Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
F (Documents Numbers 447 - 531)

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447. FARIES, WILLIAM. August 8-11, 1818. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for digging a well and labor. Examined and signed by William Strickland.

447a. FAWCETT, JOSEPH. April 8, 1774. Samuel Pleasants. PDS. Transfer of warrant of land in Westmoreland County, Pa. Witnessed by John Wilson and William Attmore. Affirmation of Attmore sworn to by Thomas Willing as Judge of Supreme Court.

448. FENNELL, JAMES. March 4, 1806. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the use of the English Schoolroom for a course of readings and recitations.

449. FENNELL, JAMES. April 1, 1806, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the further use of a room or the Hall in Fourth Street for readings.

450. FENNELL, JAMES. December 2, 1806, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting the use of a room in the Univ. for the delivery of readings and recitations.

451. FINDLAY, WILLIAM, treasurer of Pa. October 17, 1810, Treasurer’s Office, Lancaster, Pa. Edward Fox, Treasurer of the Trustees. ALS. Warning that unless the Univ. debt to the State is paid or assured before the first of the following month the matter will be referred to the Attorney General.

451a. FINDLEY, WILLIAM. January 9, 1815. Commodore David Porter. Forwards letter from Mr. Charlton whose appointment as midshipman writer recommended.

452. FITLER, JACOB. December 29, 1815, Phila. John H. Connel. DS. Indenture for property on west side of Fourth between High and Mulberry Streets for $4,350. Sheriff’s sale after default by Trustees of Methodist Episcopal Union Society. Witnessed by Thomas Elliott and John Trout.

453. FITZSIMONS, THOMAS. October 31, 1807. Edward Fox. ALS. Will refer letter of Benjamin Smith Barton to Trustees’ Committee. On reverse is Edward Fox to BSB, October 31, 1807, (ALS), advising of FitzSimons’ action. For Trustees’ Committee on Medical Hall.

454. FLEET, C[HRISTOPHER] B[ENNETT]. February 5, 1819. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Wishes to be examined for a medical degree.

454a. FORMAN, William. January, 1818, Phila. Medical Faculty. Letter. Witness account of the quarrel between Ellis Lewis and James Dixon, and James Ramsay’s intervention.

455. FOTHERGILL, A. June 3, 1809, Phila. President and Trustees. ALS. Recommendation of Dr. John Redman Coxe for the Chemical Chair.

456. FOULKE, CALEB. April 25, 1818. [Joseph Barnes]. DS. Memorandum of receipt of deeds from Joseph Barnes [concerning Perkasie Manor].

457. FOULKE, EVERARD, ISRAEL LANCASTER, and CADW[ALADER] FOULKE FOR HENRY BENNER. July 29, 1805. Trustees of the Phila. Academy. Letter. Requesting the Trustees’ help in resolving a flooding problem on Benner’s land caused by John Benner, Jr.’s dam, and asking consideration in rents.

458. [FOX, EDWARD, unsigned]. n.d. [ca. 1793?]. Memorandum. Discussion of Resolutions in regard to reorganizing the College and Academy . Mentions yellow fever.

459. [FOX, EDWARD]. January 1795. Memorandum. Univ. financial statement. Also "State of the Revenue of the University, January 1795.”

460. [FOX, EDWARD]. May 20, 1795. AD. Estimate of the State of Funds of the Univ.

461. [FOX, EDWARD]. August 1795. AD. “List of the Property of the University of Pennsylvania, August 1795.” Includes tenants and ground rents, monies at interest, and property at law.

462. [FOX, EDWARD]. August 1795. AD. “List of the Property of the University of Pennsylvania, August 1795.”

463, [FOX, EDWARD]. [ca. August 1795]. Memorandum. “List of Estates” owned by the Univ., with tenants, ground rents, and locations.

464. FOX, EDWARD, Treasurer. May 31, 1797. ADS. “Statement of the Receipts and Expenditures of the University of Pennsylvania, from the Union to May 31, 1797.”

