Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
K - L (Documents Numbers 619 - 651)

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619. KANE, J[OHN] K[INTZING]. April 12, 1812. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Apology for delay in sending bills.

620. KANE, JOHN KINTZING. February 6, 1819. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Desirous of communicating a proposal of W[illiam] Strickland.

621. KANE, JOHN KINTZING. [1819]. ALS. Adjustment of claim made by W[illiam] Strickland.

621a. KEATING, JOHN. January 14, n.y. (1813?), Phila. Edward Burd. ALS. Members of Legislature, in Phila., will accompany writer and recipient to Univ.

621b. KEEGAN, THOMAS G. October 6, 1812, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Benjamin Smith Barton. ALS. Reports on conduct and low esteem of David B. Lynds who attended Univ. medical session 1810-1811 but whose diploma is fraudulently obtained.

621c. KEEGAN, THOMAS. October 6, 1812, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Benjamin Rush. ALS. Reports rumor that Univ. sells medical diplomas, arising from possession by the unscrupulous David B. Lynds of such a diploma.

622. KEEN, MATHIAS and MARY his wife. December 4, 1746, Phila. Samuel Hazard. DS. Indenture for property west of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets. Witnessed by John Reynolds and Richard Floid.

623. KELSEY, ANN. September 6, 1819, Phila. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for cleaning rooms and passages. Endorsed as paid, Ann Kelsey, her mark, October 6, 1819.

624. KENNEDY, ROBERT and GEORGE INGELS. December 3 and 4, 1819, Kensington, [Phila.]. ADS. Certify to the financial reliability of Conrad Carpenter and Caspar Heft.

625. KENWORTHY, JOHN. May 2-November 7, 1818. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for painting and glazing. Endorsed by J. K. Kuhl, attorney for Kenworthy, as paid.

626. KENWORTHY, JOHN. December 18, 1818-November 6, 1819, Phila. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for repairing lights.

627. KERR, JOHN. July 26, 1798, Upper Darby, Pa. Trustees. ALS. Application for a teaching position in the Free School. Recommendations enclosed.

628. KERR, JOHN. July 27, 1798, Upper Darby, Pa. Trustees. ALS. Application for a teaching position in the Free School.

629. KERR, JOHN. August 7, 1798, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for a teaching position in the Free School, enclosing copies of recommendations held by Jonathan Bayard Smith, who is presently out of town.

630. KEYSER, JACOB. March 5, 1819, Phila. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for bluewashing and plastering in 1817.

631. KEYSER, JACOB. July 22, 1819, Phila. Dr. J[ohn Redman] Coxe, Dean of the Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for plastering in the cellar dissecting room. Examined and signed by William Strickland.

632. KING, JOHN and JUDITH. December 6, 1798, Phila. Joseph Philip Musgrave. DS. Deed for property at Fifth and Walnut Streets, bounded on the north by the Anatomical Hall. Grantee is to pay grantor’s debt on the property due to William McDonough. Witnessed by Mary Price and A. Musgrave, Jr. Released to Stephen Bourne, June 20, 1799, witnessed by James Riggi and A. Musgrave, Jr.

632a. KINNERSLEY, EBENEZER. October 17, 1770. Receipt signed.

633. KUHN, ADAM and THOMAS PARKE. April 1, 1816, Phila. [Trustees]. ADS. Testimonial for Dr. John Syng Dorsey.

634. LANE, SAMUEL M. Executor of the estate of William Oliphant. December 12, 1792. Trustees. Memorandum. Account of the Estate of William Oliphant with the College.

635. LANE, WILLIAM CARR. February 22, 1816, Univ. Thomas Chalkley James. ALS. Wishes to know if he can expect M.D. degree on time having missed part of the fall term.

635a. LATIMER, HENRY. March 24, 1801, Wilmington, Del. “Honble. Mr. Wells.” ALS. Recommendation that recipient’s daughter board with Miss Hanson and attend school of Rev. Mr. Latta. On reverse a political diatribe against England in another hand.

636. LATTA, JAMES. 1778, Phila. Manuscript sermon, text on Jesus Christ the appointed Judge of the World; dangers of neglecting His offers of pardon and salvation.

637. LAWRENCE, CHRISTIAN. August 2, 1794, Phila. Mr. Vanderslice for John Ewing. ADS. Bill for smithwork countersigned as receipt.

638. LEFOLLE, -. December 6, 1808, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting use of the Academy hall in Fourth Street for a concert of vocal and instrumental music.

639. LEVY, MOSES. June 24, 1812, Chestnut Street, [Phila.]. ALS. Sending a statement of the proposed discounts on the Univ.’s debt to the Commonwealth [prepared for the court suit brought by the Commonwealth].

640. LEVY, MOSES. May 24, 1813. William Rawle. ALS. Recalculation of the amount due the Commonwealth by the Univ. [Edward Fox’s] higher estimate not be mentioned.

641. LEVY, MOSES. April 21, 1820, Hall of the Univ. Medical Faculty. ALS. Requesting a meeting of the Medical Faculty with the Trustees’ committee on reestablishing the Univ. Professorship of Botany in the Medical Department.

642. LEWIS, ROBERT M. March 27, 1818. Thomas Bradford, President of the Charity School Association. ADS. Resignation from the Phila. Society for the Establishment and Support of Charity Schools.

643. LEWIS, WILLIAM. December 8, 1797. AD. Draft of a resolution to establish a Trustees’ committee on finances.

644. LEWIS, WILLIAM. February 20, 1800. William Rawle. ALS. Deed from Perkasie Manor, a draft of the letter sent to John Penn, and Penn’s reply are enclosed.

645. LEWIS, WILLIAM. n.d. [1802?]. ADS. Dissent from the proceedings of conferring the degree of Doctor of Medicine on [Henry?] Drake.

646. LIND, JAMES. September 22, 1763, Haslar Hospital (England?). The plague in Constantinople. Staff and organization of his hospital.

647. LIVINGSTON, THOMAS. April 9, 1767, Aberdeen (Scotland). Sir Alexander Dick. ALS. Treatment of dropsy with leek juice at the Aberdeen Infirmary.

647a. LOGAN, JANES, GRIFFITH OWEN and THOMAS STORY. March 20, 1706, Phila. DS. Patent of lot in Third Street, Phila., to Joshua Tittery, potter. Fragment of pendant wax provincial seal. Illegible signature of Deputy Recorder. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

648. LLOYD, NICODEMUS. October 24, 1816, Phila. John Redman Coxe and Nathaniel Chapman. ADS. Receipt for coal stove for laboratory authorized by Coxe and Chapman.

649. LORIMER, JAMES. December 26, 1780, Avenches, Switzerland (Lord Northampton’s estate). Sir Alexander Dick. ALS. Government of Switzerland, King of Prussia’s appointment of a Neuchatel innkeeper as envoy to Constantinople, utility of Swiss stoves and delft-covered fourneaux, success of Sr. Alexander’s poems Proedium Rusticum and other writings.

649a. LOWBER, JOHN C[OLE]. October 6, 1810, Phila. Jacob Baker, Thomas Haskins, Caleb North, Thomas Kelly, Joseph L. Inglis, Lambert Wilmer, John Brown, John Hewson. DS. Deed of trust for property on west side of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets to be used for a Methodist Episcopal Church. Witnessed by Sam H. Jacobs and Thomas Allibone.

650. LOWNES, CALEB. August 7, 1798, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Letter of reference for St. John Hervey (sic).

651. LUDWICK, CHRISTOPHER. July 7, 1801. Extract from the will of Christopher Ludwick relating to the establishment of a Charity School. (Will proved June 22, 1801).