Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
E (Document Numbers 360 - 446)

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360. EARLE, EDWARD. June 15, 1809. Robert Hare, Jr. ALS. Recommendation concerning the knowledge of Robert Hare, Jr., of subjects in which Chemistry and Physic are allied.

361. EARLE, EDWARD. October 17, 1817-May 5, 1818. Nathaniel Chapman. DS. Receipt of payment for advertising in eight other cities.

362. ELLISON, JAMES. April 14, 1818. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill endorsed as receipt for cleaning the anatomical rooms. Endorsed as correct by W[illiam] E[dmonds] Horner.

363. ELWES, HENRY. July 23, 1764. Trustees. PDS. Bond and Judgment to Trustees of the College, Academy and Charitable School. Includes record of payments as received, 1765-1770, signed by Treasurers. Witnessed by Will. Parr and Isaac Stroud.

364. ELWEES, HENRY and MARY his wife. July 23, 1764, Phila. Trustees. DS. Mortgage for land in Passyunk. Witnessed by Will. Parr and Isaac Stroud.

365. ENGLES, JOSEPH P. January 7, 1817, Grammar School. Trustees. ALS. Account of the events preceding the suspension of Hammond Shoemaker and Charles Shoemaker, substantiated by James Wiltbank.

366. ENGLES, JOSEPH P. May 6, 1817, Grammar School. Trustees, ALS. Response to a resolution by the Trustees to replace Engles as Master of the Grammar School following complaints concerning his conduct and disciplinary methods.

367. ENGLES, SILAS. October 6, 1792. Caspar Wistar and William Shippen. Receipted bill for alterations to the laboratory.

368. ENGLES, SILAS. May 1, 1793, Phila. [Caspar] Wistar and [William] Shippen. ADS. Order to pay Peter Crowding £16/5. Reverse is Crowding’s receipt, endorsed by Caspar Wistar, Jr.

369. ESHER, WILLIAM. April 11, 1818. Edward Fox, for the Trustees. ADS. Lease for 42 acres in Penn Township, Phila. County. Witnessed by William Rawle. Addendum February 22, 1820 extending the lease from year to year.

370. ESHER, WILLIAM. May 26, 1817, Phila. ADS. Agreement by Esher to pay $120 for pasturage on land lately purchased from Joseph D. Brown [for the Botanic Garden].

371. EVANS, EDWARD. December 1, 1818, Phila. ADS. Measurement of plastering done by Jacob Keyser for the medical faculty at their building in Ninth Street.

372. EVANS, EDWARD and JAMES LYND. September 19, 1817, Phila. Trustees. ADS. Bill for plastering done by Jacob Keyser in Ninth Street. Pay order to Edward Fox dated September 20, 1817 from Joseph Borden McKean.

373. EVANS, JOHN C. January 2, 1818. Trustees [James Gibson]. Memorandum. Insurance survey of the building on Ninth between High and Chestnut Streets.

374. EWELL, THOMAS. January 19, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the professorship of Chemistry with a summary of his qualifications.

375. EWING, DAVID. March 8, 1799. Trustees. ALS. Offer to find a replacement for his apprentice who had been acting as janitor.

376. EWING, DAVID. March 8, 1799. Trustees. ALS. Offer to find a replacement for his apprentice who had been acting as janitor. Identical to foregoing.

377. EWING, DAVID. July 15, 1799. Trustees. ALS. Earlier letter disregarded concerning terms for hiring a janitor; wishes allowance to be revised.

378. EWING, DAVID. April 7, 1801, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Resigning as Janitor and Master of the Free School. Due to insufficient salary he is about to sail for Calcutta.

379. EWING, HANNAH. April 5, 1803, Phila. Trustees. LS. Wishes to deposit her goods in one room of the house formerly occupied after breaking up housekeeping.

380. EWING, JOHN. June 10, 1783, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Settlement of Faculty accounts; hiring a French instructor.

