] be reexamined for a Medical degree; the belief of a number of graduates and students that he failed the first examination through misconstruing a word.

1055. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). May 10, 1811. [William] Tilghman. ALS. Circumstances of the examination of Elias W. Napier of Tennessee for a Medical degree.

1056. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). October 1, 1816. Trustees. ALS. As Dean of the Medical Faculty suggests improvements or additional space required by the Medical Faculty for their rooms in the Hall.

1057. [WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.)]. October 2, 1816. Letter. Draft copy of a letter written as Dean of the Medical Faculty complaining about the present arrangement of the Medical Hall, and requesting its alteration or a return to the former room used by the Medical Faculty.

1058. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.). May 9, 1817. Nathaniel Chapman and John Redman Coxe. ALS. Suggested specifications for Medical Amphitheatre.

1059. WISTAR, CASPAR, (JR.), the Family of. May 4, 1818. Trustees. Memorandum. Donation of the late Caspar Wistar’s Anatomical Museum to the Medical School. Attached is a Trustees’ resolution appointing a committee to thank Mrs. Wistar.

1060. WOOD, JOSIAH. June 6, 1783, Norriton, Pa. Trustees. Petition. Disposition of Stoney Creek Dam in Norriton, proposing that Josiah Wood repair and maintain the dam if the Univ. allow him water rights.

1061. WOODHOUSE, JAMES. March 2, 1802, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Degree examination for medical candidates; requests leave of absence from Commencement due to planned voyage to London to collect fossils and information relating to the arts.

1062. WOODHOUSE, JAMES. April 2, 1804, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Dates for Medical examinations.

1063. WOODHOUSE, JAMES. March 25, 1805, Phila. Professor [Benjamin] Silliman. ALS. Letter of introduction for Thomas Turpin.

1064. [WOODHOUSE, JAMES]. 1805. The Reverend John Andrews. Memorandum. Candidates for degrees in medicine.

1065. WOODHOUSE, JAMES. April 7, 1807, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Medical examination and the Commencement date.

1066. WOODHOUSE, JAMES. November 2, 1807, Phila. Trustees. ALS. For the Medical Faculty, suggestion that two courses of lectures from each professor be required for a Medical degree.

1067. WORTH, JAMES. December 11, 1817. Thomas Bradford, President of the Phila. Society for the Establishment and Support of Charity Schools. ADS. Resignation from the Phila. Society for the Establishment and Support of Charity Schools.

1068. “W. K.” May 10, 1817. S. Sitgreaves. Letter. A brief history of the Perkasie Manor title.

1068a. “W., J. P.” n.d., Phila. Memorandum. Entrance requirements for sophomore class; courses of study; class recitation schedule.