Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
D (Numbers 286 to 359)

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286. DALLAS, A[LEXANDER] J[AMES]. November 7, 1791, Phila. Edward Burd. LS. Sends governor’s certificate of Burd’s election as a Trustee.

287. DALLAS, ALEXANDER JAMES. March 1, 1808. Edward Burd. ALS. Sends a rough sketch of a Memorial to be put into proper form. With figures in the hand of Edward Fox.

288. DALLAS, ALEXANDER JAMES. March 7, 1808. Edward Burd. ALS. Sending the revised draft of their Memorial. Their account could be exhibited to the Comptroller, if the general application is granted.

289. DAVIDSON, JAMES. April 17, 1773, Phila. James Ralph, Philemon Tilghman. ADS. Tuition receipts.

290. DAVIDSON, JAMES. January 24, 1782. George Bryan. ALS. Account of expenditures for upkeep of Univ.

291. DAVIDSON, JAMES. February 5, 1793. Trustees. ALS. A criticism of the plan submitted for the Latin School.

292. DAVIDSON, JAMES. July 7, 1795, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Tutors in the Latin School; reference to the pending reorganization of classes by the Trustees.

293. DAVIDSON, JAMES. December 4, 1795. Trustees. ALS. Two tutors insufficient in the Latin School; morning roll discontinued.

294. DAVIDSON, JAMES. February 4, 1800, Phila. Trustees. LS. Reasons for decreasing enrollment in the Latin School.

295. DAVIDSON, JAMES. April 1, 1800, Phila. Trustees. LS. The advancement of students in the Latin School. Unequal distribution of Faculty salaries.

296. DAVIDSON, JAMES. August 2, 1800, Phila. Trustees. LS. Progress report on students in the two higher classes of the Latin School. Concern at the small size of the Univ.

297. DAVIDSON, JAMES. January 6, 1801, Phila. LS. Requesting approval for an English translation of the Greek grammar, heretofore only available in a Latin text.

298. DAVIDSON, JAMES. April 6, 1801, Phila. Trustees. LS. Loss of his tutor and loss of classes to other professors.

299. DAVIDSON, JAMES. May 19, 1801, Phila. Trustees. LS. Complaint about new regulations for the College and the state of the Latin School.

300. DAVIDSON, JAMES. October 5, 1801, Phila. Trustees. LS. Difficulties with classes, due to low enrollment; winter firewood; finding a new house nearer the new building.

301. DAVIDSON, JAMES. [1801]. Trustees. LS. State of the Latin School. Unable to employ a tutor or to teach writing. Need to procure a house nearer the new building.

301a. DAVIDSON, JAMES. January 1, 1802. Philip Hagner. PDS. Tuition receipt for son George Hagner.

302. DAVIDSON, JAMES. November 8, 1802, Phila. Trustees. LS. Request for the removal of his residence nearer the Seminary; payment of his tutor for the past two months.

303. DAVIDSON, JAMES. April 5, 1803. Trustees. LS. Overdue tuition payments from students.

304. DAVIDSON, JAMES. December 6, 1803, Phila. Trustees. LS. Requesting financial compensation for payment of his tutor, losses in enrollment due to yellow fever and loss of two classes to Dr. John Andrews and Mr. Robert Patterson. With a note [by Edward Fox] of the allotment recommended.

305. DAVIDSON, JAMES. February 4, 1806. Trustees. ALS. Request for compensation for salary lost due to yellow fever and Trustees’ regulations for class transfers. Repayment for hanging bells in his house.

306. DAVIDSON, JAMES. February 16, 1806, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Announcement of his retirement and inquiry about a pension.

307. DAVIDSON, JAMES. April 1, 1806, Phila. Trustees. LS. Acknowledgment of the pension allotted to him by the Trustees; request that his tutor, Rev. Mr. Walker, [formerly “V. Provost of the Coll. of Wash.”] continue to be employed after Davidson’s retirement.

308. DAVIDSON, JAMES, ROBERT PATTERSON, and WILLIAM ROGERS. December 1, 1801, Phila. Trustees. ADS. Recommendation to reduce the firewood fee from $2 to $1.50 in order not to lose pupils to other schools, which would particularly hurt the professor whose salary depends only on tuition [Robert Patterson].

309. DAVIS, JOHN. December 9, 1817, Phila. President and members of the Charity School Society. ALS. Resignation from the Phila. Society for the Establishment and Support of Charity Schools.

310. DAVIS, R. n.d., 50 Walnut Street, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. Request for a description of the former Botanic Garden ground.

311. DAVISON, WILLIAM, JR. n.d. [ca. 1817-1818]. Thomas Bradford. Letter. Resignation from the Charity School Society.

312. DE BERDT, DENNYS. September 25, 1766, Enfield [England]. ALS. Gratitude for honors given him. Mentions “your brother Hopkinson,” and Morgan’s graduation from Edinburgh.

