Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
P (Documents Numbers 727a - 813)

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727a. PAGE, ASAHEL C. [1818], Phila. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Eyewitness account of the affair between Ellis Lewis, James Dixon and James Ramsay.

727b. PACA, WILLIAM. n.d. Aquila Brown. ANS.

728. PANNO, F. D. August 16, 1817, Phila. William Rawle. DS. Receipted bill for glazing and lights at the Botanic Garden.

729. PARKE, JOHN. February 16, 1778, Dover, Kent County, Del. ADS. Will [evidently original second copy] bequeathing two-thirds of his estate to his nephew, Parke Shee, and one-third to his niece, Cecelia Shee, children of Bertles and Cecelia Parke Shee. Witnessed by Caesar Rodney, John Bell, and Archibald McSparren.

730. PARKE, THOMAS. June 15, 1809, Phila. Robert Hare, Jr. ALS. Parke’s recollection of the opinion of the late Dr. James Woodhouse regarding Hare’s knowledge of Chemistry.

731. [PARKER, Dr. JACOB G., of NORTHAMPTON COURT HOUSE, VA.]. [December 26, 1818]. [James Webster]. Extract from a letter testifying to Dr. G[eorge] Watson’s qualifications.

732. PATTERSON, JOHN. September 3, 1795, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Resignation as a tutor.

733. PATTERSON, JOHN. May 14, 1801, Norristown, Pa. William R. Atlee, agent of the Trustees. ALS. Request that Robert Hamill be substituted for him as the purchaser of a lot in Norristown.

734. PATTERSON, ROBERT. April 5, 1795. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the allowance of a house.

735. PATTERSON, ROBERT. March 1, 1796. Trustees. ALS. Renewed request for the allowance of a house in Race Street.

735a. PATTERSON, ROBERT. February 1, 1799. Receipt signed.

736. PATTERSON, ROBERT. February 4, 1800. Trustees. ALS. His difficulty in instructing both the Mathematical classes and Dr. John Ewing’s classes.

737. PATTERSON, ROBERT. April 1, 1800. Trustees. ALS. Suggesting additions to the new regulations: [1] an additional fee for students in the Mathematical School engaged in time-consuming subjects; [2] rotation of the upper classes of the Latin School with Mathematical classes despite the objections of the professor of languages.

738. PATTERSON, ROBERT. May 19, 1801. Trustees. ALS. Regarding committee report on the decline of the Seminary; claims charge against him of negligence toward scholars was harsh, unwarranted.

739. PATTERSON, ROBERT. November 6, 1801. Trustees. ALS. Asks to be allowed to move from his house in Race Street to the one vacated by Dr. John Andrews in the College Yard, on account of rheumatism.

740. PATTERSON, ROBERT. April, 1804. ADS. “State of the Mathematical School“; class enrollment figures.

741. PATTERSON, ROBERT. January 7, 1806. Trustees. ALS. Requesting reimbursement for payment made to a glass blower for repairs made to the philosophical apparatus. For receipt mentioned in letter see No. 245.

741a. PATTERSON, Robert. October 1, 1806. Philip Hagner. PDS. Tuition receipt for Hagner’s son George.

742. PATTERSON, ROBERT. November 20, 1810, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Accepting the post of Professor of Natural Philosophy and Mathematics.

743. PATTERSON, ROBERT. April 6, 1813, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Curriculum adjustments following the death of Provost [John Ewing]. Recommendation of the Reverend Nathaniel Bowen [Grace Church, N. Y.], the Reverend John Sylvester John Gardiner [Trinity Church, Boston], and the Reverend Frederick David Schaefer [the German Lutheran Congregation, Phila.] for honorary degrees.

744. PATTERSON, ROBERT. June 30, 1813. Trustees. ALS. Report of a prank in which members of the Junior Class locked Dr. [John] McDowell’s classroom, forcing a holiday to be declared.

745. PATTERSON, ROBERT. August 9, 1813, Doylestown, Pa. Trustees. ALS. Letter of resignation.

746. PATTERSON, ROBERT. n.d. AD. Objections of the Professor of Mathematics to the proposed Plan [of Instruction].

747. PATTERSON, ROBERT and JOSEPH CLOUD. June 15, 1809, Phila. [Trustees]. ALS. Declaration of the qualification of Robert Hare, Jr., for the Professorship of Chemistry.

748. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. June 20, 1807, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting use of the hall in Fourth Street for an oration to be delivered by Benjamin Smith Barton before the Phila. Linnean Society.

749. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. August 20, 1810, Univ. ADS. Resolutions of the Board of Trustees setting down conditions for Patterson’s use of the philosophical apparatus, use of the College Hall, and employment of an assistant for his course of lectures on Natural Philosophy.

750. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. September 7, 1813, Univ. James Gibson, Edward Burd, Philip Soule. ALS. Request for a table and blackboard.

751. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. April 4, 1814, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Quarterly report adopted, as required by the Trustees’ statutes. For the Faculty.

752. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. April 4, 1814. Trustees. ALS. The improved state of the College and Grammar School. Improved classroom discipline, increased attendance, and growing ambition of students due to measures lately adopted. For the Faculty.

753. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. May 2, 1814. Trustees. ALS. Examinations for the College classes; medals. For the Faculty.

754. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. October 4, 1814. Trustees. ADS. Quarterly report: recommended candidates for honorary degrees. By order of the Faculty.

755. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. December 6, 1814. Trustees. ADS. Examination dates for the classes. By order of the Faculty.

756. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. October 3, 1815. Univ. ADS. Senior class examination dates. By order of the Faculty.

757. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. February 27, 1816. William Rawle. ALS. Enclosing an unspecified draft.

758. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. April 16, 1816, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Request for the use of the philosophical apparatus, the hall adjoining the apparatus room, and the liberty to employ a tutor in order to deliver a public course in the evening.

759. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. June 29, 1816, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Laws concerning the duration of the College Session, terms, holidays, examinations, oratorical exhibitions, Commencement, and tuition fees. For the Faculty.

759a. PATTERSON, Robert Maskell. August 20, 1816. Univ. Trustees. ALS. Quotes from Minutes of Trustees privileges granted him thereunder and expresses thanks.

760. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. December 3, 1816, Univ., Collegiate Department. Trustees. ALS. Dates for Senior Class examinations and for the Collegiate and Medical Commencements. For the Faculty.

761. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL, Faculty Secretary. [ca. 1816]. J. L’hulier. ADS. Receipt of payment for the performance of music at the Exhibition.

762. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. August 5, 1817, Univ. Trustees. ALS. State of the institution.

763. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. August 4, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Offers self as a candidate for the Professorship of Chemistry.

764. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL. May 20, 1819, Phila. Right Reverend William White. ALS. Professorships of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Chemistry.

765. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL, Vice Provost. September 5, 1820, Univ. Trustees. ALS. The Faculty’s conformity to the Plan of 1811; his reaction to the proposed plan of education and suggestions for changes; request for an assistant.

766. PATTERSON, ROBERT MASKELL, Vice Provost. September 5, 1820, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Postponement of the start of the college session until the first Monday in October, in hopes that malignant fever will subside by then.

767. PATTISON, GRANVILLE SHARP. October 4, 1819, 154 Walnut Street. Trustees. ALS. Requesting space to display his museum and to give popular lectures on anatomy. Offering the use of his specimens to the Medical Faculty for their lectures.

768. PAUL, JOHN R., Secretary of the Philomathean Society. November 2, 1819. Trustees. ALS. Informing them of their election as honorary members of the Philomathean Society.

769. PAUL, JOSEPH M. November 26, 1817. ADS. The election of Henry Hollingsworth, George McLeod, William Patterson, William P. Paxson to Phila. Society for the Establishment and Support of Charity Schools. Witness by Pearson Serrill.

770. PAXSON, ISRAEL. October 16, 1797. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for 25/ from Robert Taylor for 15 bushels of hair. Signed by Robert Taylor upon receipt of 25/ from Dr. [Caspar] Wistar.

771. PEALE, CHARLES WILLSON. October 28, 1799, [Peale] Museum. Trustees. ALS. Requests permission to deliver first lecture on Natural History at the Univ.

772. PEALE, CHARLES WILLSON. November 3, 1800, [Peale] Museum, [Phila.]. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the use of the Hall on November 8, for an Introductory Discourse on the Science of Nature, accompanied by music.

773. PENN, JOHN. December 29, 1781, Lansdown, [Philadelphia]. Dr. [Thomas] Parke. ALS. Invitation to dinner; request that he also invite “Gallant Joe” Redman.

774. PENN, JOHN. July 9, 1791, London. William White, Bishop of Pa. ALS. Willing to sign over grant of Perkasie Manor to Trustees, approves of Board offer to allow Penn to nominate two boys to be educated in the College. Suggests consultation with agents Butler and Physick.

