Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
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814. QUARLES, PRYOR. n.d. (ca. 1812). John Redman Coxe. ALS. Wishes to be excepted from rule that medical students must attend two complete courses of lectures to graduate.

815. “R., J.” n.d. Memorandum. List of professors under the age of 21 taken from the general biographical dictionary printed in 1784.

816. RAFINESQUE, C[ONSTANTINE] S[AMUEL]. January 1, 1816, Clermont [Seminary, Phila. ? or N.Y. ?]. ALS. Application for the Chair or Chairs of Botany and Natural History.

817. RAGLAND, JOHN C. December 5, 1812, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Wishes to be excepted from rule that medical students must attend two complete courses of lectures to graduate.

817a. RAMSAY, James. [1818], Phila. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Participant’s report of his part in the fight between Ellis Lewis, James Dixon and him.

818. RAWLE, WILLIAM. February 24, 1800. ADS. An account of cash received for the sale of lots at Norristown and expenses discharged.

819. RAWLE, WILLIAM. August 4, (1801?). Trustees. ADS. Letter for release of Perkasie property to be sent to the heirs of Thomas Penn. Directions for signature requested.

820. RAWLE, WILLIAM. November 14, 1801. Edward Fox. Memorandum. Balances due on the Norristown lots as of October 1801.

821. RAWLE, WILLIAM. May 24, 1813. Moses Levy. ALS. Considers it expedient to adopt the estimate [of the debt due the Commonwealth] of the Treasury. Endorsed by Moses Levy and Edward Burd.

822. RAWLE, WILLIAM. November 29, 1814. Mr. [John] Fox. ALS. Committee has approved his plan for Perkasie Manor. Asks for recommendation of a person from outside of the Perkasie neighborhood to be employed to carry out the survey.

823. RAWLE, WILLIAM. December 8, 1814. John Hall (George Fox). ALS. Instructions for the survey of Perkasie Manor. Approved by Fox.

824. [RAWLE, WILLIAM]. February 6, 1816. AD. Resolution to establish a Faculty of physical science and rural economy with professorships of Botany, Zoology, Geology and Mineralogy, Comparative Anatomy and the veterinary art, and Agriculture and horticulture.

824a. PHILE, FREDERICK. March 19, 1816. Benjamin Chew. ALS. Explanation of report of his committee of the Trustees regarding proposed chairs of Botany, Geology and Mineralogy and Natural History in relation to new faculty of Natural Science.

825. RAWLE, WILLIAM. September 27, 1816, Phila. ALS. Retained as sample copy of the letter soliciting support for the Botanic Garden. Enclosed is a newspaper prospectus for the Garden signed by William Rawle, Benjamin Chew, Edward Burd, James Gibson, and Horace Binney.

826. RAWLE, WILLIAM. September 27, 1816, Phila. Judah Colt. ALS, Copy of foregoing.

827. RAWLE, WILLIAM. March 25, 1817. ADS. An account of conversations with Rosenberger, Newton and others regarding Perkasie lands.

828. RAWLE, WILLIAM by order of the Perkasie Committee. March 27, 1817. Joseph Barnes. William Hare. ALS. A copy of two identical letters sent setting the minimum sale price for the Perkasie Manor at $60,000.

829. [RAWLE, WILLIAM]. March 29, 1817. John Fox. AL. Notification of Joseph Barnes’ offer to purchase Perkasie Manor.

830. RAWLE, WILLIAM. April 2, 1819. Dr. David Hosack. ALS. Asking if Hosack wishes to be nominated for the Anatomical Chair.

831. RAWLE, WILLIAM. May 7, 1817. Joseph D. Brown. ALS. (Retained copy with note of verbal reply on back.) Delay of the completion of the sale of Perkasie Manor due to the lack of a Board quorum and the removal of grazing cattle and horses.

832. RAWLE, WILLIAM. May 17, 1817. George Fox. ALS. Requesting the review of enclosed drafts.

833. RAWLE, WILLIAM. June 18, 1817. Edward Fox. ADS. Ordering payment to Alexander Wilson for work at Botanic Garden.

834. [RAWLE, WILLIAM]. (1817). Memorandum. Resolution: Use of the University seal on releases of Perkasie farms purchased by Joseph Barnes.

835. RAWLE, WILLIAM. n.d. (ca. 1817). Edward Fox. ADS. Ordering payment to be made for the Botanic Garden.

836. RAWLE, WILLIAM. March 23, 1818. James Gibson. ALS. Enclosing a copy of an (unspecified) report.

837. RAWLE, WILLIAM. October 3, 1818. Edward Fox. ALS. Encloses application of Henry Rosenberger to be presented to the Trustees.

838. RAWLE, WILLIAM. March 9, 1819. Medical Professors. ALS. Series of questions regarding to Medical School and the possibility of alterations. Also copy of reply from John Redman Coxe, Dean.

