Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
I - J (Documents Numbers 597 - 618)

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597. INGALLS, WILLIAM. March 4, 1819, Boston, [Mass.]. Edward Fox, Secretary of Trustees. ALS. Offering himself as a candidate for the Medical Chair vacated at the death of Dr. [John Syng] Dorsey.

597a. INGERSOLL, JARED. September 23, 1802, Phila. E. W. Hall. ALS. Advises lawyer recipient of inability to prosecute Supreme Court case of William Cummins vs. John Coyle owing to prevalent sickness in city.

598. INGERSOLL, JARED. May 7, 1805. Trustees. ALS. Request for a four-month extension on the discharge of interest upon a mortgage.

599. INGERSOLL, JARED. September 5, 1812. Edward Fox. ALS. Summons for deeds before arbitrators and in court in the case of the Commonwealth vs. the Trustees of the Univ.

600. INGERSOLL, JARED. September 8, 1812, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Requesting the original mortgage given by the Trustees of the Univ. to the Commonwealth.

601. INGERSOLL, JARED. October 3, 1812, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Summons requiring the letters of George Bryan to be presented at the next meeting of the arbitrators in the case of the Commonwealth vs. the Trustees of the Univ.

602. INGERSOLL, JARED and EDWARD FOX. September 9, 1812, Phila. Messrs. Sansom, Smith, and Lewis. ALS. Notification of the postponement of arbitration hearings, due to several of the arbitrators being out of town.

603. INGERSOLL, JARED and MOSES LEVY. April 6, 1812. ADS. Agreement that the arbitrators adjourn to such day as they may think most convenient in the case of the Commonwealth vs. the Trustees of the Univ. With a note to [Edward] Fox requesting adjournment in consequence of the indisposition of one of the arbitrators, signed by Moses Levy and William Rawle.

603a. IRVINE, WILLIAM. January 1, 1790, Phila. The Revd. Doctor [John] Andrews. PDS. Bill for tuition of Anthony Raybaud, pupil in Academy.

603b. IRVINE, WILLIAM. April 1, 1790, Phila. Mr. [Etienne] Dutihl (sic Dutilh). Bill for tuition of Anthony Raybaud, pupil in Academy.

604. IRWIN, GEORGE. June 27, 1820. Memorandum. Financial note.

605. IRWIN, JOHN H. March 16, 1819, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Unable to discharge debt to Coxe covering matriculation fee.

606. JACKSON, DAVID. April 12, 1796. Edward Fox. ALS. Added compensation for Silas Engles, carpenter. Includes account of construction expenses.

607. JAMES, THOMAS CHALKLEY. March 31, 1806, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the post of adjunct Professor of Midwifery.

608. JAMES, THOMAS CHALKLEY. December 5, 1815, Phila. Trustees. Letter. As Dean of the Medical Faculty, Dr. [Benjamin Smith] Barton’s course on the Practise of Physick; alterations to the lecture room.

609. JAMES, THOMAS CHALKLEY. December 13, 1815. Phila. Joseph Borden McKean, Chairman of the Trustees’ Committee. ALS. Writes for the Medical Faculty on the distribution of Benjamin Smith Barton’s courses during his absence. Includes a copy of a letter from Barton and a list of substituting professors’ lecture topics.

610. JAMES, THOMAS CHALKLEY. April 2, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS. As Dean of the Medical Faculty, announces candidates for Medical degrees and the Commencement date.

611. JANNEY, BENJAMIN S. and THEODORE BENSON. October 26, 1812. Medical Faculty. ALS. Request alteration of Hospital residence rule or release from new attendance resolution.

612. JEFFERSON, THOMAS. October 13, 1808, Washington. Benjamin Rush. ALS. Letter of introduction for his grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph, upon his arrival in Phila. to attend medical classes. Peale’s museum, Hamilton’s garden, and the anatomical preparations and dissections [of the Univ.] are advantages “not to be had elsewhere in America.“

613. JOHNSTON, JOHN. December 1, 1792, Phila. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for plastering and measuring done in the second story stairwell of the “Doctors Lect[u]ring House,” signed by Robert Taylor.

614. JONES, BENJAMIN. May 30, 1794, Laurel Hill, Fayette County, Pa. William Rogers. ALS. Erection of blast furnace, arrival of William Penn and other vessels in Phila. (inquires for news). Discusses possibility of another war.

615. JONES, CLARK & CRESSON. November 13, 1792. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for lumber for the Anatomical Hall. Endorsed by Samuel Briggs.

616. JONES, EDWARD. April 30, 1795. Mrs. William Rogers. Memorandum. Receipted bill for paper hanging.

617. JONES, THOMAS P. March 22, 1816, Williamsburg, Va. Col. Thomas Cadwalader. ALS. Testimonial for Robert Hare.

618. JONES, THOMAS P. [August 3, 1818], [Phila.]. ALS. Recommends Robert Patterson as the best lecturer on the Physical Sciences that he has ever had.