465. FOX, EDWARD. April 30, 1798, Phila. ADS. “Statement of the Receipts and Expenditures of the University of Pennsylvania from the Union to April 30th 1798.”

466. [FOX, EDWARD]. May 1, 1798. Memorandum. “List of the Estates and Property of the University, May 1, 1798.”

467. FOX, EDWARD. December 1799. ADS. “Statement of the Receipts and Expenditures of the University of Pennsylvania from the Union to December 1799.”

468. FOX, EDWARD. January 7, 1800. Trustees. ALS. Report on Faculty salaries.

469. [FOX, EDWARD]. [ca. 1800]. Memorandum. Draft of interest calculations.

470. FOX, EDWARD. March 1, 1801. ADS.[2] List of the estates and property of the Univ.

471. [FOX, EDWARD]. November 6, 1801. James Davidson. AD. Request for information on class enrollments with Davidson’s reply.

472. [FOX, EDWARD]. [ca. 1801]. AD. Recitation of deeds, 1704/5-1716, concerning Joseph Taylor, Andrew Bird, Randal Jenney [Janney], Thomas Coates, Pentecost Teague, George Mifflin, Francis Knowles, Jacob Kollock.

473. [FOX, EDWARD]. December 31, 1803-November 15, 1804. AD. Account of the Univ. with the State of Pa.

474. [FOX, EDWARD]. November 15, 1804. Memorandum. Unidentified accounts.

475. [FOX, EDWARD]. July 1807. AD. Account of the Univ. with the Commonwealth of Pa.

476. [FOX, EDWARD]. July 1, 1807-December 31, 1811. AD. Account of the Univ. with the Commonwealth of Pa.

477. [FOX, EDWARD]. November 5, 1807, Phila. George Duffield. AL. Draft of a letter from the Trustees requesting deferment of payment on the President’s House pending action of the Legislature.

478. [FOX, EDWARD]. January 1, 1808. Memorandum. State of Funds, January 1, 1808, as sent to the Legislature.

479. FOX, EDWARD. March 1, 1808. Letter. Draft or copy of a letter sent with an abstract of the State of the Funds of the Univ. as of January 1, 1808, submitted to the Legislature.

480. FOX, EDWARD. April 1, 1808. AD. Account of the Univ. with the State of Pa.

481. FOX, EDWARD. January 1, 1810, Phila. J. Engle, Speaker of the House [Pa. Legislature]. ALS. Abstract of the State of the Funds of the Univ. of Pa.

482. [FOX, EDWARD]. March 21, 1810. Benjamin Rawle Morgan. AD. Memorandum to Trustees regarding allowances to be made to tenants for improvements, resurvey, and the cutting of wood on the Perkasie Manor property.

483. [FOX, EDWARD]. July 1, 1810. AD. Account of the Univ. with the Commonwealth of Pa.

484. [FOX, EDWARD]. 1810. AD. Account of the Univ. with the Commonwealth of Pa.

485. [FOX, EDWARD]. [ca. June 19, 18111. AD. Draft of a resolution establishing Senior, Junior and Freshman Class designations.

486. FOX, EDWARD. May 2, 1812. Committee on the Perkasie Lands [William Rawle and Benjamin Rawle Morgan]. ALS. Poor condition of the Perkasie property. Alternatives for its disposition after leases expire, including releasing smaller farms and sale of the land.

487. [FOX, EDWARD]. [ca. 1812]. AD. Account of estates considered in the claims of the Univ. against the Commonwealth under the Act of 1779.

488. FOX, EDWARD. January 1, 1813. Memorandum. “Abstract of the State of the Funds of the University of Pennsylvania.”

489. [FOX, EDWARD]. January 1, 1813. Memorandum. “Memorandum from which to make out statement for Legislature.” Financial account.

490. [FOX, EDWARD]. February 17, 1813. William Meredith. AD. Income and expenditures of the Univ., 1812 and 1813.

