Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
G - H (Documents Numbers 532- 596)

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532. GALES & SEATON. August 26, 1817. Univ. DS. Bill for advertising lectures to commence in November. Endorsed as paid by William Colman, attorney for Gales and Seaton, 1818.

533. GALES & SEATON. September 22, 1818. Univ. DS. Bill for advertising lectures to commence in November. Endorsed as paid January 30, 1819.

534. GALES & SEATON. September 15, 1819. Univ. [Medical Faculty]. DS. Bill for advertising the lectures to commence in November.

534a. GAMBLE, ARCHIBALD. 1781. Receipt signed.

535. GERARD, ALEXANDER. August 28, 1755, [Aberdeen, Scotland]. Plan of Education in the Marischal College and University of Aberdeen, With the Reasons for It. [Aberdeen: Printed by James Chalmers, 1755]. Copy of the publication used by William Smith in drawing up his plan for the Univ.

536. GETTY, ROBERT. November 4, 1799. Trustees. ALS. Requests payment of his salary in arrears.

537. GEYER, ANDREW. March 26, 1819, Phila. Trustees. ALS. As President of the Moravian Society of Phila., requests use of the Academy for the Moravian Society while their new church building is under construction.

538. GIBSON, ARCHIBALD. June 16, 1775, Dantzig. Sir Alexander Dick. ALS. His receipt of Sir Alexander’s rhubarb seeds, medal of the Society of Arts [London] awarded Sir Alexander for best British rhubarb; ruin of the city of Dantzig.

539. [GIBSON, JAMES]. March 9, 1816, Phila. Letter. Copy of a letter [from Trustees to John Penn] asking for release to sell Perkasie property.

540. GIBSON, JAMES. April 28, 1817. William Rawle. ADS. Arrangements for a meeting with Joseph Barnes about the Perkasie Manor sale.

541. GIBSON, JAMES. May 10, 1817. William Rawle. ALS. Investment of funds from the Perkasie sale.

542. GIBSON, JAMES. May 13, 1817. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Suggests that Strickland specify details of timber to be used, utilize materials from the present building where possible.

543. GIBSON, JAMES. May 17, 1817. William Rawle. ALS. Legal opinion on land titles, probably in reference to Joseph Barnes’ letter.

544. GIBSON, JAMES and WILLIAM RAWLE. March 9, 1816, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Sketch of letter [to John Penn] asking for release to sell Perkasie property. Addenda from Gibson and Rawle.

545. GIBSON, WILLIAM. September 8, 1819. Edward Fox. ALS. Accepting his appointment as Professor of Surgery.

546. GILPIN, HENRY DILWORTH. [1820]. Joseph Ball. PDS. Invitation to Annual Exhibition of Oratory.

547. GRAHAM, JAMES and ROBERT PATTERSON. October 1, 1790, April 1, 1793, Phila. Samuel Meredith. PDS. Tuition receipts for Thomas Meredith.

548. GREENE, GEORGE. December 2, 1800. Trustees. ALS. Requesting use of the Hall of the Univ. for a public lecture on the solar system.

549. HAGNER, GEORGE FREDERIC. 1808. AD. Moral science. Delivered at Univ. Commencement.

550. HAGNER, GEORGE FREDERIC. May 19, 1818, Vienna. His Majesty the King of Bavaria. ALS. Application for a patent for making white lead by a new process.

551. HALE, THOMAS. March 12, 1818, Phila. Thomas Bradford, Jr., President of the Charity School Society. ALS. Resignation from the Charity School Society.

552. HALFPENNY, ROBERT. January 21, 1817. Faculty. DS. Receipt of payment for lights.

553. HALL, JOHN. December 24, 1814, Phila. Committee on the Perkasie Manor [William Rawle and George Fox]. ALS. Took general view of Perkasie property, served notices to some of the tenants. Estate in poor condition. Will complete survey, service of notices when weather improves.

554. HALL, JOHN E[lihu]. May 3, 1800, Washington Hall. Trustees. Letter. As Chairman of the Committee on Arrangements of the Washington Society, requests the use of College Hall on July Fourth for an oration to be delivered before the Washington Society.

555. HALL, MATTHEW. June 14, 1794, Phila. John Ewing. ADS. Bill for repairing the bells and a door. Endorsed as paid in John Ewing’s handwriting.