381. EWING, JOHN. April 19, 1785. John Dickinson, President of the State of Pennsylvania. ALS. Resignation of a commission to “run and ascertain by astronomical Observations the Western Boundary of this State,” due to teaching responsibilities.

382. EWING, JOHN. June 7, 1785, Univ. Trustees. Letter. Univ. seal, student discipline, honorary degrees, appointment of a librarian, custodial matters.

383. EWING, JOHN. April 5, 1786, Univ., Trustees. ALS. Commencement and vacation dates. Signed by order of the Faculty.

384. EWING, JOHN. May 3, 1786. Trustees. Letter. For the Faculty, suspends of Thomas Gantt for irregular attendance.

385. EWING, JOHN. February 9, 1791, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Suggestions concerning the financial support of professors and the hiring of a professor of languages for the Latin School.

386. EWING, JOHN. April 16, 1792, Univ. Trustees. ALS. For the Faculty, presents the new plan of instruction for the Univ.; a suggestion to abolish public examinations.

387. EWING, JOHN. April 18, 1792, Univ. Trustees. ALS. His dispute with William Smith over the standing of certain students in the Latin School.

388. EWING, JOHN. May 9, 1792, Phila. Trustees. ALS. For the Faculty, scheduling the Commencement for Bachelors’ degrees and the Medical Commencement; recommending Chandler Robbins of Plymouth and Robert Rogers of Rhode Island for honorary degrees.

389. EWING, JOHN. October 4, 1792. Trustees. ALS. Query concerning the use of the library and apparatus of the former College.

390. EWING, JOHN. October 5, 1792, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Inquiring for the faculty about the employment of a tutor and the restructuring of the classes in the Latin School; janitors in the College.

391. EWING, JOHN. November 20, 1792, Univ. Trustees. ALS. His duties as Provost, particularly in relation to those of the Rector of the Academy, James Davidson, with an excerpt from a letter from David Rittenhouse, Timothy Matlack and, James Hutchinson to James Davidson, dated January 27, 1780; the attendance of Latin classes at arithmetic classes and the non-attendance of some scholars.

392. EWING, JOHN. December 13, 1792. The Committee of Arrangement [Edward Burd, Jonathan Bayard Smith, and John Bleakley]. ALS. An account of tuition money received and distributed to professors; the provision of wood for Philosophical Hall.

393. EWING, JOHN. February 6, 1793, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Ewing’s personal reaction to the Trustees’ proposed Plan of Construction.

394. EWING, JOHN. May 29, 1793, Univ. Trustees. ALS. For the Faculty, suggesting a deferred Commencement date in order to promote the Univ.’s case before the Legislature.

395. EWING, JOHN. June 19, 1793, Univ. Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pa. LS. Request that a special Trustees’ meeting be called to determine the vacation calendar for the Philosophical Classes and the different schools.

396. EWING, JOHN. August 30, 1793. Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pa. ALS. Death of pupil, illness of janitor from yellow fever. Suggests relocating faculty meeting.

397. EWING, JOHN. November 1, 1793, Newton. Alexander J[ames] Dallas. ALS. Suggesting replacements for Trustees lately deceased; recommending his son William Ewing be made notary public to replace Jacob Howel, deceased.

398. EWING, JOHN. November 1, 1793, Newtown. Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pa. ALS. Suggesting replacements for deceased Trustees; soliciting increased financial support for the Univ.

399. EWING, JOHN. December 3, 1793. Trustees. ALS. Recommending, for the Faculty, a private commencement due to the late sickness in Phila.; the effects of the sickness on the Univ.’s case before the Legislature.

400. EWING, JOHN. February 28, 1794-March 4, 1794, Univ. Trustees. ALS. An evaluation of the Plan of Instruction and the ramifications of its adoption.

401. EWING, JOHN. April 1, 1794, Univ. ALS. Faculty evaluation of the Plan of Education in progress; the death and replacement of the janitor, Mr. Rediger; proposal to alter the College Hall.

