Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
S (Documents Numbers 905 - 985)

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905. SALGAND, EDWARD and GEORGE IRWIN. March 27, 1815. Dennis Dering. Memorandum. Note promising to pay $100 twelve months from this date. Witnessed by John Fishley.

906. SANSOM, WILLIAM. December 1, 1797, Phila. David Jackson and Edward Burd. ALS. Reciprocal property improvements suggested for land adjoining west front of the school.

907. SANSOM, WILLIAM. December 1, 1797, Phila. David Jackson. ALS. Propositions enclosed prior to Board discussion of property improvement.

908. SANSOM, WILLIAM. May 6, 1799, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Notice of willingness to pay $3,000 to extinguish ground rents on his property held by Univ.

909. SCHMUCKER, SAMUEL SIMON. [1819?]. Trustees. ALS. Requests to be considered for a diploma.

909a. SCOTT, U. October 30, 1809, Annapolis, Md. John McDowell. ALS. Congratulates Provost on improved health after visits to watering places; diagnoses and treatments of diseases; plants offered for sale by Mr. [William] Hamilton of The Woodlands.

910. SENGENHEISSEN, LUDWICK and ELIZABETH. November 6, 1770, Phila. Trustees. DS. Mortgage for land between Sassafras (or Race) and Cherry Streets. Witnessed by Nathan Jones and George Isherwood.

911. SEWALL, THOMAS. December 22, 1820, Washington City. William Gibson. ALS. Application in behalf of James S. Smith, Congressman from North Carolina, for a medical degree.

911a. SEYBERT, Adam. August 1, 1818, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Recommends Dr. [Robert Maskell] Patterson for Chair of Chemistry.

912. SHANNON, ROBERT. February 28, 1785, Montgomery County, Pa. Trustees. PDS. Indenture for land in Norriton. Signed by Robert Shannon and George Bryan. Witnessed by Joseph Wright and Ellen Matlack, Frederick Augustus Muhlenburg, Montgomery County Recorder.

912a. SHARP, William McDowell. [1818], Phila. Medical Faculty. Memorandum Circumstances of quarrel between students Ellis Lewis and James Dixon.

913. SHEE, CECELIA (PARKE). September 3, 1775, Phila. Major John Parke. ALS. Remarks on brother’s new post, warnings about a servant to be employed as clerk, and news of friends. With cover.

914. SHEE, CECELIA (PARKE). December 12, 1775. Major John Parke. ALS. Writes to brother of her plans to give up the store and house, due to “the badness of the times,” and move to Dover; news of friends. With a note of greeting from Bertles Shee.

915. SHELDON, W. August 25, 1810, Worcester, Mass. William Tilghman, Chief Justice of Pa. ALS. Application for the position of Provost of the Univ.

916. SHELDON, W. September 27, 1810, Worcester, Mass. William Tilghman, Chief Justice of Pa. ALS. Testimonials enclosed supporting his application for the position of Provost; his life and education, present employment as the editor of the Massachusetts Spy; and Unitarian religious sentiments.

917. SHELDON, W. October 19, 1810, Worcester, Mass. William Tilghman. ALS. A summary of his background and qualifications for the position of Provost; the death of his wife.

918. SHELDON, W. October 30, 1810, Worcester, Mass. Edward Fox. ALS. Requesting the return of testimonials in his favor should he fail to obtain the office of Provost.

919. SHEPPARD, GEORGE. January 2, 1769. Joseph Stiles. Tuition receipt for son George; received by Abraham Kite.

920. SHIPPEN, W[ILLIAM]. March 1 and 19, 1792. Trustees. ALS. Letter with “Rules Respecting a medical Education, and the conferring of Degrees in Medicine.”

921. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM. April 4, 1802, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Request for a postponement of the Medical Commencement date.

921a. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM, JR. October 5, 1792. Trustees. ALS. Medical Faculty recommend purchase of anatomical preparations of late Dr. [Abraham] Chovet.

921b. SHIPPEN, WILLIAM, JR. July 12, 1780. Rev. William White. ANS. Receipted bill for medical attendance upon Mrs. White in 1776.