491. FOX, EDWARD. February 24, 1813. William Rawle and Benjamin Rawle Morgan. ALS. Perkasie leases to expire; requests directions. No prospective tenants; “a combination has been formed to prevent applications.” Desires plan of management.

492. [FOX, EDWARD]. March 19, 1800-May 15, 1813. AD. Account of the Univ. with the Commonwealth, of Pa.

493.[FOX, EDWARD]. [ca. 1815]. AD. Two resolutions concerning Medical students’ fees and the rental of the Medical Hall by the Medical Faculty.

494. FOX, EDWARD. August 29, 1816. The Committee on the Perkasie Manor [William Rawle, Benjamin Rawle Morgan, George Fox]. ALS. Tenants’ inquiry about land repairs, new leases.

495. FOX, EDWARD. December 3, 1816. William Rawle. ALS. Draft of land given to Mr. [James] Gibson, letter to his son given to Mr. [Robert] Brooke.

496. [FOX, EDWARD]. January 1, 1817, January 1, 1818, January 1, 1819 [also partial copy, 1819]. Statements of the Funds of the Univ. of Pa. Addenda stating books are balanced, signed by George Fox and James Gibson, 1817 and 1818.

497. FOX, EDWARD. April 4, 1817. The Committee on the Perkasie Estate. ADS. Balances due from the Perkasie Tenants, March 25, 1817. Deductions for building repairs suggested.

498. FOX, EDWARD. April 12, 1817. William Rawle, for the Committee on the Perkasie Estate. ALS. Financial arrangements following the sale of Perkasie Manor.

499. FOX, EDWARD. June 3, 1817, June 17, 1817. William Rawle. PDS. [2] Identical formal requests for attendance at Trustees’ meeting in which resolutions establishing a Botanical Garden are to be considered.

500. FOX, EDWARD. July 1, 1817. William Rawle. PDS. Request to attend a stated meeting of the Trustees; agenda included. Noted in margin are the results of the election of a Grammar School Master, nominations for a new Trustee, and the purchase of property for a Botanic Garden.

501. [FOX, EDWARD 1. 1817. Memorandum. Financial statement, balance due from the Estate of Philip Timmons [?] to the Univ.

502. FOX, EDWARD. January 10, 1818. Nicholas Biddle. ALS. Notification of his election to the Board of Trustees.

503. [FOX, EDWARD]. [ca. April 18181. AD. Financial account for the Botanical Garden, July 1817-April 1818.

504. FOX, EDWARD. August 19, 1818. William Rawle. ALS. Extracts from Trustees’ Minutes of 1813 regarding the organization of the Medical School.

505. FOX, EDWARD. January 1, 1819 and January 1, 1820. ADS. (2) “Abstract of the state of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania.” Real and personal estate.

506. FOX, EDWARD. April 7, 1819. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Asks to be informed when list of graduates is complete.

506a. FOX, Edward. April 12, 1819, Phila. John R[edman] Coxe. ALS. Requests a list of students according to geographical distribution.

507. FOX, EDWARD. January 18, 1820. William Rawle. ALS. Joseph Barnes has requested the release of Perkasie property to Conrad Carpenter and Caspar Heft be executed. Refers matter to Rawle for approval.

508. [FOX, EDWARD]. July 4, 1820. Paul Beck, Jr. ALS. No such rule governing the awarding of the Latin Salutatory Oration as Beck presumes.

508a. FOX, Edward. December 27, 1820, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Requests payment of $2250.

509. FOX, EDWARD. 1820’s [?]. AD. “Schedule of University Estate.” Property holdings.

510. [FOX, EDWARD]. n.d. AD. Notation relating to the repayment of a loan of $10,004.57 with interest.

511. [FOX, EDWARD]. n.d. Memorandum. Descriptions of three parcels of land.

512. FOX, JOHN. February 1, 1814, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. Evidence of coal being burned by tenants.