839. RAWLE, WILLIAM. March 26, 1819. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Committee of Trustees requests an interview with the Medical Faculty.

840. [RAWLE, WILLIAM]. April 14, 1817. Joseph D. Brown. AD. Agreement of sale for 42 acres of land in Penn Township (for the Botanic Garden), evidently in hand of William Rawle.

840a. RAWLE, WILLIAM. December 13, 1817. Rt. Rev. William White. ALS. Absence in Lancaster will prevent his attendance at examination of Senior class.

841. RAWLE, WILLIAM and JOSEPH BORDEN McKEAN. July 11, 1817. Edward Fox. ADS. Pay order to Seth Fox, William Ashmead, and Theophilus Parvin of the Philomathean Society.

841a. REED, JOSEPH. (177-), Phila. Dangers of country have called for departure from laws of Assembly; arrangements for recruiting militia in the city.

841b. REED, JOSEPH. February 12, 1772, Phila. ADS. “Brief of Robert Rhea’s Titles” to land in East New Jersey, 1695-1761.

842. REED, JOSEPH. August 31, 1780, Phila. James Parr. As President, Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania; certificate of confiscated land transfer, property formerly belonging to John Jackson, traitor. Ground rent conveyed to Trustees.

842a. REED, JOSEPH. June 28, 1781, Phila. Colonel George Ashman. LS. President of Supreme Executive Council to Lieutenant of the County of Bedford. Expresses bewilderment of latter’s letter requesting money and supplies while announcing a move to Maryland. Discusses failure of paper money, frontier problems, condition of militia. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

843. REED, JOSEPH. (1817). ADS. Correction of errors in 1817 annual statement.

843a. REED, COLONEL JOSEPH. April 1787, Brookfield, Mass. Major General Benjamin Lincoln. ALS. Methods utilized to help achieve recipient’s project to quell present “tumults.”

844. RELF, SAMUEL. August 1, 1820. John Redman Coxe. ADS. Receipt for payment for advertising (in the Pennsylvania Gazette). Endorsed “pd. March 23d 1821.”

844a. RIDGELY, RICHARD. August, 1783. Jonathan Hudson. ALS. Disposition in court of recipient’s suit against one Griffith.

845. RIGDEN, Mrs. February 4, 1814. [James] Wiltbank. Memorandum. Edward Fox cannot attend a meeting of the Trustees.

846. RITTENHOUSE, BENJAMIN. (1795-1800?). Jonathan Bayard Smith. ALS. Recommending Henry Fridley as a purchaser of a lot in Norristown.

847. RITTENHOUSE, DAVID. December 26, 1793. Charles Pettit. ALS. Financing of the orrery and William Smith’s claims.

847a. RITTENHOUSE, DAVID. December 1, 1794, Mint of the U.S. Treasurer of the Mint. ANS. Order to deliver silver to the chief coiner.

848. RIVES, LANDON C. December 9, 1819, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Offers himself as a candidate for a medical diploma. Previously unsuccessful in business; supporting a family and considers expediency important in earning his degree. Approved by William Gibson, John Redman Coxe, Nathaniel Chapman (signed), Thomas Chalkley James and Philip Syng Physick (signed).

849. RIVES, THOMAS P. November 30, 1818. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Requests admission to examination for a medical degree. With addenda by John Redman Coxe, Nathaniel Chapman and Thomas Chalkley James.

850. ROBERDEAU, ISAAC, Major, U.S. Engineers. July 2, 1814, Phila. Rev. Dr. William White. Letter. Requesting the use of the university’s transit for a survey of Delaware Bay. Mentions the helpfulness of Dr. [Robert] Patterson. “Captain Clark” and he will be much obliged for its use.

851. ROBERTS, B[OANERGES]. November 26, 1818, Russelville [Kentucky]. Dr. B. H. Hall. ALS. Asks for assistance in removing ball from Dr. [Charles] Caldwell’s wound; Caldwell’s mental derangement.

852. ROBERTS, JONATHAN. March 10, 1789, Upper Meirion (sic). Col. Timothy Matlack. ALS. Recommendation of bearer as an inhabitant of Town of Norris. Planning to open a tavern; not a speculator.

853. ROBINSON, S[AMUEL]. April 6, 1813. Trustees. ALS. Requesting an increase in salary as Master of the Charity School.

853a. RODNEY, CAESAR AUGUSTUS. June 18, 1804, Wilmington. ALS. Details of legal action against J. Higgins and D. Thomas. With it a cut signature from a printed document as “Attorney General of the United States.”

853b. RODNEY, THOMAS. September 8, 1788, Lebanon Plantation. Caesar A. Rodney. ALS. Farming conditions and how he proposes to pay son’s board, schooling, etc.