555a. HAMILTON, JAMES, Lt. Governor. February 19, 1761, Phila. PDS. Patent of 200 acres of land in Alsace Township, Berks County, to Frederick Goodhart, yeoman. Fragment of pendant wax provincial seal. Signature of Charles Brockden, recorder. "Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

556. HARE, C[HARLES] W[ILLING]. July 26, 1813, Phila. William Rawle and Benjamin Rawle Morgan. ALS. Offer to purchase the "Academy land” [Perkasie Manor] in Bucks County.

557, HARE, CHARLES WILLING. March 29, 1817, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. Declines to make an offer to purchase Perkasie Manor.

558. HARE, ROBERT. [ca. 1812]. Trustees. ALS. Relinquishing his position on the Medical Faculty.

559. HARE, ROBERT. September 3, 1818. Edward Fox. ALS. Accepting his appointment as Professor of Chemistry in the Medical Department.

560. HARPER, THOMAS. September 7-16, 1818. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for bricks.

561. HARTSHORNE, JOSEPH, M.D. March 7, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Chair of Materia Medica should it be vacated by Dr. [Caspar] Wistar.

562. HARVEY, ST. JOHN. August 7, 1790, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for a teaching position in the Free School, enclosing recommendations.

562a. HASKINS, THOMAS and ELIZABETH CALEB, and LYDIA NORTH, SARAH ALLIBONE, FRANCENIA BUDD, WILLIAM ALLIBONE, JR. and SARAH ALLIBONE, THOMAS ALLIBONE. October 6, 1810, Phila. John C. Lowber. DS. Indenture for property on west side of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets for $5,000. (Methodist Episcopal Union Society property). Witnessed by Jacob Baker and Sam H. Jacobs.

563. HAYDON, WILLIAM. November 3, 1817. Nathaniel Chapman. DS. Receipt of payment for chairs. Signed by Philip Eberle.

564. HAZARD, SAMUEL and CATHARINE his wife. January 5, 1750, Phila. James Logan and other Trustees of the Academy. DS. Indenture for land west of Fourth between High and Chestnut Streets for £11 currency and £5/195 annual ground rent to Jonathan Price and wife. Witnessed by Tench Francis, Jr. and Jonathan Reily.

565. HAZARD, SAMUEL. January 5, 1750, Phila. James Logan and other Trustees of the Academy. DS. Indenture for land, dwelling house, and stable adjoining Trustees’ other land in Fourth Street for £280 currency and £6 annual ground rent to Jonathan Price and wife. Witnessed by Tench Francis, Jr. and Jonathan Reily.

566. HELMUTH, [JUSTUS] HENRY [CHRISTIAN]. December 4, 1791. William White. ALS. His proposal for turning the German School into a German-language academy, with plans for curriculum, examinations, faculty, buildings, etc.

567. HENCKLE, HENRY & JOSEPH. October 16, 1792. Dr. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for lime delivered to a plasterer at the Anatomical Hall. Signed by Joseph Henckle; endorsed by Adam Seybert.

568. HERD, GEORGE. November 4, 1819, Catharine Street. [Medical Faculty]. ADS. Bill signed as receipt for wood and hauling.

569. HEWSON, THOMAS T[ICKELL]. June 30, 1809. John Redman Coxe. ALS. The qualification of John Redman Coxe to teach Pharmacy and Chemistry.

570. HEWSON, THOMAS TICKELL. April 6, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Chair of Anatomy, left vacant by the death of Dr. [Caspar] Wistar.

571. HEWSON, THOMAS TICKELL. April 6, 1819. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Chair of Anatomy, now vacant.

572. HEWSON, THOMAS TICKELL. September 7, 1819. Trustees. Memorandum. His joint application with Joseph Hartshorne for Professorship of Surgery.

573. HILL, HENRY. September 24, 1791. ADS. Account of the estate of Jonathan Price with the College, Academy, and Charitable School, 1774-1791.

573a. HILL, WHITMEL. November 21, 1778. Richard Caswell. ALS. Cannot return militiamen from Martin County as they have been drafted by General Jones; asks volunteers bounty for them.

574. HOLLINGS, P. [1815?]. Dr. [John Redman] Coxe. ALS. A student of Dr. Gibson will take charge of the diplomas.

575. HOPKINSON, FRANCIS. September 29, 1780. PDS. Promissory Note No. 1346 for interest due on French loan, payable to Charles Chauncy. Witnessed by Nath. Appleton of Continental Loan Office, Massachusetts Bay. Endorsed verso to Nathaniel Carter, Jr., and by him to John Hodshon.