402. EWING, JOHN. May 6, 1794, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Announcement that a Plan of Education has been sent in. Request for terms concerning Dr. Smith’s former house. Query concerning the irregularity of Mr. Smith, employed by the late janitor to ring the bell.

403. EWING, JOHN. May 9, 1794, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Medical examinations and Commencement.

404. EWING, JOHN. June 17, 1794, Univ. Trustees. ALS. For the Faculty, suggesting alterations to the present hall so as to better accommodate the English and Latin Schools; removal of the Charity School to houses at Fifth and Walnut Streets.

405. EWING, JOHN. October 6, 1794, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Scheduling of examinations and Commencement, faculty salaries, tuition increase, by order of the Faculty.

406. EWING, JOHN. November 4, 1794, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Repairs to his house.

407. EWING, JOHN. March 24, 1795, Univ. Thomas McKean, Chief Justice of the State of Pa. ALS. Unworkability of the present Plan of Education.

408. EWING, JOHN. March 26, 1795, Univ. Thomas McKean, Chief Justice of the State of Pa. ALS. Tutors; salaries of professors.

409. EWING, JOHN. May 5, 1795. Trustees. ALS. Recommends return to the rotation of classes among professors; reassignment of tutors.

410. EWING, JOHN. June 2, 1795, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Repairs on his house.

411. EWING, JOHN. July 7, 1795, Univ. Trustees. ALS. The Plan of Education; progress of the Senior Class.

412. EWING, JOHN. July 16, 1795, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Suggestion to dismiss classes during July and August, due to attendance problems.

413. EWING, JOHN. August 4, 1795, Trustees. ALS. Objection to the cut in salary implemented for old Univ. professors after union with the College.

414. EWING, JOHN. September 1, 1795. Trustees. Letter. Responsibilities of the Provost under the Plan of Education.

415. EWING, JOHN. September 26 and October 5, 1795, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Responsibilities of the Professor of Natural History under the new Plan of Education. Tutors, French language instruction, removal of the Charity School from the Univ.

416. EWING, JOHN. December 7, 1795. Trustees. Letter. Duties of tutors, faculty, and provosts.

417. EWING, JOHN. January 4, 1796. Trustees. ALS. Covering letter for the bill of John Ross for work done at Ewing’s house.

418. EWING, JOHN. April 11, 1796, Univ. Trustees. LS. Writes for the Faculty on the inadequacy of Faculty salaries.

419. EWING, JOHN. July 5, 1796, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Writes for the Faculty asking dismissal of classes in July and August due to sickness, the hot climate, and the prevalence of flies in hot season.

420. EWING, JOHN. September 6, 1796, Univ. Trustees. LS. Writes for the Faculty that replacements be hired to fill staff and vacancies.

421. EWING, JOHN. n.d. [ca. 1796]. [Trustees]. Memorandum. A copy of the account between the Trustees and John Ross for painting the fence and glazing the cellar windows at the Provost’s house.

422. EWING, JOHN. March 7, 1797. Trustees. LS. The replacement of tutors; extension of temporary Faculty salary raises, repairs on Dr. Andrews’ house.

423. EWING, JOHN. June 6, 1797, Univ. Trustees. LS. Writes for the Faculty asking enclosure of the Univ. yard; removal of students by their parents before vacation begins officially; the suggestion that willow trees in the yard be cut down.

424. EWING, JOHN. August 7, 1798, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Terms of vacation for the Provost and Vice-Provost; recommendation that Mr. Burke replace the late Master of the Charity School.

425. EWING, JOHN. December 4, 1798. Trustees. LS. Writes for the Faculty on the appointment of David Ewing as a temporary replacement for the late Mr. Ramsay, Master of the Charity School; the rights and duties of the janitor and the replacement of the present janitor.

426. EWING, JOHN. May 3, 1799, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Writes for the Faculty, on the State of the Institution; new tutors; dwindling class enrollments; a public commencement for Arts and Medical classes.