512a. FOX, JOHN. July 31, 1815, Doylestown, Pa. ALS. "Perkasie, Report of the state of the land, tenants &c." An account giving a detailed description of each property and its improvements and buildings in the Perkasie Manor lands. Has a reference to the poor inhabitants of that area being called the "Black Dutch."

513. FOX, JOHN. March 9, 1817, Doylestown, Pa. William Rawle. ALS. Jacob Benner claim regarding the appraisement of a house and barn; legal problems related to Perkasie Manor leases.

514. FOX, JOHN. July 1, 1817, Doylestown, Pa. Edward Fox. ALS. An account of the probable expenses of obtaining possession of the Perkasie land.

515. FOX, JOHN. August 27, 1817, Doylestown, Pa. William Rawle, Chairman, Perkasie Committee. ALS. Statements of settlements made with several Tenants on Perkasie Manor, 10 July 1817. All settlements pending, except with Henry Rosenberger.

516, FOX, JOHN. September 27, 1817. AD. Report of allowances made to Perkasie tenants for property improvements.

517. FOX, JOHN. November 24, 1817, Doylestown, [Pa.]. William Rawle. ALS. Financial standing of Abraham Winholt and Philip Teis, purchasers of farms at Perkasie from Joseph Barnes.

518. FOX, JOHN. November 28, 1817, Doylestown, [Pa.]. William Rawle. ALS. Allowances previously made to tenants.

519. FOX, JOHN. November 29, 1817, Doylestown, [Pa.]. William Rawle. ALS. Details of a sale of Perkasie Manor farms by Joseph Barnes.

520. FOX, JOHN. April 6, 1818, Phila. ALS. Henry Rosenberger’s account for buildings and repairs on his farm at Perkasie Manor.

521. FRANCIS, J[OHN] W[AKEFIELD]. April 18, 1819, N.Y. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Inquiry about fees for matriculation, Midwifery, graduation, and their distribution to faculty.

522. FRANCIS, TENCH and ANNE his wife; and THOMAS WILLING and ANN his wife. October 21, 1765. Joseph George. DS. Indenture selling land in Blockley Township for £135. Witnessed by Samuel Hudson and Tench Tilghman.

523. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. July 7, 1765, London. David Hall, Printer, Phila. ALS. Introducing John Martin, a compositor, “a sensible young Man,” who is emigrating to America and asks Hall to try to secure employment for him. Writing fully on other affairs in another.

524. [FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, unsigned]. [ca. 1765]. AN. Order for books on London [for the Library Company of Phila.], fragment.

525. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN [as Minister to France]. May 24, 1783, Passy, France. PDS. Passport printed by Benjamin Franklin’s private press to Passy. Signed by Benjamin Franklin and William Temple Franklin, secretary. Issued to Messrs. Morgan, Harris, Carter, and Collins, sailors going to Nantes via Orleans.

526. FRENCH, GEORGE. April 18, 1817, Fredericksburg [Md.?, Va.?]. General [Samuel?] Hopkins. ALS. Letter of introduction for Dr. Benjamin H. Hall.

527. FRENCH, GEORGE. April 18, 1817, Fredericksburg. General James Taylor. ALS. Letter of introduction for Dr. Benjamin H. Hall.

528. FRY, WILLIAM. March 2, 1819, Phila. Dean of the [Medical] Faculty. ADS. Bill for printing nine “packs” of matriculation cards and 25 lecture advertisements.

529. FRY, WILLIAM. September 15, 1819. Dean of the [Medical] Faculty. ADS. Bill for printing twenty-four copies of a lecture advertisement, and 400 matriculation cards.

530. FRY, WILLIAM. August 2-October 12, 1820. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for advertising medical lectures and for printing matriculation cards. Endorsed as paid by Matthias Fithian for William Fry.

531. FULLER, DANIEL. November 11, 1811, Phila. Committee on the English Department [George Clymer, Benjamin Chew, and Benjamin W. Morgan (sic) Benjamin Rawle Morgan]. ALS. Resignation as Principal of the English Department due, in part, to the feelings of William Rogers.