853c. RODNEY, CAESAR. December 25, 1791. Thomas Rodney. ALS.

854. ROGERS, PATRICK. November 5, 1799. Trustees. ALS. Requests payment of his salary in arrears.

855. ROGERS, WILLIAM. February 5, 1793. Trustees. ALS. A criticism of the by-laws proposed for the Latin and Greek schools.

856. ROGERS, WILLIAM. March 4, 1794, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Proposed amendments to the plan for the English School.

857. [ROGERS, WILLIAM]. [1794]. AD. Draft of “Arrangement of the English School.”

858. ROGERS, WILLIAM. October 6, 1795, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Repayment of two repair bills.

859. ROGERS, WILLIAM. May 2, 1797, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Repayment of bills for repairs to his house. Accounts not previously presented.

860. ROGERS, WILLIAM. February 3, 1800. Trustees. ALS. The dismissal of students from the English school to attend Dr. [John] Andrews’ private Latin school during regular hours.

861. ROGERS, WILLIAM. March 4, 1800. William Rawle. ALS. Suggesting that the Professor of English and Belles Lettres receive a fixed salary as do the other professors.

862. ROGERS, WILLIAM. April 1, 1800. Trustees. ALS. Requesting a guarantee of his salary in view of the diminution of students in his department due to opening of another academy in Phila.

863. ROGERS, WILLIAM. April 4, 1800, Univ. John E[lihu] Hall, Joseph Gratz, William Miller and Jonathan C. Stocker. Letter. As Secretary of the Faculty, records its support for the request of the Washington Society for the use of the College Hall.

864. ROGERS, WILLIAM. May 5, 1800. ADS. Report as Secretary of the Faculty of the “Present State of the various Schools, belonging to the University.” Class sizes broken down by schools.

865. ROGERS, WILLIAM. May 6, 1800, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting a grant or the rearrangement of classes in order to retain a tutor in the English School in spite of seasonal declines in enrollment.

866. ROGERS, WILLIAM. October 7, 1800, Phila. ALS. Dismissal of tutor Patrick Rogers due to low enrollment. Request for assistance in paying his last quarter’s salary.

867. ROGERS, WILLIAM. November 4, 1800, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the support of the Trustees in the lawsuit brought against him by former tutor Patrick Rogers; reminder of his past requests for higher salary.

867a. ROGERS, WILLIAM. January 1, 1800(or 1). Philip Hagner. PDS. Tuition receipt for son George Hagner.

867b. ROGERS, WILLIAM. April 1, 1801. Philip Hagner. PDS. Tuition receipt for son George Hagner.

868. ROGERS, WILLIAM. January 5, 1802. Trustees. ALS. Necessity to transfer his students into the Latin School against Professor Davidson’s wishes. Suggests expediency by the Board in providing for a tutor to alleviate the situation.

869. ROGERS, WILLIAM. July 1, 1802 and January 1, 1806, Phila. Philip Hagner. PDS. (2) Tuition receipts for son Charles Hagner.

870. ROGERS, WILLIAM. April 5, 1803, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Inquiry regarding his housing since the Univ. sold the house in which he now lives to Mr. Harland; counterfeit $5 bank note.

871. ROGERS, WILLIAM. December 6, 1803, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting financial assistance because of a low July enrollment due to malignant fever and debts to his tutor. Thanks for his assignment to “convenient and elegant” apartments in the new building. With a note [by Edward Fox] of the allotment recommended.

872. ROGERS, WILLIAM. April 1, 1804. Philip Hagner. PDS. Tuition receipt for son Charles Hagner.

873. ROGERS, WILLIAM. April 3, 1804, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Dates for the examination of the Senior Class and the Medical Commencement.

874. ROGERS, WILLIAM. November 5, 1805, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Request for financial relief necessitated by low enrollment due to yellow fever and more than $400 tuition in arrears.

875. ROGERS, WILLIAM. November 5, 1805, Univ. Trustees. LS. Reports for the Faculty on desertion of schools due to malignant fever; request that faculty salaries be fixed by the Trustees and tuition be collected for the common interest.

876. ROGERS, WILLIAM. April 1, 1806, Phila. Trustees. ALS. His quarrels with Robert Patterson concerning salary and classes under the old plan of 1800.

877. ROGERS, WILLIAM. May 7, 1807, Univ. Edward Burd. ALS. Writes for the Faculty about the letter of Moses Levy; knows of no agreement made with other institutions.

878. ROGERS, WILLIAM. November 3, 1807. Edward Fox. ADS. “State of the Schools, Nov. 3, 1807.” Enrollment by school reported by Secretary of the Faculty.

879. ROGERS, WILLIAM. June 7, 1808. Edward Fox. Memorandum. Gives for the Faculty a “Return of the Schools....” Enrollment by school.

