Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
M (Documents Numbers 680a - 722)

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680a. [MAGAW, SAMUEL]. September 24, 1771. AL. Recipient has sent letter through [Rev.] Mr. [Robert] Blackwell congratulating Magaw on his marriage to Miss [Sarah] Ridgely. Magaw approves of young clergyman proposed for Mispillion and St. Paul’s in “lower part of this County;” mentions his time in England, salary, and Messrs. Rodney, Pryor and Crapper. Appears to be first four pages of a longer letter; signature page is missing.

681. MAGAW, SAMUEL. April 6, 1791. Thomas McKean. ALS. Univ. finances. Faculty support of new proposals.

682. MAGAW, SAMUEL. April 6, 1791. President of the Board of Trustees. ALS. Requests approval of repairs for his house. States preference for old arrangement of the schools’ government.

682a. MAGAW, SAMUEL. September 27, 1796, Phila. ADS. As rector of St. Paul’s Church, Phila., provides certificate of baptism by him in April 1785 of Robert Matthews. With it, a fragment of another document bearing signatures of Magaw and John Andrews.

682o-a. MAGAW, Samuel. April 16, 1792. Trustees. ALS. Asks if Trustees would consider his future reappointment.

683. MAGAW, SAMUEL. March 3, 1801, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Settlement of his rent due the Univ.

684. MAGAW, SAMUEL. March 30, 1801. Robert Hare and Dr. D[avid] Jackson. ALS. Claims of interest on his house in Race Street.

685. MAGOFFIN, GEORGE W. June 2, 1801. Trustees. Letter. Wishes to be granted the privilege of letting apartments in the old building.

686. MAGOFFIN, GEORGE W. January 4, 1803. Trustees. ALS. Requesting permission to let the apartments allowed him by the Univ. to reputable non-Univ. persons.

687.[MAGUIRE, JAMES, prepared by]. October 21, 1813, Phila. Trustees. ADS. Brief of title for properties at 911-913-915 Chestnut Street, 1782 through 1801.

688. MANN, JAMES, Hospital Surgeon of the U.S.A. and Medical Director, Second Military Department. March 16, 1818, Boston, Mass. Edward Fox. ALS. Testimonial for Dr. William Ingalls of Boston for the chair left vacant at the death of Caspar Wistar.

689. MARKLEY, PHILIP I. June 14, 1815, Norristown, Pa. Benjamin Rawle Morgan. ALS. Requesting Mr. [Edward] Fox to have deed prepared by the following week.

689a. MARCHANT, HENRY. July 20, 1782, South Kingstown, R.I. Miss Sally Marchant. ALS. Satisfaction with daughter’s scholastic attainments and advice for her. Messages to various friends and relations.

689b. MARKHAM, WILLIAM, ROBERT TURNER, JOHN GOODSON and SAMUEL CARPENTER. July 12, 1690, Phila. DS. Patent of four acres of land in Phila. County to William Rowles, renter. Pendant paper proprietary seal. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

690. MARKLEY, PHILIP I. July 19, 1815, Norristown, Pa. Edward Fox. ALS. Will arrange to have deeds drawn for Norristown lots he is planning to purchase from the Trustees.

691. MARSHALL, JOHN. January 11, 1793. Caspar Wistar. Receipted bill for nails and signed by Thomas Marshall for John Marshall.

692. [MATLACK, TIMOTHY]. March 11-17, 1785. Account of monies received for lots in Norris.

693. MATLACK, TIMOTHY. March, 1785. Inventory of lot sales, Norris.

694. MEASE, JAMES. July 3, 1809. ADS. Endorsing John Redman Coxe for the Chemical Chair.

695. MEASE, JAMES. July 14, 1813, Phila. ALS. Application for the Chair of Materia Medica.

696. MEASE, JAMES. January 2, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Chair of Materia Medica.

697. MEASE, JAMES. January 6, 1816. Edward Fox. ALS. Enclosing the application of C[onstantine] S[amuel] Rafinesque for the Chair of Natural History and Botany.

698. MERCER, ROBERT. January 21, 1820. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for wood. Endorsed as receipt.

698a. MIFFLIN, THOMAS. November 6, 1788, Phila. PDS. Commission of Frederick Phile as “Naval Officer.” Embossed paper seal of state. Charles Biddle, witness.

698b. MIFFLIN, THOMAS. March 31, 1791, Phila. John Nicholson. LS. Governor of Pa. to Comptroller General requesting details of report on claims of commonwealth against the United States. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.“

698c. MIFFLIN, THOMAS. May 22, 1797, Phila. Cashier of Bank of Pa. ANS. As Governor, directs papers be sent him through Charles Biddle.

698d. MIFFLIN, THOMAS. July 15, 1799. PDS.

699. MILES, RICH[ARD]. March 2, 1785, Radnor, Pa. Timothy Matlack. ALS. He is to build the [Montgomery County] Courthouse and wants to reserve a lot in town of Norris on which to erect a small building for his workers.

