Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
T - V (Documents Numbers 986 -1006 )

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986. TAGERT, JOSEPH and JOHN CONARD. September 2, 1819, Phila. ADS. Certify to the financial reliability of Conrad Carpenter and Casper Heft.

986a. TAYLOR, Isaac. [1818], Phila. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Account of the first quarrel between students Ellis Lewis and James Dixon.

987. TAYLOR, JAMES. November 5, 1799, Phila. Trustees. ALS. On behalf of Unitarian Christians in the city, requesting the use of a schoolroom on Sunday mornings.

988. TAYLOR, LEWIS & SON. May 12, 1819, Phila. Dr. [John Redman] Coxe. ADS. Bill signed as receipt for one trunk.

989. TAYLOR, ROBERT. October 24, 1792. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for lime for the Anatomical Hall.

990. TENNENT, JOHN VAN BRUGH. March 6, 1765, London. Sir Alexander Dick. ALS. State of medicine in France, seeds from America promised Sir Alexander.

991. TENNENT, JOHN VAN BRUGH. May 7, 1765, London. Sir Alexander Dick. ALS. His thesis on inoculation and accounts of the success of inoculation obtained since then, court intelligence about the regency, Mr. Sergent expected home from France.

992. TENNENT, JOHN VAN BRUGH. February 2, 1766, New York. Sir Alexander Dick. ALS. Resistance of New Yorkers to the stamp tax, necessity of resisting with force if petitions fail, a western walnut, success of smallpox inoculation.

992a. THOMAS, George. December 23, 1742. William Parsons, Surveyor General. DS. Warrant from Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and Counties on Delaware for Survey of land in New Castle County to Alexander Porter. Paper provincial seal.

993. THOMAS, NICHOLAS (his mark). October 9, 1818, Phila. William Dick. DS. Bill for wood and for cleaning the cellar. Endorsed as receipt, with penciled notation of William Dick to John Redman Coxe attesting to its accuracy.

994. THOMSON, JAMES G. February 17, 1810. John F[ishbourne] Mifflin. ALS. Arrangements and terms for writing instruction.

995. THOMSON, JAMES G. December 4, 1810. Trustees. ALS. Accepting the appointment [to teach Greek and Latin languages].

995a. TILGHMAN, TENCH, and THOMAS R. TILGHMAN. November 26, 1785, Baltimore, Md. PDS. Bond for £108 on merchandise exported in ship Hanover. Robert Denny, witness.

995b. TILGHMAN, WILLIAM. July 9, 1802. James Greenleaf. ALS. Wants left with Mr. Wilson list of lessees of writer’s lots and terms thereof.

995c. TILGHMAN, WILLIAM. June 18, 1817, Sunbury, Pa. PDS. Writ, suit in court of Mifflin County of James Semple vs. administrators of John Sterrett, deceased. Witnessed by John L. Finney, Prothonotary.

995d. TILGHMAN, TENCH. February 9, 1780. Robert Morris. ALS.

996. TILGHMAN, WILLIAM. March 29, 1818, Chestnut Street. Perkasie Committee. ALS. Denies having promised compensation for improvements during a visit to Perkasie in 1805, or at the time for releasing the property.

997. TOMKINS, THOMAS. October 2, 1807. Thomas Bradford, President of the Charity School Society. ADS. His resignation as a subscriber to the Charity School.

998. TOMLINSON, RICHARD and JOHN SILVER. March 2, 1819, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the use of the Academy building for religious services.

999. TORREY, J[OHN]. May 23, 1817, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. Proposal to establish a medicinal farm, a specimen garden, a warehouse of dried medicinal plants, and a laboratory at the Botanic Garden.

1000. TRAQUAIR, JAMES AND JOHN MILLER. July 30, 1790, [Phila.]. ALS. Character reference for St. John Harvey.

1001. TRIMNUS, C. April 28, 1817. Adam Ressinger. ADS. Receipt of $12.42 paid on land he now occupies, assessed the Univ. in the East Northern Liberties for the 1816 County and Poor Tax.

1002. THE UNION. April 9, 1818-September 4, 1819. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Bill for advertising Commencement, lectures.

1003. THE UNION, UNITED STATES GAZETTE and TRUE AMERICAN. April 8, 1819, Phila. Memorandum. Bill for advertising commencement and medical lectures. Endorsed as paid.

1004. VANDERSLICE, ANTHONY. May 14, 1795, Phila. [Reverend] John Ewing. ADS. Bill for repairing the house at the corner of Fourth and Arch Streets, including roof repairs and removing the old stable and fence. Endorsed by Vanderslice as paid in full.

1004a. VAN DYKE, NICHOLAS. May Term 1802, New Castle County, Del. PDS. Presentation as Attorney General of Abraham Guest, house carpenter, for assault and battery on Jesse Richards.

1005. VARIN, FRANCIS. April 30, 1814, Phila. Trustees. LS. Requests permission to give German lessons in the Academy. Autograph endorsements by subscribers including Jacob Idler, Timothy Banger, William McCulloch, Justus, Henry C. Helmuth, Frederick D. Schaeffer, Samuel Helffenstein, John Geyer, Andrew Geyer, J. L. Fernagus, C. Hommann, James Ross, C. L. Mannhardt, Samuel Coates.

1005a. VICKROY, Thomas. September 27, 1806. Notebook. “Entries of Doctor Smith’s Warrants copied for Richard Smith Esqr.” Details of land purchases in Bedford County and elsewhere in interior of Pennsylvania by Rev. William Smith, D.D. and members of his family, 1791-1794. Covered in contemporary wallpaper.

1006. VIGERA, Johann Frederick (translator). 1752. Memorandum. “Observations for the Explication of the foregoing Accounts.” Translation of selected sections of Kurtzer Bericht von der gegenwärtigen Verfassung des Paedogogii Regii zu Glauche vor Halle of the Franckesche Stiftungen in Halle an der Saale, Saxony, a copy of which was given to the Trustees by Friedrich Michael Ziegenhagen through George Whitfield and Benjamin Franklin. The Trustees paid for translation in 1752.