922. SHOEMAKER, E[DWARD]. [January 1817]. ADS. Statement of occurrences which occasioned the suspension of Hammond Shoemaker and Charles Shoemaker as related by them.

923. SHOEMAKER, EDWARD. February 4, 1817. Trustees. ALS. Criticism of the conduct of Joseph Engles and his expulsion of Shoemaker’s sons.

924. SHUFFLEBOTTOM, WILLIAM. July 7, 1812, Phila. President of the Board of Trustees. ALS. Arrangement for the use of the Independent Tabernacle by the University for the Commencement ceremonies. A subscription list for aid enclosed.

925. SHUFFLEBOTTOM, WILLIAM, JOHN LORAIN, JR., WILLIAM SHEEPSHANKS, and WILLIAM TAYLOR, JR. August 27, 1804, 28 North Front Street, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting use of the upper room in the Fourth Street building for the preaching of the Reverend John Hey, late of Bristol, England.

926. SIDLEMAN, JOHN & McCONNEL. July 10, 1794, Phila. [Rev.] John Ewing. DS. Bill for chimney work and materials. Signed as receipt by Richard Pollard for John Sidleman, July 1, 1794.

927. SILLIMAN, BENJAMIN. June 15, 1809, New Haven, Conn. Enos Bronson. ALS. Recommendation of Robert Hare, Jr. as “one of the fairest hopes of the science of this country.”

928. SILLIMAN, BENJAMIN. June 22, 1818, New Haven, Conn. To whom it may concern. ADS. Testimonial for Dr. Robert Hare.

929. SIMMONS, E. August 3-November 2, 1818. John Syng Dorsey. ADS. Bill for boards.

930. SIMMONS, E. September 10-October 31, 1818. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for boards.

931. SKERRETT, JOSEPH. November 5, 1792. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for a stove pipe, staples, and wire.

931a. SMITH, Anthony W. [1818], Phila. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Account of the classroom quarrel between Ellis Lewis, James Dixon and James Ramsay.

932. SMITH, GEORGE. June 2, 1801. Trustees. Letter. Stating his terms for adding the care of the new building in Ninth Street to his janitorship.

933. SMITH, GEORGE. December 1, 1801, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting a higher salary to compensate for his attendance at both houses.

934. SMITH, GEORGE. August 3, 1802. Trustees. ALS. Request for an increase in salary for janitorial services.

934a. SMITH, JAMES. March 26, 1793. A. J. Dallas. ALS. Note: This is James Smith, Signer of the Declaration of Independence who is not J. S., Academy 1752.

935. SMITH, J., Deputy Registrar. October 23, 1812. ADS. Extract from the will of Thomas Coats dated October 2, 1719 bequeathing ground rents in the city of Phila. to his daughter, Sarah Coats.

936. SMITH, JOHN. July 15, 1800. Trustees. ADS. Bill for taking care of the President’s House at Ninth Street.

937. SMITH, JOHN. [1819]. Dr. [John Redman] Coxe, for the Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Bill for green mareen.

938. SMITH, J[OHN] AUG[USTINE]. May 20, 1818, William and Mary College. Robert Hare. ALS. Testimonial concerning Hare’s ability in Chemistry.

938a. SMITH, THOMAS. June 22, 1797, Phila. Jasper Yeates. ALS. Highly amusing, tongue-in-cheek letter to a close friend with much local and personal news and details of legal cases familiar to both. Mentions Mr. Biddle, “Paddy” Kittera, John Mifflin, David Harland, George Bertsh, Mr. Ross, Mr. Shippen and others.

939. SMITH, THOMAS. August 25, 1800, Phila. Hon. Jasper Yeates. ALS. Justice of Pennsylvania Supreme Court writes of absence of yellow fever in Phila. He expects to see Yeates (at whose home in Lancaster writer’s daughter is visiting) at “rising of the court.” His wife has given their new son “a great name,” George Washington.

940. SMITH, THOMAS. January 1, 1817, 202 Chestnut Street, Phila. President and Managers of the Phila. Society for the establishment and Support of Charity Schools. ALS. Resignation from the Phila. Society for the establishment and Support of Charity Schools.