775. PENN, JOHN. May 6, 1816, London. William Rawle, George Fox, James Gibson. ALS. Enclosing a signed conveyance [granting permission for the sale of Perkasie Manor] and requesting an account of past and present transactions concerning it.

775a. PENN, JOHN; JOHN PENN. April 21, 1788, Phila. Benjamin Chew. LS. Two senders of same name request title papers to their Springetsbury Manor be delivered to Mr. Tilghman before they leave the country; Mr. Butler is their agent. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

775b. PENN, JOHN. November 16, 1777. Timothy Matlack. ALS. Note: This is John Penn, Signer of the Declaration of Independence not our Trustee.

776. PENN, JOHN, [I.] THOMAS, and RICHARD. January 30, 1734. Andrew Hamilton. DS. Patent to Andrew Hamilton for 32 acres of land at present Delaware Avenue and Mifflin Streets, South Phila. Property sold by the Trustees in 1922.

777. PENN, THOMAS. July 21, 1759, Westminster, England. Trustees of the College, Academy and Charitable School. DS. Indenture granting a fourth part of Perkasie Manor as an endowment to the school. Sold for one shilling with yearly rent of an ear of Indian corn. Trustees agree to provide expenses for two students nominated by Penn heirs. Witnessed by William Smith, Matthias Sandham, and Jacob Duche.

778. PENN, WILLLAM [of Worminghurst, Sussex]. October 17, 1681, [England]. Mary Penington, spinster of Agmondisham, Bucks. DS. Indenture for 1250 acres of land in the province of Pa. for five shillings, with yearly quitrent of me peppercorn. Witnessed by Harb[er]t Springett, Cha[rles] Coxe, and Mark Swanger.

778a. PENNSYLVANIA, Commonwealth of. March 19, 1807. Extract from Minutes (of the Legislature?) covering grant of $3000 to University to establish a botanical garden.

779. PERKINS, Dr. WILLLAM LEE. n.d. Address. “De Morbo Influenzo dicto, nuper in Anglia grassante, quantum Regioduni, Thamesino,” medical address in Latin.

780. PETERS, Evan. November 5, 1817, Phila. Trustees. ADS. Bill for digging a sink at the Academy in Fourth Street. Endorsed as payable by James Gibson and Edward Burd to Edward Fox.

780a. PETERS, RICHARD. August 9, 1790. “Mr. Latimer or Mr. Brewer.” ALS. Progress of salvage cruise; custom house duties owed.

780b. PETERS, RICHARD. June 7, 1806. PDS.

781. PETERSON, Derick. October 13, 1792, Phila. Robert Taylor. Receipted bill for 2000 plastering laths.

782. PETERSON, Derick. October 23, 1792. Robert Taylor. Receipted bill for 1000 laths.

783. PETERSON, Derick. November 13, 1792. Robert Taylor. Receipt of payment for 500

plastering laths.

784. PETTIT, CHARLES. December 26, 1793, Phila. David Rittenhouse. ALS. Request for information on Dr. William Smith’s claim of having advanced money for the orrery.

784a. PHILE, FREDERICK. October 30, 1788, Phila. ADS. Certificate of entry and clearance of brigantine Two Sisters (Augustus Bernard Morris, master) from Ostend and North Carolina in year 1783.

785. PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY (READ, GEORGE, JOHN N. CONYNGHAM, and WILLIAM H[YPOLITUS] KEATING). May 31, 1815, Philomathean Hall. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the use of rooms in the Univ. building.

786. PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY (GILPIN, HENRY DILWORTH, FREDERIC AUGUSTUS CONRAD MUHLENBERG, and GEORGE POTTS). [read July 7,] 1818. Trustees. ALS. Requesting funds to sponsor an Exhibition.

787. PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY (READ, JOHN, JR. and JOHN CADWALADER). October 3, 1820, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Requesting forty dollars for the Philomathean Society’s Exhibition.

788. PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY (READ, JOHN, JR., WILLIAM F. DUNCAN, and J. G. CLARKSON). [1820]. Edward Fox. ALS. Report $40.50 in expenses spent on the Philomathean Exhibition.

788a. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. March 7, 1807, Phila. ADS. Testimonial for John Perkins, a student of medicine and surgery under Dr. Physick.

789. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. October 6, 1807, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Request that his nephew, Dr. John Syng Dorsey, be appointed to assist him on account of bad health and frequent indispositions.

790. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. April 1, 1816, Phila. ADS. Testimonial for Dr. John Syng Dorsey for the Chair of Materia Medica.

791. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. November 7, 1819, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Willing to examine medical students in the spring.

792. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. November 6, 1820, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the appointment of an assistant or an adjunct professor in consideration of his continued ill health.

793. PHYSICK, PHILIP SYNG. JOHN SYNG DORSEY, NATHANIEL CHAPMAN, JOHN REDMAN COXE, and THOMAS CHALKLEY JAMES. February 3, 1818. Chief Justice [William] Tilghman. ALS. Presentation of Dr. [John Augustine] Smith to fill Chair vacated by Caspar Wistar.

794. PIERSON, C. E. n.d. [ca. 1812?]. Memorandum. Wishes for decision on applicability in his case of rule that medical students must attend two complete courses of lectures to graduate.

795. PILE, HENRY. March 3, 1800, Rockhill [Bucks County, Pa.]. Edward Fox. ADS. Seeking to cover the entire plantation formerly rented by Peter Penner [Benner], in part now occupied by Abraham Winhold [at Perkasie].

796. PORTER, ANDREW. June 25, 1795, Montgomery County. Trustees. ALS. Wishes to purchase four lots in Norristown for £100.

797. PORTER, ANDREW. January 26, 1799, [Montgomery County, Pa.]. [Trustees]. ADS. Resolutions urging the sale of lots in Norristown owned by the Univ. For the Inhabitants of Norristown.

798. POULSON, Z[ACHARIAH]. October 29, 1818-April 14, 1819. John Redman Coxe. ADS. Bill for advertising the medical lectures and medical commencement (in the American Daily Advertiser).

799. POULSON, ZACHARIAH. November 1-3, 1819. Univ. [Medical Faculty]. ADS. Bill for advertising lectures (in the American Daily Advertiser).

800. POULSON, ZACHARIAH. November 1, 1820. DS. Bill for advertising medical lectures and introductory lectures. Endorsed as receipt by Joseph Rittenhouse for Z. Poulson.

801. POYNTELL, WILLIAM. April 29, 1795. William Rogers. Memorandum. Receipted bill for wall paper.

802. POYNTELL, WILLIAM. May 4, 1795. John Andrews. ADS. Receipt of payment for paper, borders, and a pattern for a fireplace.

803. POYNTELL, WILLIAM. April 1819. John Redman Coxe. ADS. Receipt for advertising commencement in the Pennsylvania Gazette of April 13, 1819. For S[amuel] Relf.

804. PRICE, JOHN M. June 4, 1819, Phila. ADS. Certifies to the financial reliability of Conrad Carpenter and Casper Heft.

805. PRICE, JONATHAN. August 24, 1789. Henry Hill, Treasurer for the Trustees. DS. Order for rent on College lots to be paid to Chandler Price.

806. PRICE, JONATHAN and MARY, his wife. September 29, 1742, Phila. Mathias Keen. DS. Indenture for property west of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets [the Academy site]. Witnessed by Charles Brockden and Paul Isaac Voto.

807. PRICE, JONATHAN. March 25, 1744, Phila. Samuel Hazard. DS. Indenture for property west of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets. Witnessed by William Russell and Stephen Woolley.

808. PRICE, JONATHAN. February 25, 1747/8, Phila. James Whitehead. DS. Indenture for land south of Mulberry and west of Fourth Street for £60 currency. Witnessed by Valentine Standley and Jonathan Reily.

809. PRICE, JONATHAN. April 15, 1753, Phila. Francis Alison. DS. Indenture for three lots at Fourth and Mulberry Streets for £37 annual ground rent. Witnessed by Josiah Jackson and William Boddington. Signed and sealed by Benjamin Franklin.

810. PRICE, JONATHAN. April 18, 1753, Phila. David James Dove. DS. Indenture for two lots west of Fourth Street bounded by lands of Samuel Hazard and James Whitehead, for £10 annual ground rent. Witnessed by Jonathan Reily and Josiah Jackson. Signed and sealed by Benjamin Franklin.

811. PROVOST and FACULTY. June 7, 1790, Univ. His Excellency the President and the Supreme Executive Council of Pa. Invitation to attend public examination of candidates for degrees.

812. PUGH, JOHN. [November 2, 1818]. ADS. Mortgages assigned by Joseph Barnes to the Trustees received by the Bucks County Recorders Office.

813. PUGH, JOHN. n.d. [1819]. Joseph Barnes. Receipt for $16.75.