427. EWING, JOHN. June 4, 1799, Phila. Trustees. ALS. The hiring of tutors; the constitution of the Faculty and responsibilities of the Provost; the recommendations of James Latta and John Stewart as candidates for honorary degrees.

428. EWING, JOHN. February 18, 1800. Trustees. ALS. Mathematical instruction. Mischief and expulsion of certain students.

429. EWING, JOHN. February 22, 1800, Univ. Trustees. Letter. Faculty salaries and discipline under the Plan of Education.

430. EWING, JOHN. March 4, 1800, Phila. Trustees. ALS. The resignation of John Andrews as Vice-Provost; the need to abandon the present European-style Plan of Education in favor of one more suited to America and Philadelphians.

431. EWING, JOHN. July 1, 1800, Univ. Trustees. LS. Difficulties of operating under the present Plan of Education, repair of a pump and necessary, private Commencement request by the Senior Class.

432. EWING, JOHN. July 7, 1800. William Rawle. ALS. Requesting an interview before the adoption of a new Plan of Education which will supercede the present ruinous one.

433. EWING, JOHN. October 7, 1800, Univ. Trustees. LS. Failure of the Trustees’ Plan of Education. “Lying in” of the mistress of the Charity School.

434. EWING, JOHN. April 7, 1801, Univ. Trustees. LS. Leaking roof on the house at Fourth and Arch Streets. An account of the institution: failure of the present Plan of Education, declining enrollment, lack of tutors, discipline problems, etc.

435. EWING, JOHN. April 17, 1801, Phila. William White. ALS. Loss of students due to the Plan of Education.

436. EWING, JOHN. May 5, 1801, Univ. Trustees. LS. The examination of Medical candidates, seals of the Univ. to be attached to diplomas, and the date of Commencement.

437. EWING, JOHN. May 19, 1801, Univ. Trustees. LS. Failure of the April 1800 Plan of Education, particularly in not vesting authority in the Provost. Examination of the scientific apparatus by David Rittenhouse.

438. EWING, JOHN. June 2, 1801. Trustees. ALS. Medical School Commencement. Wishes to take over the first class in the Latin School with Dr. John Andrews. Suggests Mr. Elliot be employed to repair apparatus; engaged Dr. James Woodhouse to assist with experiments.

439. EWING, JOHN. July 7, 1801, Univ. Trustees. LS. Tuition and salaries for the summer vacation.

440. EWING, JOHN. August 25, 1801, Univ. Trustees. LS. Requesting a date for removal to the new building.

441. EWING, JOHN. February 2, 1802. Trustees. ALS. Ewing’s reply to Trustees’ resolutions forcing his retirement; a recapitulation of the history of his relationship with the Univ. and the new Plan of Education.

442. EWING, JOHN. March 2, 1802, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Scheduling of final examinations.

443. EWING, JOHN. May 3, 1802, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Candidates for B.A. and M.D. degrees with ranking; requesting orders for music at the Commencement.

443a. EWING, JOHN, JAMES DAVIDSON, JAMES CANNON, ROBERT DAVIDSON. September 8, 1780, (Phila.). Joseph Reed. LS. Appeal to Trustees who are “much engaged in public Business” to establish professorships in law, divinity, history, chronology, geography, drawing and design and the “Languages of all Countries with which we trade,” with estimate of funds necessary.

444. EWING, JOHN and SAMUEL MAGAW. February 3, 1790, Univ. Trustees. ALS. The state of the philosophical classes; Faculty salaries in arrears.

445. EWING, JOHN, SAMUEL MAGAW, JAMES DAVIDSON and ROBERT PATTERSON. September 12, 1795, Phila. ADS. Certificate of attendance for James Kid, attestation in favor of his moral conduct and literary accomplishments.

446. EWING, JOHN, SAMUEL MAGAW and HENRY HELMUTH. March 3, 1790, Univ. Trustees. ALS. Medical School examinations and Commencement dates, settlement of Faculty accounts.