940a. SMITH, WILLIAM. 1773(?). Memorandum. “Rules concerning the General Government of all the Schools,” enacted May 9, 1769, July 18, 1769 and May 25, 1773. (mutilated).

941. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. June 21, 1768, Phila. AD. Text in Latin and English of an exhortation delivered to the first Medical Commencement.

942. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. 1780. Trustees. ALS. Requests determination of his account, settlement of related matters upon leaving the Univ.

943. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. [ca. 1789-1790]. Daniel Clymer. AL. Unjust seizure of College by State Legislature, misuse of appropriated funds. (Confidential.)

944. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. June 7, 1790, College of Phila. President and Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pa. ALS. Invitation to attend the Medical Commencement.

945. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. [1791]. “Rules for the good government & discipline of the students & schools in the University of Pennsylvania.”

946. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. April 16, 1792. Right Reverend William White, for the Trustees. ALS. His employment since the Act of Union, position of his students, library and philosophical apparatus under his care.

947. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. April 26, 1792, Phila. Robert Hare, Samuel Miles, and Jonathan Bayard Smith. ALS. Memorial to the Trustees outlining claims against the Univ. (Writer’s retained full copy; see next).

948. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. April 26, 1792, Phila. Robert Hare, Samuel Miles and Jonathan Bayard Smith. ALS. Memorial to the Trustees outlining claims against the Univ.

949. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. January 1, 1793. Trustees. ALS. Payment of his back salary, annuity, and the disposition of the house in which he lives.

950. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. March 5, 1793. Trustees. Letter. Monies in arrears due him from the Univ.; terms of his departure.

951. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. April 2, 1793, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting payment of money due him.

952. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. April 30, 1793, Phila. Edward Fox, Treasurer of the Univ. ALS. Rent he allegedly owes the Univ. Accusation of nepotism in providing housing for Fox’s brother-in-law Dr. [John] Ewing and Ewing’s daughter, rather than for Dr. Samuel Magaw and himself.

953. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. December 3, 1793. Trustees. ALS. Arrears due him by the Univ.

954. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. April 1, 1794. Trustees. ALS. Meeting date for the Board to consider his case; the advancement of last year’s annuity; funds spent on the orrery.

955. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. April 25, 1794. ADS. Recitation of cash paid to David Rittenhouse and others for the orrery in 1771.

956. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. January 26, 1795. Trustees. ALS. Arrears due him from the Univ.

957. [SMITH, THE REVEREND WILLIAM]. October 6, 1795, [William White ?]. Memorandum. Request for writer’s annuity to be paid half yearly rather than quarterly.

958. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. November 14, 1795, Phila. William Anderson. PDS. Indenture for property in Huntingdon, Pa. Transfer of lease to John Simpson. Witnessed by John Blair, R. Allison.

959. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. March 3, 1800. William Rawle and Thomas FitzSimons. ALS. Conditions of the original grant of Perkasie Manor, 1791 grant to sell the Manor. Smith willing to back new application.

960. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM. March 4, 1800, Falls of Schuylkill, Phila. William Rawle and Benjamin Rawle Morgan. ALS. Will forward documents regarding Norriston (sic) terms of sale.

961. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM, FRANCIS ALISON, EBENEZER KINNERSLEY, and THEOPHILUS GREW. February 20, 1756, College of Phila. Governor Robert Hunter Morris. ADS. Address to Morris and the Proprietors thanking them for the additional charter of 1755.

962. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM, FRANCIS ALISON, and EBENEZER KINNERSLEY. May 3, 1765, Phila. Trustees. Memorandum. Recommending Nathaniel Evans for an honorary degree, and submitting a copy of his poem, “Oration on Science.”

963. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM, JAMES DAVIDSON, and WILLIAM ROGERS. February 13, 1792. William White. ALS. Faculty salaries, examinations, operation of the schools under the temporary plan, preparations for developing a General and United Plan of Instruction.

964. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM and JOHN ANDREWS. March 14, 1792. Edward Fox, Secretary of the Trustees. ADS. Announcing examinations of the Senior Class in the Philosophy Schools.