313. DELAPLAINE, JOSEPH. April 19, 1817, Phila. William Tilghman, President of the Board of Trustees. ALS. Inquiry toward the purchase of ground on either side of the University in Ninth Street for a “Gallery of the Portraits of Distinguished Americans.”

313a. DENNY, WILLIAM, Lt. Governor. December 11, 1757, Phila. PDS. Commission of John Lightle (Lytle?), gentleman, as Ensign of a Company in Second Battalion, Pa. Regiment of Foot. Embossed paper seal of Denny’s arms. Richard Peters, witness. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

314. DESILVER, ROBERT. March 19 and 22, 1819, Phila. John Redman Coxe, Medical Faculty. Memorandum.[2] Receipts of payment for blank books.

315. DEWEES, WILLIAM POTTS. April 1, 1806, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the adjunct professorship of Midwifery.

316. DEWEES, WILLIAM POTTS. June 28, 1809, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Testimony to the knowledge and ability of John Redman Coxe in the field of Chemistry.

317. DEWEES, WILLIAM POTTS. May 1, 1810, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Professorship of Midwifery.

318. DEWEES, WILLIAM POTTS. [1818]. ADS. Testimonial for Dr. Robert Hare.

319. DICK, WILLIAM. June 1, 1817, Phila. Trustees. ADS. Bill for salary as janitor, candles, mending commencement gowns, and chimney sweepers.

320. DICK, WILLIAM. January 24, 1818, Phila. ADS. Receipt of salary for janitorial services.

321. DICK, WILLIAM. April 16, 1818. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill endorsed as receipt for janitorial services, including scrubbing Dr. [Nathaniel] Chapman’s room for Commencement.

322. DICK, WILLIAM. April 12, 1819, Phila. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for cleaning the chemical rooms, blue washing, scrubbing; basins and brushes.

323. DICK, WILLIAM. May 4, 1819, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Janitor; about garden west of the main College building.

324. DICK, WILLIAM. March 28, 1820, Phila. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for janitorial services, locks, brooms, and brushes.

325. DICK, WILLIAM. June 24 and July 8, 1820, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ADS.[2] Notes of introduction for John Burgess, who delivered wood. Endorsed as receipts, paid in full, by Burgess.

326. DICK, WILLIAM. July 11, 1820, Phila. John Redman Coxe. ADS. Identification of bearer as cleaning woman. Receipt of payment for services.

327. DICK, WILLIAM. October 3, 1820. Trustees. ADS. Janitor; wishes to keep plants in Dr. Thomas Cooper’s room for the winter.

328. DICK, WILLIAM, JOHN McALLISTER, WILLIAM ADAMS, and JAMES GIBSON. March 9, 1814. Trustees. ALS. Application of William Dick for the janitorship with recommendations by John McAllister, William Adams, and James Gibson.

329. DICKERSON, JESSE. November 2, 1807. Trustees of the Phila. Academy. ALS. Requesting use of the “great hall” for monthly performances of a proposed sacred music society.

330. DICKERSON, JESSE. April 5, 1808. ALS. Wishes to engage the use of the great hall for the rehearsal and performance of his singing society.

330a. DICKINSON, JOHN. December 21, 1784, [Phila.]. ALS. Requests Attorney General to press settlement in Supreme Court of suit of Commonwealth against Mr. [Timothy] Matlack. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

330b. DICKINSON, PHILEMON. January 22, 1805. George Simpson. ALS. Directs Cashier of Bank of United States to deliver his chest of plate to his servants.

331. DIFFENDERFFER, MICHAEL. February 5, 1813, Phila. Dean of Faculty. ALS. Requesting permission to take examinations without complete set of attendance tickets. Plea of financial hardship. [Rejected].

331a. DINGEE, Obadiah Maris. [1818], Phila. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Account of quarrels between students James Dixon and Ellis Lewis.

332. DONALDSON, JOHN. July 29, 1801, Comptroller General’s Office. Trustees. ALS. Second installment of payment for the President’s House is due.

333. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. April 3, 1809. Edward Fox. ALS. Dates for medical examinations and Commencement.

334. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. June 12, 1809, Phila. [Trustees]. ALS. Recommendation of Robert Hare, Jr., for the Professorship of Chemistry.

335. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. June 30, 1809, Phila. ADS. The ability of John Redman Coxe in various branches of medical science, including Chemistry.

336. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. [ca. December 4, 1809], Univ. Edward Fox. ALS. Requesting Fox to present the enclosed “Rules and Regulations for the conferring of Medical degrees” to the Trustees for consideration.

337. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. March 28, 1810, Univ. Edward Fox. ALS. Requests a date for the Medical Commencement, as Dean pro tem of the Medical Faculty.

338. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. April 30, 1816, Univ. Board of Trustees. ALS. Request to schedule special commencement for Daniel Drake, M.D.

339. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. May 7, 1816, Arch Street, [Phila.]. Trustees. ALS. Resignation as adjunct Professor of Surgery.

339a. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. October 2, 1816, Phila. Trustees. AL. Requests use of a third lecture room in Medical Hall.

340. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. June 10, 1818, Washington. John Sergeant. ALS. Disposition of the late Caspar Wistar’s Anatomical Museum presented to the Univ. by his widow.

341. DORSEY, JOHN SYNG. July 4, [1818]. John Sergeant. ALS. William Strickland’s offer to erect a museum for $900.

342. DOUGLASS, ANDREW. October 26, 1792, Phila. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for a Rittenhouse stove purchased for the use of the Anatomical Society and porterage. Signed by John Peirsol.

343. DOVE, DAVID JAMES. January 20, 1767, Phila. Trustees of the College, Academy and Charitable School. DS. Indenture for land west of Fourth Street in Phila. Witnessed by Paul Isaac Voto and John Price.

344. DREW, ROBERT. April 28, 1819. ADS. Receipt of payment for advertising in the Union by the Medical Faculty.

345. DUANE, WILLIAM. August 4, 1817-October 29, 1818. Dr. [John Redman] Coxe, for the Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for advertising medical lectures and Commencement. Endorsed as paid by Duane.

346. DUANE, WILLIAM. September 9-October 28, 1819. Dr. [John Redman] Coxe, for the Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill signed as receipt for advertising medical lectures [in the Aurora].

347. DUANE, WILLIAM. August 4-November 4, 1820. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for advertising medical and introductory lectures. Endorsed as paid by A. Wall for William Duane.

348. DUANE, WILLIAM, SAMUEL RELF (by JOHN BAZIER), GEORGE GILLINGHAM, FREDERICK EBERLY, WILLIAM FRY, WILLIAM McCORKLE, THOMAS T. STILES, EROS BROWN, Z[ACHARIAH] POULSON, JOHN CONYNGHAM, and JOHN BINNS (by JOHN BELHAM). April 10, 1817. Univ. ADS.[11] Collection of bills signed receipts for advertising, printing, sweeping, and other expenses for the Commencement. Endorsed by Robert M[askell] Patterson.

348a. DUCHÉ, JACOB. July 10, 1761. Receipt signed.

349. DUFFIELD, GEORGE. July 1807, Comptroller General’s Office [Lancaster, Pa.]. Edward Fox. ALS. Requesting payment of the Univ.’s debt to the Commonwealth. Account enclosed.

350. DUFFIELD, GEORGE. July 6, 1807, Comptroller General’s Office. ADS. Account of the Univ. with the Commonwealth; principal and interest due on the purchase of the President’s House.

351. DUFFIELD, GEORGE. October 7, 1807, Comptroller General’s Office [Lancaster, Pa.]. Edward Fox. ALS. Requesting a reply to his letter of July 6 regarding the balance of $10,100,79 due the Commonwealth.

352. DUMAS, BENJAMIN. October 13, 1817, Phila. ADS. Bill for wood, hauling, and sawing. Endorsed as paid by Robert Longstreth, his mark.

353. DUMAS, BENJAMIN. October 9, 1818, Phila. ADS. Bill for wood and hauling and sawing. Endorsed as receipt by Dumas.

354. DUNCAN, THOMAS. December 18, 1820, Phila. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill endorsed as receipt for supporting the floor above Dr. Robert Hare’s laboratory.

355. DUNGAN, JOSHUA and JOHN SELLERS. July 28, 1785. Trustees [Andrew Geyer, attorney]. PDS. Bond and Judgment of Joshua Dungan and John Sellers of Rockhill Township, Bucks County to the Trustees. Also signed receipt of monies paid.

356. DUPONT, JOHN S. January 3, 1820. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Requesting the delay of payment of fees for J[ohn] M. Happoldt, [William M. Joseph] Jenkins, and himself until the ship Pennsylvania arrives from Charleston, South Carolina.

357. DUPONT, JOHN S. December 19, 1820. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Wishes to give Dr. Coxe an obligatory note for $120 to renew his admission ticket.

358. DUPONT, THOMAS S. 1820, [S.C.?]. John Redman Coxe. Letter. Request for extension of credit until the ship Pennsylvania arrives from Charleston.

359. DYER, SAMUEL. April 5, 1814, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Use of the Academy in Fourth Street to practice sacred music (chiefly the works of Handel) and give occasional subscription concerts. Wishes to put up a small organ in the gallery. Leads the singing at St. John’s Church; offers references.