880. ROGERS, WILLIAM. December 5, 1809, Univ. Trustees. ALS. The reduction in size of his department; request for an increase in salary; attendance figures for the Return of Schools, December 5, 1809.

881. ROGERS, WILLIAM. February 6, 1810, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Requesting $400 for his tutor’s salary and asking that future English professors be considered on equal footing with the Professors of Language and Mathematics.

882. ROGERS, WILLIAM. September 4, 1810, Phila. Trustees. ALS. No provision for his housing in new plan of education.

883. ROGERS, WILLIAM. October 1, 1811, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Resignation from his position in the English school; recommendation of his assistant, John McKinley, as a replacement.

884. ROGERS, WILLIAM. December 26, 1811, Phila. Benjamin Chew. ALS. Request for specified retirement benefits. (An elaboration of the terms outlined in Burd’s letter.)

885. ROGERS, WILLIAM, JAMES DAVIDSON and ROBERT PATTERSON. October 1, 1800, January 1, 1801, April 1, 1801, and January 1, 1802, Phila. Philip Hagner. PDS. Tuition receipts for son George Hagner.

886. ROGERS, WILLIAM, JAMES DAVIDSON and ROBERT PATTERSON. November 3, 1801, Phila. Trustees. ALS. An objection by William Rogers to increasing the firewood fee for fear of losing students; request for financial assistance to compensate for a decrease in salary due to smaller enrollments. Note of concurrence at end signed by James Davidson and Robert Patterson.

887. ROSENBERGER, HENRY. January 28, 1818. William Rawle and others. ALS. Requests allotment to compensate for dispossession of property.

888. ROSENBERGER, HENRY. (March 1818). Trustees. LS. An account of his tenancy, and eviction from the Perkasie property. Petition for mercy.

888a. ROSS, GEORGE. n.d. ADS. Court plea.

889. ROSS, JAMES. December 15, 1810, Phila. William White. ALS. Request for patronage by the Trustees as a teacher of classical studies.

890. ROSS, JAMES. March 5, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Request that the Trustees consider his case, being in possession of 2700 unwanted copies of fabulo Æsopi, the beginning Greek text.

891. ROSS, JAMES. [1818]. Trustees. ALS. Requesting signatures of approbation for the sixth edition of his Latin Grammar improved.

892. ROSS, JOHN. “Before Sept. 10, 1794,” Phila. [Rev.] John Ewing. ADS. Bill for painting and glazing. (Receipts of September 10, 1794 and January 12, 1795 attached).

892a. ROSS, JOHN. 1794, Phila. Trustees. Bill for painting and glazing Provost’s house.

893. ROWAN, JAMES and JOHN HALL. February 9, 1787. Trustees. DS. Bond for payment of rents collected. Witnessed by Samuel Bryan and Francis Bryan.

894. RUNKEL, W., JR. November 24, 1819, Germantown, Pa. ADS. Certifies to the financial reliability of Conrad Carpenter and Casper Heft.

895. RUSH, BENJAMIN. May 25, 1795, Trustees. ALS. Recommendation of James Woodhouse for Chemical Chair at the Univ.

896. RUSH, BENJAMIN. May 6, 1800. Trustees. ALS. Examinations of candidates for degrees in Medicine. For the Medical Faculty.

897. RUSH, BENJAMIN. November 15, 1804. Trustees. ALS. Request that public use of the Hall be limited; the lack of space for the Medical Department; suggestion to increase the salary of the janitor. For the medical faculty.

898. RUSH, BENJAMIN. May 3, 1805. Trustees. ALS. Requesting that his appointment as Professor of the Practice of Physic be made formal.

899. RUSH, BENJAMIN. November 25, 1809. Thomas Fitzsimmons. ALS. Suggesting the necessity of teaching Natural Philosophy and midwifery in American medical schools, and recommending either Dr. William Dewees or Dr. Thomas [Chalkey] James for a position in midwifery at Pennsylvania.

900. RUSH, BENJAMIN. 1809. Joseph Borden McKean. Letter. Recommending John Redman Coxe for the professorship of Chemistry.

901. RUSH, BENJAMIN. April 21, 1812, Phila. Dr. Petrikin. ALS. Advice urging him to remain where located, purchase a farm, employ leisure constructively.

902. RUSH, BENJAMIN and BENJAMIN SMITH BARTON. August 31, 1801. Trustees. ALS. Request room in Ninth Street building be furnished for their lectures to medical students to begin in November.

903. RUSH, BENJAMIN, SAMUEL POWEL GRIFFITTS, and WILLIAM SHIPPEN, JR. June 12, 1795. ADS. Statement that Philip Weigle, under sentence of death for high treason, is deranged “upon certain subjects.”

904. RUSH, RICHARD. November 26, 1811. William Rawle. ALS. Requesting the agreement to enter the action in the case of the Commonwealth vs. the Trustees.