965. SMITH, [THE REVEREND] WILLIAM, ROBERT BLACKWELL, EDWARD BURD, CHARLES PETTIT, and ALEXANDER JAMES DALLAS. February 9, 1795. ADS. Agreement between Smith and the Trustees settling in full his account with the Univ.

965a. SNYDER, SIMON. October 16, 1816, Selinsgrove, Pa. James Trimble. ALS. As Governor, writes of journey of Mr. Fairlamb to Selinsgrove, problems of Captain [Thomas] Truxtun’s Pa. citizenship and of one Elliott’s having acted as sheriff’s deputy.

965b. STANBURROUGH, ADONIJAH. February 16, 1775, Northumberland County, Pa. PDS. Bond for payment of £400 to Andrew Allen, John Maxwell Nisbett and Charles Stewart. Witnessed by Tench Tilghman and William Tilghman.

966. STAUGHTON, JAMES M. February 24, 1817. William Fry. ADS. Bill for printing cards for Oratorical Exercises and the Order of Exercises. Endorsed by Robert M. Patterson, Secretary of the Faculty.

967. STAUGHTON, W[ILLIAM]. November 26, 1816. Trustees. Requesting the use of the old College Hall for lectures on Natural Theology.

968. STEDMAN, Dr. JOHN. July 24, 1784, Edinburgh. ALS. Manuscripts on agriculture.

969. STERETT, SAMUEL. March 18, 1782. Reverend John Ewing. ALS. Summary of Trustees’ meeting: make-up examination, advanced degrees to be conferred, commencement invitations.

970. STERN, WILLIAM. February 28, 1814, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the post of janitor. With recommendations signed by Robert Patterson, Joseph Richardson, Robert Scot, Joseph Cloud, Adam Eckfeldt, James Rush, Frederic Beasley, and James G. Thomson.

971. STEVENS, RICHARD. October 7, 1763. Trustees. PDS. Bond to Trustees and power of attorney to Edward Shippen.

972. STEWART, ALEXANDER. December 2, 1817, Phila. ADS. Bill for wood and hauling. Endorsed as receipt by Stewart.

973. STOCK, JOHN. January 22, 1817, Phila. Faculty. DS. Receipt of payment for lights.

974. STRAWBRIDGE, JAMES, TAGERT A. SMITH, and HUGH JACKSON. July 26, 1798, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Copy of character reference for John Kerr, in latter’s hand.

975. STRAWBRIDGE, J[AMES] , TAGERT A. SMITH, and HUGH JACKSON. July 27, 1798, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Character reference for John Kerr.

976. STRETCHER, FENNIX. February 28, 1816. Faculty of the Univ. ADS. Bill for boards and nails. Endorsed as correct by R[obert] M[askell] Patterson, Secretary of the Faculty.

977. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. May 3, 1817, Phila. ADS. Estimate and contract for an alteration and extension of the Medical Amphitheatre.

978. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. May 7, 1817. DS. Agreement with John Redman Coxe of specifications for the enlargement of the Medical Amphitheatre. Witnessed by Jacob Shoemaker Waln and Edward S. Coxe.

979. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. October 1, 1817. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for designing and drawing the plans and sections of the Medical Theatre, for superintending its erection, and for Drs. [Caspar] Wistar, [Nathaniel] Chapman, and [John Syng] Dorsey’s extra rooms. Endorsed as receipt.

980. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. October 22, 1817. Nathaniel Chapman. ADS. Receipt of fifty dollars “on account of Medical Hall.”

981. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. 1817. ADS. “Accounts and Receipts.” Record of orders received from the Medical Faculty for alterations to the Medical Hall.

982. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. April 10, 1818. ADS. Bill for construction expenses, itemized by subcontractor. Endorsed as receipt by J. K. Kuhl, attorney for Strickland.

983. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. August 31, 1818, Phila. Medical Faculty. ALS. Suggests replacement of joists and floors in Medical Amphitheatre.

984. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM. May 3, 1819, Phila. Nicholas Biddle. ALS. Suggest hanging bell in a niche over the school entrance rather than building a belfry.

985. STUARD, - . October 16 and 18, 1792. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for two loads of sand. Signed by William Patterson; endorsed by Robert Taylor.