575a. HOLLINSHEAD, W.(?). November 30, 1810, Charleston, S.C. Provost John McDowell. Writes for trustees of Charleston College, about which some details are given, asking McDowell to recommend a candidate for Principal.

576. HOPKINSON, FRANCIS. March 9, 1781. PDS. Promissory Note No. 2621 for interest due on French loan, payable to Capt. Thomas Thompson. Witnessed by Nich[olas] Gilman of Continental Loan office, New Hampshire. Endorsed verso to Jona[than] Williams, Jr., merchant at Nantes.

577. HOPKINSON, FRANCIS. Same as foregoing, No. 2622.

577a. HOPKINSON, FRANCIS. n.d. Edward Burd. ANS.

578. HOPKINSON, JOSEPH. March 23, 1819, Phila. John Sergeant. ALS. Resignation from the Board of Trustees.


579. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. June 23, 1818, Phila. James Gibson. ALS. Disposition and care of the Anatomical Museum.

580. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. August 1, 1818, Phila. Robert M[askell] Patterson. Letter. Recommends Patterson as the unanimous choice of the Medical Class as a successor to the Chair in Chemistry.

581. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. October 26, 1818. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for having the medical apartments and anatomical lecture rooms whitewashed. Endorsed as received from Dr. [John Redman] Coxe.

582. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. May 6, 1819, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Applying for the anatomical chair.

583. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. August 13, 1819. John Strickland, Sr. Memorandum. Receipt of payment for repair of shutters and door.

583a. HORNER, William Edmonds. 1819-1853, Phila. Notebook. Schedules of anatomy lectures of Dr. Philip Syng Physick (1819-1830?) and of author (1822-1853).

584. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. March 7, 1820. William Tilghman. ALS. Offering to exhibit the Anatomical Museum to the Trustees.

585. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. March 7, 1820, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Writing in behalf of Dr. [Philip Syng] Physick, to recover sum spent on a stove for the Anatomical Museum the past winter.

586. [HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS]. October 3, 1820. Edward Fox, Secretary of the Trustees. ADS. Presenting a preparation of the viscera of the thorax and abdomen in a faetus for the Trustees’ session room as thanks for funding the Museum.

587. HORNER, WILLIAM EDMONDS. December 6, 1820. Edward Fox. ALS. Acceptance of the post of Adjunct Professor of Anatomy.

588. HOSACK, D[AVID]. November 14, 1815, N.Y. Nathaniel Chapman. ALS. Diagnosis of the condition of Dr. [William Paul Crillon?] Barton.

589. HOSACK, DAVID. November 17, 1815, N.Y. Nathaniel Chapman. ALS. Dr. [William Paul Crillon?] Barton’s improved health.

590. HOSACK, DAVID. October 20, 1816, N.Y. William Rawle. ALS. Inquiry concerning the new faculty of physics and natural history; praise for the addition of Dr. [Charles] Caldwell to the Faculty; state of their Botanic Garden.

591. HOSACK, DAVID. August 19, 1818, N.Y. William Rawle. ALS. Professorships of Chemistry in N.Y. Qualifications, the necessity of holding a medical degree, etc.

592. HOSACK, DAVID. February 8, 1819, N.Y. William Rawle. ALS. Inquiring about the possibility of teaching the Theory and Practice of Physick at Pennsylvania, partially in order to complete a book of the Practice of Physick adapted to the American climate. Letter is marked "private.”

593. HOSACK, DAVID. April 12, 1819. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Statement that Mordecai C. Booth has not been examined in N.Y.

594. HOSACK, DAVID. April 14, 1819, N.Y. William Rawle. ALS. Declines to be considered for the Anatomical Chair in behalf of Nathaniel Chapman, but would accept the Professorship in the Theory and Practice [of Physick], if Chapman were elected.

595. HOWELL, BENJAMIN B. June 25, 1817. Thomas Bradford, President of the Charity School Association. ALS. Resignation from the Society for the Establishment and support of Charity Schools in the City of Phila.

596. HUNTER, JAMES. July 12, 1764, Chester County, Pa. Trustees of the College, Academy, and Charitable School. DS. Deed for 492 acres in Whiteland for £1200 currency now and £600 currency with interest on July 12, 1765. Witnessed by James Bennett and Isaac Voto.