700. MILES, RICHARD. December 3, 1794. Trustees. ALS. Payment for and resale of a lot in Norristown.

701. MILLER, THE REVEREND SAMUEL. August 11, 1790, Dover, Del. Richard Renshaw. Letter. Renshaw’s planned visit to Del.

702. MILNOR, WILLIAM. June 17, 1818. Thomas Bradford, President of the Charity School Society. ALS. Resignation from the Phila. Charity School Society on behalf of his uncle, the Reverend James Milnor.

703. MITCHELL, SAMUEL LATHAM. March 23, 1816, N.Y. Thomas Cadwalader. ALS. Testimonial for Robert Hare.

704. MONROE, JAMES. June 12, 1815, Washington. George Frederick Hagner. PDS. Passport issued and signed by James Monroe, Secretary of State. Extensively stamped.

705. MONTGOMERY, ANDREW. August 1, 1798, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for a teaching position in the Charity School.

706. MOODY, ROBERT. September 1, 1793. John Andrews. ADS. Receipt for payment for 150 bricks and mortar for walling a cellar.

707. MOORE, JOHN. April 5, 1819, Phila. Joseph Borden McKean. ALS. Testimonial for [Thomas T.] Hewson for the Anatomical Chair.

708. MOORE, JOHN, JOSEPH PARRISH, and JOSEPH HARTSHORNE. August 4, 1818, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Testimonial for Dr. Robert Maskell Patterson.

708a. MOORE, WILLIAM. March 16, 1757. ANS. Signed receipts for debts due by John Lawrence and James Day to estate of Robert Moore, deceased.

708b. MOORE, WILLIAM. July 9, 1776, Reading, Pa. John Mitchell, merchant. ALS. Wishes to settle account with recipient whose answer is to be handed to John Mears. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

709. MOORE, WILLIAM, President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pa. December 15, 1781, Phila. Patrick Robertson. Certificate of confiscated land transfer. Property formerly belonging to John Jolley, traitor. Ground rent conveyed to Trustees.

710. MOREL, J. A. April 21, 1814, Phila. ADS. Certifies that François Varin was attached to his academy for five months as master of German, French, and Latin. [In French].

711. MORGAN, BENJAMIN RAWLE. May 16, 1815, Phila. Philip I. Markley. ALS. Terms of sale for two lots in Norristown.

712. MORGAN, BENJAMIN RAWLE. May 25, 1815, Phila. Philip I. Markley. ALS. Bargaining price for Norristown lots.

713. MORGAN, BENJAMIN RAWLE. May 29, 1815, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Mortgage and deed arrangements for lots to be purchased by Philip Markley in Norristown.

714. MORGAN, BENJAMIN RAWLE. March 30, 1818. William Rawle. ALS. Agrees with Rawle’s report [unspecified]; returning the papers of Mrs. Witmer and Mr. Hazlehurst, together with those respecting Perkasie Manor.

714a. MORGAN, JOHN. October 5, 1778, Phila. Major General Nathanael Greene. ALS. Detailed review of his work as Director General of Hospitals and Physician in Chief to the Army, treatment by Washington and Congress, asks Greene’s support before Congressional committee.

715. MORGAN, JOHN. June 16, 1779, Phila. John Jay, President of Congress. ALS. Acknowledges the resolution to Congress to restore his former “fair and unsullied” reputation. Charges William Shippen with malpractice and misconduct in office.

715a. MORGAN, JOHN. September 16, 1783, Phila. Edward Burd. ALS. Describes his petition to Board of Property that officers of former Pa. Line be given 50,000 acres and his efforts to obtain a full list; does not ask for accounting from recipient’s father.

716. MORGAN, SAMUEL. April 16, 1792, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting provisional reappointment to his former position.

717. MORISON, SAMUEL. July 21, 1798, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application in the Free School to take the place of Mr. [James] Ramsey as a teacher.

718. MORLEY, THOMAS. May 9, 1795. John Andrews. ADS. Receipt for payment for hanging wall paper with border, and for canvassing a partition.

719. MORRIS, ANTHONY. February 15, 1817, Florence, Italy. President of the Board of Trustees. ALS. Resignation as a Trustee, due to the uncertainty of his return to the United States.

719a. MORRIS, ROBERT HUNTER, Lt. Governor. April 29, 1745. DS. Affidavit sworn before Morris by Jacobus Joralemon in his suit against Hendrick Spier. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

719b. MORRIS, ROBERT. June 21, 1799. John Nicholson. ALS.

720. MOTT, VALENTINE. April 11, 1819, Phila. Mordecai C. Booth. Certificate that Mordecai C. Booth was not examined at the Univ. of N.Y.

721. MOYLER, B[ENJAMIN] H[ENRY]. [ca. 1819-22]. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Indisposed; returns ticket but asks for extension of payment for financial reasons. [Granted].

721a. MURRAY, LINDLEY. February 5, 1810, York, England. John D. Keese, druggist. ALS. Packet letter extending sympathy to cousin from “my dear Hannah” and self for death of recipient’s father. Messages to various relations. A cut and mounted signature is attached.

722. MURRAY, WILLIAM, JR. April 6, 1786. Provost and Faculty. ALS. Apology for indiscreet conduct, request that his diploma be granted in spite of past behavior.